World End in September 23 2017? No, but a Major Energy Shift

Why the World in NOT going to end soon. Debunking the "prophecy" of the upcoming "World End" in September 23 2017. Feel safe!

World End in September 23 2017? No, but a Major Energy Shift

Some of our readers informed us about what it being said about this years Autumn Equinox. Should I cancel my beautiful ritual for Mabon? Will the World end in September 23 2017?  Are we taking our last breaths? Is this world going to end in September 23 2017? It seems that more and more people are buying this theory and start preparing for Revelation. But don’t panic… and here is why!

Will the World end in September 23 2017?
Why the World in NOT going to end soon.

Revelation (#not)

Hundreds of YouTube videos and hardcore fundamentalist Christian – evangelical sites are preaching about the Day of Doom. They refer to the apocalyptic theory as ‘Revelation 12’. It seems that they are “using” astrology to prove they are right.

Yes, you read that correctly. Astrology used by Christian – evangelical websites. Although we are the last people on Earth who will condemn astrology as pseudo-science here we are talking about the worst kind of Astrology. Is like asking my mother about what happened on baseball last night. You wouldn’t count on her opinion trust me…

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Taking astrological advice from people who condemn Astrology is pretty lame. Astrology studies and practice takes years to master. So, I can say… leave it to the pros.

The Coming of a Mysterious Woman ( #not2)

So what’s prophesied – or to put it more correctly, what do they say it’s prophesied? Revelations in the New Testament predicts that the Rapture will come upon us when “a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head” appears.

“She was pregnant and crying from birth pains and the agony of giving birth” Revelation 12.2

What does it mean? According to these evangelists “there is going to be an significant alignment of Virgo and Leo and other planets, one that has even been recorded in the Egyptian pyramids” 

Will the World end in September 23 2017?
Will the World end in September 23 2017? Prophecy Epxlained

The Rapture (#not3)

They also believe that this mysterious Woman is in fact the constellation of Virgo (the Virgin) who is pregnant with Jupiter (?!) who apparently stayed for more than 9 months in the constellation Virgo. The Sun and Moon will be in Virgo – in September 20 and not 23rd and we call it New Moon guys – and that this happens every 12 years. Moreover another weird thing is going to happen according to them which apparently is considered additional weight to their apocalyptic claims. This rare alignment called “the Lion of the tribe of Judah” will occur and this is has never happened before.

What’s the Rapture? It’s actually the “kidnapping” of the Good people, who don’t deserve to die. This is apparently going to happen via UFOs or other extraterrestrial tools of God.

The Planet Nibiru (#not4)

Lastly, it is believed in these circles, that a large planet is coming directly to smash earth into star dust. According to them this planet is somehow concealed from plain sight or the ability our telescopes possess to be seen.

Debunked many times by NASA, Nibiru was first mentioned in 1976 by Zecharia Sitchin in  ‘The 12th Planet‘. The mystery planet is apparently birthplace to a race of ancient aliens called the Annunaki (Nephelim – the children of God), whom author credited with creating the human race and civilization.

Christian Numerology (#not5)

Christianity also condemns Numerology (along with Astrology).

Nonetheless, these sources insist that they know the truth better than us. So although they have periodically prophesied doomsday scenarios  – and all failed one by one – they’ve got one more argument. So Christian numerologists claim that the world will end on September 23rd. According to David Meade, a Christian numerologist , verses in Luke 21: 25 to 26 is the sign that recent events, such as the recent solar eclipse and Hurricane Irmm, are signs of the apocalypse.

Why the World is not going to End in 5 days…

…hence, you can keep making plans for Halloween. Well:

  • You don’t take astrological advice from people who condemn it.
  • The constellation of Virgo is not the Sign of Virgo. These are two different things (and the ancients have predicted the different eras of Astrology. The Era of Aquarius, the Era of Leo… etc. Hence what is said is not true.
  • Virgo the Virgin has nothing to do with Holy Mary the Virgin, the Mother of Jesus Christ. Virgo is a name given by the ancient Greeks referring to Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld, wife of Hades. It’s highly unlikely that Apocalypse refers to a pagan Goddess.
  • If a large planet was coming it should already been visible with plain sight. Even if NASA is deliberately hiding the truth from us, thousands of amateur astronomers should have seen it by now (including me). Should I dust off my telescope?
  • If the world was going to end we should have seen something as astrologers. There’s even a very lucky sextile of Jupiter and Saturn happening the last weeks which actually builds a more stable and fruitful future for many of us. This “astrological” promise would be kinda futile is the world is going to end don’t you think?
  • We’ve passed much worse Astrological Aspects and VERY rare alignments in the past 10 years. We still breathe right?

So What WILL happen?

A Strange Wave of Energy Shift is Coming

As we read in our Article on the New Moon of September 20: Mercury is also forming an opposition with Chiron, and it will be accurate in the 27th of the month, but it is active now and will remain so until the 3rd of October. Venus will accurately oppose Chiron on the 10th of October.

This aspect will start being active, coincidentally, on the 3rd of October, and it will remain active until the 19th of the month, which will be the day of the next New Moon. On the 1st of October Mars will also start opposing Chiron and will continue doing so until Halloween. The accurate opposition will happen on the 15th of the month. Moon, of course, will form various aspects with Chiron, but on October 17, just two days before the next New Moon, will, once again, oppose Chiron.

So, the question is not when Chiron’s influences won’t be strong or stressed during this Lunar circle, but when they will be less stressed and less stressful. Oh! And Chiron is retrograde in a zodiac of fears, hopes and unbalanced emotions. Just the right place to make a mess!

Diplomacy seems to fail and barbaric instincts feel the World with hurtful intentions. But while Chiron is here to give us some hard lessons, the Hexagon of Jupiter with Saturn will protect us and keep us strong.

This mess is true. It’s definitely not the end of the World but here comes a pretty long period where our World will be tested. Do we still have faith in humanity? Are we attached to material gain only? The answer to these questions will define our future. Although the world is not going to end soon, a Major energy shift is coming.

Can you feel it? 

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