Jupiter’s and Saturn’s sextile – The Water Signs

How does Jupiter's and Saturn's hexagon influence the zodiacs of the Water?

Jupiter’s and Saturn’s sextile - The Water Signs


Family and family bonds are very highlighted by the sextile. The family in which you were born to becomes more important, and supportive too. In some cases they will support your job, either by helping you find a job (or a better one), or by financially supporting your own business. The family you have created it’s also important and the bonds there are strengthening. This is a good opportunity to heal and better your relationship with your children by supporting their dreams and personality more than trying to manipulate them. If you succeed to this, your relationship with your children will be a good one for long years to come.

In some cases a expansion of the family may happen. Either by a wending or by a new child. In either case, it will be a happy thing to happen.

Buying a new home, or expanding, redecorating or renovating the one you have is also a trend supported by the sextile. Opportunities and good deals appear, if doing something like that was your intention. Even if you can’t do it or start it during the sextile, try to sign the deals during this period.

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Your job is also highlighted. If you are seeking one, you’ll most probably find one. If you have one, good developments are very possible there. A salary rise or a promotion are very possible. It is true that you may need to work a little harder under the new conditions, but the benefits are more than the effort. In some cases, you’ll need to work now harder in order to receive the greater salary or the promotion in the near future.

If your dreams about your job is to continue working in the same field and company you are currently working, then all is good. But if this isn’t your dream, then you must try to keep your focus on your goal and not get overwhelmed by the everyday routine and tasks. These are the means, not the target.

If you are starting something new right now, your steps are careful and right, so you don’t need to worry much. The sextile keeps our mind clear, and we can see the mistake before we even do it. At the very least, soon after and before much damage has happened. So trust your decisions. Also trust your slow pace. There is no reason to hurry things up.

Whatever you want to excel to, do the best you need and can do right now. Study more, practice more, do whatever is needed according to the subject. You can do it! All the effort you’ll do during the sextile’s influence will support your growth for long years after the sextile has ceased to exist.


This is a strongly spiritual period for those born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Spirituality, religion and philosophy are getting important, both in a theoretical level and a practical one. Spiritual practices, mantra chanting, spell casting, meditation, anything of the kind are very important and powerful. Make the most use of them you can. And the better one, of course.

The sextile promotes money and work for everyone, but those working in these fields, as well as those working in creative kind of works receive even more of its blessings. Not only the artistic creativity, but any kind of creativity receives the blessings of the sextile. Medicinal and similar kinds of jobs also receive more blessings than the rest.

You may feel the need to be alone and “in peace” during this period, in order to enhance your creativity, or promote your understanding of yourself and the world around you. Some people around you may see this as a problematic attitude, but I think you should follow your heart. If this is what you need, this is what you should do. Even if you don’t feel this need strongly, relaxing your daily schedule and allowing yourself to have some time for you, it will benefit you in more ways than you probably think.

If you have any debts this is the perfect period to deal with them. Can you pay off the whole thing? Then do so, by all means. If you can’t then go for a settlement now.

Your work can also provide you more money. This will come by having more work to do, rather than by a sudden bonus or gains from games of luck. But, whatever you want to buy or do, you’ll manage to do it, or, at the very least, you’ll be on your way to there. If you don’t get disappointed and keep working as much as possible and keep satisfying your wishes (and covering your needs as well), the sextile promises that your needs that this kind of luck will continue for many years. In fact, things will become even easier by the time, and, of course, your life will become happier.

There is a focus in your love life as well, but not an extremely lucky one. If you are in a good and satisfying relationship, then this relationship will become even better and more fulfilling. If not, then you must search what is that you want and need. Then, use your magic to ask for it. Lucky meetings with the perfect one for you are not very possible, unless you have already worked your magic and with yourself for this end. Whatever the case, don’t get discouraged. This isn’t the point of the hexagon’s influence. It doesn’t seem very lucky and the moment, but it is, as it helps you set the foundations of a wonderful, long lasting and very fulfilling relationship.


The hexagon supports your career. Good things will happen, although with some effort on your part, for all Pisces, but even more so for those who have their own business. If you don’t have your own and you want to build one, start it now, or at least do whatever you can on this account. Investments are also favoured by the sextile, but the careful and wise ones. If you don’t have enough knowledge on the subject, ask the advice of an expert. Wise investments done under the influence of the hexagon will bring fruits for long time after.

Your responsibilities in your work can become more. In some cases this comes with a promotion or a salary rise. In other cases a change in the position or the company you are working in is what causes it, without a significant income change, if any. Nevertheless, in any case you deal with these responsibilities quite well, and this is a way to promote your image. A recognition will come eventually, even if this happens with a delay.

Your ambitions are strong and you want to support them in any possible way. This is a good thing, and you should do exactly that. There is a trap though. Sometimes you don’t pay enough attention to those around you. Not even the important people of your life. This can damage your relationship with them. If this is not your goal, then consciously try to show those people you care about them. This tendency to isolate yourself from the important people of your life, even your family, will be stronger for those between 29 and 32 years of age. The same can also happen for those between 58 and 61 years of age, but, probably, not just as strongly.

Love life, and especially the sexual part of it is also one of the focuses of the hexagon for you. Your libido is heightened and in the same time, your sexual attraction is strong. This is probably better for the singles than for those in a relationship, as they may find themselves seeking sexual satisfaction elsewhere. If your current relationship is good an satisfying, my advice is to control this tendency and take care to satisfy your sexual needs and wishes with your partner.

Romantic relationships with an intense sex life will get stronger. Their emotional bonds, not only the sexual ones, will become stronger and more solid. In the same manner, for those seeking a new relationship, sexual satisfaction is an important part of it. Make sure to keep this in mind when you ask from the Universe to bring you the perfect partner.

Experimentation in the bed is also a tendency of the sextile. You want to try more things and new things. Do so. There is no right or wrong when all parties consent.

Do take a look at the article about the general influences of the hexagon between Jupiter and Saturn, and also, do refer to the analysis of your ascendant as well.

That’s it. Have fun, and make the most of this beneficial aspect!

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