The hexagon between Jupiter and Saturn – How to make the most of it

The sextile between Jupiter and Saturn and How to make the most of it.

The hexagon between Jupiter and Saturn - How to make the most of it
The hexagon between Jupiter and Saturn - How to make the most of it

General information about the hexagon

As we said in our daily predictions, this very potent and auspicious aspect will be active until the 10th of October. Coincidentally, then Jupiter will enter Scorpio, changing the way it blesses our lives. So, although some of the most sensitive of us may feel the influence of this hexagon until the 23rd of October, its influence from the 11th and on will be not only very weak, but also a little different than until then.

Beneficial aspects between the two great teachers, the “happy go lucky” and the “strict” one, don’t happen very often, so it’s very wise to make the best use of them. If we try our best to utilise their blessings the best we can, their gifts will last for years after the aspect has ceased to exist. Mind that, the next beneficial aspect between the two planets will happen on the 15th of February 2020. Then, it will be a weak conjunction of the two planets in Capricorn, which will influence almost the whole year, but the accurate conjunction won’t happen until the 21st of December 2020, when the two planes will meet in the first degree of Aquarius. But, I think, this is a long time to wait.

A very weak sextile (hexagon) between these same two planets will be active during most of the summer of 2018, but not only will it be barely noticeable, but also, for the most of it, both planets will be in retrograde motion. Saturn will be so during the whole time. So, not such a good opportunity. Informatively, both planets will then be in the next zodiac than the one they are right now.

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So, as we said in our daily predictions, this is a time to set in motion our plans for our lives. We have the stamina, the patience, the optimism and the will to work hard in order to realise our goals, and the universe is willing to give us a helping hand. The clarity of our thoughts and the ability to find realistic and feasible solutions to our problems, as well as the next steps towards out goals, is also a very helpful blessing of this hexagon.

Love life is very highlighted with the hexagon. Relationships with a considerable age difference, as well as those between a teacher figure and a student figure are favoured even more. I say “figure” as there is no need for an actual teacher and an actual student. We seek people who can teach us things, or people we can teach them things. Also, relationships generated in places of studying receive a great amount of blessings as well. This includes not only schools, but also seminars, book-stores, libraries, and online communities of studying or literature subjects.

As we said, this is the time to decide how we want our life to be, and make this happen. At the very least, set the foundations for this. Because, if we manage to set even the foundation stone, the long lasting beneficial aftereffects of this sextile will support our plans and dreams for years to come. Jupiter invites us to grow bigger, but sometimes we forget to set useful limits. Saturn limits us, maybe too much. Under the hexagon’s influence, we want to expand, but we know how to set our limitations, and we won’t overdo it.

Analysing the position of Jupiter and Saturn

Jupiter is in Libra.

From there the “lucky star” encourages us to express ourselves more. We want people to like us as we are, and not to make ourselves likeable to those around us. This is a very healthy attitude, if we can keep in check some egotistic bouts. It also gives us an internal faith that things will happen as they should be. This is also a very healthy and positive attitude, but sometimes it can lead us to inaction. We just wait things to happen and don’t take care to make them happen. Jupiter’s blessing of luck may actually make them happen without our effort, but if we rest on Jupiter’s blessings alone, these will last for about a year, when the planet will be in that particular position. When we build on Jupiter’s blessings, these blessings last for 12 years. That’s a great difference.

Jupiter from Libra also gives us a love to luxury. We will feel this aspect strongly enough during this period of Saturn’s and Jupiter’s sextile as Venus will form a hexagon with Jupiter which will be active from the 15th of September until the 21st of the month, empowering even more this trade. Thankfully, Venus’ influence is an auspicious one, so we won’t be very keen to overindulge in luxury. Also, Mars is rather active during this period, so we will feel the motivation to act even more strongly.

Financials are very important during the presence of Jupiter in Libra. We want money. Not to keep it in bank accounts, but to spent it in luxuries and things we want. Want. Not need. Also a very positive attitude, spiritually speaking, as long as we don’t forget to cover our needs as well. Spending for people we love is also a trade of Jupiter’s position.

Although spiritual and mental abilities are very capable, we tend to indulge ourselves in receiving this pleasure more than creating it. What I mean is, poets and writers prefer to read than write, although they feel inspired. Psychics prefer to have their own predictions read by others. Witches and mages prefer to have others casting spells for their benefit. Things like those. It’s not a bad thing to study more, or read more, but if you want to be successful in these areas, start acting now! Even more so for those writing romantic or historic fiction stories.

Those who are not in such kind of arts may feel this influence as a tendency to read more, investigate more, or somehow receive more information about these or other subjects. They may visit diviners more than they usually do. There is nothing wrong with all those, so enjoy these mental and spiritual adventures.

Love life is also important during Jupiter’s stay in Libra. We feel the need to love, be loved and express our love. Even more so during the current hexagon, we seek stable and long lasting relationships more than sexual intercourses.

Saturn is in Sagittarius

From there, Saturn helps our concentration (and determination) and our will to learn more. It can also help us build stronger mental and spiritual abilities. We may be reluctant to try new things, but we try to master what we have already started practising or studying. Even more, we are becoming more honest in our expression towards others. This makes a good combination with Jupiter’s encouragement to express ourselves. The more timid ones may have noticed that they feel more confident to state their opinion, even when they expect a negative response.

In the same time, we may be a little fearful. This is something the more outgoing and courageous ones may have already felt. It is probably not fear, in fact. We just feel very reluctant to express ourselves very optimistically and enthusiastically. We need to feel secure to do so. When Saturn receives negative influences, then our self-confidence is almost non-existent, and our fear to talk our mind becomes unbearable. When, though, Saturn receives auspicious aspects, and the hexagon with Jupiter is a strongly auspicious one, our self-confidence acquires steady and strong foundations, and we can make miracles happen, although little by little, rather than from the one moment to the other.

Saturn from Sagittarius also encourages us to explore ourselves and find out more about us. Our fears, hopes, weak points and merits become obvious, and we can work to better the good points and lessen the weak points. This realisation can be somewhat unpleasant at times, but it is a very good thing and we shouldn’t avoid it. Instead, we should “desperately” seek for it.

Venus will support Jupiter’s and Saturn’s hexagon through Saturn, as well, these days through a triangle. This triangle will be active from the 5th of September till the 22nd. The two last days, Venus will be in Virgo, but before that, in Leo. So, this triangle will empower even more our tendency for a fulfilling and stable love life.

Existing relationships get more serious. In some cases, the realisation that these relationships are not the one we want for the rest of our lives reveals itself, and then the end is coming, or actually happens. But even in cases like these, this is a good thing to happen.

Singles can find stable partners. At least they are looking for them, and they find out what qualities this partner needs to have, and how their relationship should be. This knowledge on its own is a valuable asset. It will help us to find the right one. Now we know what to ask from the Universe. And as we said, Saturn, Jupiter and their hexagon, will generously keep blessing, those who will work on their blessings, for years to come.

The Hexagon

So, after analysing the blessings both planets give us through the zodiac signs they are in, and through the long lasting aspects they form with Venus, the influences of the hexagon is more obvious.

There is a general idea that Saturn’s beneficial aspects are not that happy, easy and beneficial. This is generally true, in a way. Saturn restricts. It holds the reins. Therefore, even a lucky aspect isn’t felt so easily and happily. But Jupiter is the lucky star. Even its negative aspects are lucky. A positive one? There is no limit to where it can lead us. So, even if this aspect is with Saturn, it will be a good one. A lucky one.

Also, both planets are generous. Saturn, after we have proven ourselves, and usually after it proceeds to its next position. Jupiter while it still is there, but also after then if we have proven ourselves worthy of its blessings. So, work as much and as hard as you can to build on all the blessings of this planetary aspect you want and need.

How to make the most of the hexagon

What we’ve seen in this article refers to all of us regardless our personal zodiac sign. In following articles we’ll see some more personified influences and methods of utilising these influences according to our own zodiac sign. It will be wise to refer to your ascendant as well. But let’s see what we can do to make the most of the hexagon regardless the zodiacs.

Authors, poets and those engaging with such kind of arts either as a hobby or as a profession, should force themselves to write. There is no need your writing to be perfect. There is no need the outcome to be good at all. Just make it clear to the two teachers and the Universe as a whole that you want to be a successful author or writer.

Do you want to become famous and well known to this field? We have the perfect spell for you.

Chess players and those who want to become chess player, either for their personal pleasure or for entering competitions and make themselves known as such, this is a time to study and practise the art. Or probably the sport. However you may call it, “work out”.

Meditation, creative visualisation and self-hypnosis are very strong during this aspect, and so are their results. Utilise these methods both to learn more about yourself and to create the life you want to create. Luxuries, happiness, and love are the motivational keys of success most of the time, even more so under the influence of this hexagon. Make sure to have these key ingredients in whatever you are trying to create for you and your life.

Love is not necessarily of the romantic type, but it can be this as well. Offer love to your studies, to your job, to your dream job, to the unknown friends you are inviting in your life, to your clients, to everyone and everything.

Happiness is also a very important parameter. See yourself happy in your visualisation. See the people around you happy as well. Are you an author? Feel the happiness of completing a masterpiece and see how happy your readers feel for having the opportunity to read this masterpiece. Are you seeking new friends? Feel how happy you are now that you have found them, and how happy they feel to have found you. Add happiness for all involved parties to whatever you are creating.

Luxuries are important to. The degree of luxury should be the one your heart desires. Do not deny yourself the right to want “unnecessary” things. Give yourself every right to want them and work for them and Universe will answer your prayers. Universal laws don’t work very well with needs. They work much better with wishes. Nobody really wishes to have enough money just to pay their bills. Visualising just that won’t motivate the Universe to work for you. Be generous to yourself for Jupiter, Saturn and the Universe to be generous to you as well.

Decide what you want for at least the major aspects of your life. Write them down. Use the “ThanksGiving ritual to Bless your life” daily with these statements. Under the influence of this hexagon it can work great miracles.

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