Schoolgirl finds old Sword where Excalibur is allegedly hidden

real excalibur found by girl
real excalibur found by young girl ?

A 7 year-old girl named Matilda Jones from Doncaster, accidentally found an old sword in Dozmary Pool – Cornwall on Tuesday, August 29th. She was paddling with her 51yo father, Paul, when she stumbled across this peculiar object. Her dad, was stunned not only because of the sword but also because right before arriving at the lake, he was telling her and her younger sister the story about king Arthur and Excalibur.

Where did we lose trail of Excalibur?

According to folklore, this lake in Cornwall is where Arthur’s – the legendary King of England – magical sword, Excalibur, was thrown after he died. Sir Bedivere did that on behalf of his king, after the Battle of Camlann. In this battle is where Arthur dies according to legend.

Is this the Home of the Lady of the Lake?

Why did Arthur want to return the sword to the lake? Because it wasn’t his to keep. The sword was given – and belonged – to the Lady of the Lake – a mystery figure, probably a nymph, goddess or a great priestess of the old religion. So when Sir Bedivere followed his dying King’s wish he threw it directly into the lake. Almost simultaneously, an arm rose from the surface of the lake and caught the sword. Afterwards, the arm was vanished back into the water along with the legendary Excalibur. This lake is the home of the Lady of the Lake.

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Is this Excalibur?

Unfortunately we don’t think so.  “The sword is 4ft long – exactly Matilda’s height,” Paul, Matilda’s 51yo father commented. “I don’t think it’s particularly old about 20 or 30 years old. It’s probably an old film prop.” As he reported to the local newspaper. 

Although it’s unlikely to be Excalibur, we do believe that serious magical stuff is going on around this area. Practitioners are probably trying to summon the Lady of the Lake bringing ritual swords and offerings like this.

I hope she answers our prayers… This may not be excalibur, but it could be an omen!

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