Bracelet Lines – Wrist Lines. Their Meaning – Palmistry

Bracelet Lines - Wrist Lines. Their Meaning - Palmistry

Palmistry is one of the ancient arts of divination. It actually played a very important role in medieval medicine too. As we read in our Palmistry introduction “the Roots of Palmistry can be traced back to Hindu (Vedic) Astrology while others believe that comes from Egypt or ancient Persia. What is certain, is that palmistry goes a long way back to ancient times and that diviners didn’t only look at hands, but at the forehead too, in order to read the Karma of an individual.” Now we make a step forward and read all about the Bracelet Lines. 

We have already examined: 

Now we are ready to move forward and focus on what we call ‘bracelet lines‘. They are also known as ‘rascette’ or ‘wrist’ lines.

The Bracelet Lines

These are the horizontal lines on the underside of your wrists. They seem to be located at the junction or the palm with the wrist. There are usually 2-3 ‘bracelet lines’ on someone’s wrist. According to the Witches, the more lines a person has, the longer is expected to live.

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How Long Will you Live according to Palmistry?

We can actually say that one line equals approximately 25-28 years. So in terms of life expectancy, 2 lines equal 55-60 years. 3 lines equal 75-80 years. 4 lines more than 80 years. 

It goes without saying that this is only one indication. Witches always use different methods to have the bigger picture. 

Bracelet Lines - Wrist Lines. Their Meaning - Palmistry

1st Bracelet Line.

The very first line is considered to be to the most important of all. It give a perspective of ones health and vitality (combining it with the Life Line). 

  • A strong a deep 1st bracelet line signifies vitality and good health.
  • A broken one means unexpected change and challenges.
  • A blur one means inability to walk his/her own path in life.
  • A broken one means inability to fulfil your dreams.

2nd Bracelet Line. 

As the first line is the most important one, the second (and the rest) should always be combined with the first one. Hence, if your first bracelet line is strong but the second one is faint, wealthy and healthy life should be expected regardless the second line. Yet, if both lines are strong then you should expect success and power.  

  • A strong second line means that vitality and financial success will follow this person. 
  • A faint one means that money issues might occur. 
  • A broken one means unemployment or serious problems regarding money. 

3rd Bracelet Line. 

The 3rd line describes our life after the age of 55-60. It’s usually faint and less strong that the first ones. 

  • A strong third line means that good health and vitality will follow this person until they grow old. 
  • A faint one means that vitality seems to fade away. 
  • A broken one, means that health or financial issues bother this person, later in life. 

4th Bracelet Line.

It is rare to have a 4th line. Not only because it is believed to live longer than expected but because this line signifies strong influence to everyone around you. Some feel it like a divine gift. Others, like a curse. 

The presence of the fourth line, foretells of a person who either will have a big and strong family and/or can influence many people due to his/her social, financial or magical power. 

If the line is thick and strong then you are destined to create a bloodline which will influence a lot of people. Many historical figures are believed to have this line. 

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