Fairy Doctors – who are they – can you become one?

Fairy Doctors - who are they - can you become one?

Fairy Doctors, a legend that transcends time and history. Numerous accounts of soldiers getting wounded but got miraculously fixed by a strange lady. Many children got lost in the woods, but then safely returned back home… usually with a present. But who are these people? Are they real? And if ‘yes’, are they still here? 

Are Fairies Real? 

Yes dear, they are sooooo real! Fairies are lovely creatures. Flying around, singing and dancing, making flowers bloom and animals play. They can also become scary, manipulate and trick you.

Why? Simply, because that’s how nature works. The Forces of our Mother Nature are not good or bad. They simply are. Fairies themselves believe that they are the true ‘children’ of nature, therefore, nature belongs to them. We are just visitors.

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What does this mean? It means, that we ‘occupied’ their sacred grove (nature) building monstrosities we call skyscrapers and industrial zones who desecrate and infect with greed the noble forces of their Mother (nature). This is why, fairies seems to despise humans. But that’s only half of the truth. 

Fairies do not despise humans. At least not the ones who respect nature and show their love to animals. They hate iron and everything that is related to it. Cities have much iron, that’s why they fled back to the woods and we lost contact. But some do try to keep contact, even nowadays. Let’s meet the Fairy Doctors. 

Fairy Doctors: Fairies or Humans? 

  • The very first Fairy Doctors were believed to be descendants of the Fairy Kingdom who interbreed with humans creating a powerful race of fair and powerful creature. The trace of these people is lost in time and history, although we still can find some references in celtic, roman and greek traditions. 
  • Fairy Doctors, are usually humans, who devoted themselves in keeping – or restoring – the balance of nature. They act as links, between the Fairy Realm and the Realm of the Humans. Fairy doctors can open portals to the Fairy World or summon fairies to aid them. 
  • Traditionally, Fairy Doctors are old women, with healing abilities who usually live isolated in the wild accompanied by animals. The animals show strange behaviour, protecting the Fairy Doctor or even aiding him/her on daily chores or rituals. 
  • These women, are the ones who usually called hags and lived in the woods, alone. They seemed to scare people because of their ‘bizarre’ way of living. There are many males however or of younger age who are Fairy Doctors. 
  • Fairy Doctors, are mainly the ones who were being hunted during the Dark Ages. This happened for many reasons. First of all, they needed their powers. And of course, most of them, were priests and priestesses of the Old Religion. Humans, lusting for power or just fanatics, tried to eradicate their kind… but they did not succeed! 
  • Their miraculous cures draw their magic from charms and signing. As fairies hate blood, they instantly heal open wounds and mend broken bones. They are also keen in herbal magic and remedies of nature.
  • They love children and if one is lost, they make sure to return home, almost always with a present.
  • Moreover, it is believed, that they could help and heal even a soldier or someone who seemed to violate their sacred space, as long as his/her heart is pure. 
  • Fairy Doctors were also consulted in cases of ‘changelings’ – kidnaps of new born babies who were transferred in the Fairy Realm. 
  • They were also called when crops were damaged or serious magic was involved in town. With the power of the fairies, they restored balance. “Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry by William Butler Yeats

Who can become a Fairy Doctor? 

A Fairy Doctor is not something that you can actually study in a university. It’s an euphemism for someone who has devoted a life on studying and practicing natural and fairy magic. 

Can I become a Fairy Doctor? 

Yes, you can. Just follow simple rules and start your magical journey.

  • You just have to visit the woods quite often, get ‘entangled’ with nature’s forces and practice your Craft there.
  • Remember, Fairies require respect. So no fire, or any potentially harmful activity should be practiced. Avoid carrying anything made of iron.
  • Every time you visit, leave small offerings, like home baked cookies (2-3 do not exaggerate) or a cup of milk, or honey (read more about honey’s magic here). Lavender honey is considered exceptionally powerful in Witchcraft and Fairy Magic. 
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