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The Forbidden Fairy Food
Posted on in Witchcraft

The Forbidden Fairy Food

Fairies also known as the Fae or the Fair Ones, dominate most esoteric and magical traditions worldwide. There are hundreds of stories about these playful spirits, interacting with humans in a benevolent or catastrophic way. Although, we do find differences between the traditions, there are many common details. One of these very interesting details, is… Keep Reading

Fairy Doctors - who are they - can you become one?
Posted on in Spirit World/Witchcraft

Fairy Doctors – who are they – can you become one?

Fairy Doctors, a legend that transcends time and history. Numerous accounts of soldiers getting wounded but got miraculously fixed by a strange lady. Many children got lost in the woods, but then safely returned back home… usually with a present. But who are these people? Are they real? And if ‘yes’, are they still here? … Keep Reading

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