Hell Money for a Prosperous Year

Hell Money for a Prosperous Year

Hell Money for a Prosperous Year

We’ve seen here what Hell Money or Ghost Money is. And we also have seen that it is a means to honour, and help, our deceased beloved ones. But can we use them for a prosperous year for ourselves? Here we are going to investigate this possibility.

I should underline that this spell isn’t based in any tradition. On the contrary, it combines unrelated traditions and makes use of them in a slightly peculiar way.

Combining the traditions:

So, Hell Money provides riches in the other life. But this also can create a beneficial karma for money in the individual’s next life. Then, Halloween is the reign of the Dead. Magically speaking, Death starts on Halloween and ends on Yule. Again, magically speaking, we are between the worlds during that time, and our “death” happens, just before our “resurrection” on the night of the Winter Solstice.

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This means, from Halloween until Yule, we are both dead and alive. A very convenient state, I would say. Once again, I’m not speaking literally, true, but magic uses symbolism all the time. As living people, we can offer Hell Money to ourselves to have in the afterlife and next life. And this would be on Yule and from then on. As dead people, we can receive them.

How to create Hell Money for this use:

We’ve seen how to create Hell Money, in general. Here I’ll just comment on the differences the Hell Money we create for ourselves should have in comparison to what we offer to the actual dead. Instead of a deity of Death, we need one who rules both Death and Life, Resurrection, or Reincarnation. Also, whatever symbols we choose to have on the currency, should be of good luck and of a happy life, rather than symbols of the Otherworld.

Lord Bennu – the Sacred Phoenix – is one such deity. His association with the Sun, implies riches. Even more, his death and resurrection happens during Yule. Great Lord Shiva, ruler of Life, Death, Resurrection and Reincarnation, and provider of all blessings, is an other such deity. Buddha Amitabha can also be one such deity, or Sacred Spirit in his case. Use beings you believe in and trust, of course.

How to cast the spell:

So, OK, you have created the money bills. How to use them? Almost as you would do for a real dead person.

Create an altar for you. Don’t make it exactly the way you would make it for a dead person. Do have your photo, an incense burner, candles, and things like those. But also, have bright colours, flowers, and symbols of happiness and wealth.

On the night of Halloween – or even better, starting on the night of Halloween and until the eve of Yule – pray in front of the altar for the prosperous and happy life of your beloved one, yourself. Pray as if you would pray for an other person. Call yourself by your name, and when you are using an pronoun, use a third person one. For example, “I pray for John Smith to have all the riches he needs to fulfil his desires.”

Burn the Hell Money while praying. If you are going to continue the ritual for more than one nights, let the altar as is. But do make sure you’ll undone on Yule’s eve.

So, we’ve combined, two, probably three, traditions. The Chinese tradition of Hell Money, the Western Magic tradition of Halloween and Yule, and the deity of whichever tradition you are familiar with. Why not add a fourth tradition? After all, Feng Shui considers 4 the number of death.

And here is the Voodoo tradition. Anoint the currency with Commanding Oil before starting praying, and burning them. According to the tradition, anointing money with this oil before presenting it to the Spirits, makes clear to them that we want more money.

Some final pieces of advice:

According to what you expect this Hell Money to do for you, you should decide the amount you should burn, as well as the nights you will offer to the ritual.

If you are expecting to receive the exact amount of earthly money in the upcoming year, then you should offer an amount of money that both pleases you and you can believe you can earn it. We are working magic here, so believing in the results is an important part of succeeding.

If you are expecting to receive the exact amount as a monthly salary, then you should repeat the ritual for 12 nights.

If you are not expecting to receive the exact amount, but just riches, then offer the amount you think would buy you the desired riches. Similarly, perform the ritual as many times as you feel you need to. The same goes if you are expecting the Hell Money to buy for you, not only riches, but other blessings as well.

Since, through this ritual, you are trying to please a Sacred Spirit, so that this spirit will bless you in a desired way, offer love, joy and care to it. Don’t just print a huge amount of bills from your printer. Hand made each and every bill, playfully, happily, engraving in it your expectations and desires. If you don’t feel confident in your drawing abilities, you can print outlined bills and paint them by hand. Whatever works the best for you. But, do make the bills yourself. It needs time and care, but, you are making these bills for the most important person in your life. Yourself. You deserve this time, love and care.

That’s all! Have fun, and enjoy a prosperous and blessed year!

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