Money Drawing Oil – 5 Simple ways to use it

How to use Money Drawing - 5 Simple ways

Money Drawing Oil – 5 Simple ways to use it

There are many ready made Money Drawing formulas in the market and Magical Recipes Online have tested quite a few. Some of them do quite a good job, in our opinion. We do use our own recipe, but from all the ready made ones, Indio Products’ Money Drawing is one of the top choices, according to our tests.

There are many spells that use Money Drawing oil to attract money, obviously. Here, though, I’m going to give some simple ways you can use it in your daily life to increase your money income and luck. Just to avoid misunderstandings, Money Drawing is not intended to help you with games of luck. Yes, it is possible, but this isn’t its strong point.

A common mistake people make with oils like this, is using them rarely and expect to see miracles every time they do so. That’s not the best way. Use whichever of the methods described below in a daily or regular bases, as suggested. This will change your money luck and karma in a more permanent way, and its effects will become stronger and stronger as the time passes.

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So, let’s see now these simple ways to use Money Drawing.

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Method 1:

It is usually said that one should anoint their currency with Money Drawing oil. This method, indeed can work, but it can also become inconvenient. If you anoint your paper money bills with it, many electronic devices checking weather a banknote is real or a forfeit, will consider it as forfeit. So, avoid this method for your paper money. You can still use it for your coins. Anoint all your coins every Sunday, if you choose to do so.

Instead of anointing all your banknotes, use one as a charm. Anoint this one, and keep in in your wallet, but don’t spend it. If you choose to do that, anoint the bill every Sunday.

Method 2:

You can also anoint your wallet, cash register, and whatever you keep money in. Do this weekly. The best days to choose amongst them to do that are Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday. Use Sunday, if it is a working day for you. Use Wednesday, if you are selling goods. Instead, use Thursday, if you are selling services. Use Thursday, if your business, whatever it provides, is web-based, or mostly web-based. Try Wednesday if you contact your business through telephone.

Method 3:

Use the oil to anoint your feet and your palms. Do this daily, even on the days that are not working days for you. A convenient way to do this is to mix the oil in a hand cream. Use an unscented one, if you can.

If you are going to use just one method, use this one. For even better results, sprinkle some Road Opener in your shoes, as well.

Method 4:

Anoint with the oil the doorknobs of your store, or office every working day when opening for business. If you are working from home, do the same thing in your home’s doorknobs. Do this to the doors leading inside the premises, and wherever the business is contacted. You don’t need to anoint the rest, such as toilets, private offices, etc.

Do you have automatic glass doors without doorknobs? Mix the oil with whatever you use to clean these doors, and use this mixture every day.

Method 5:

Anoint your money charms and crystals with Money Drawing oil, in a weekly bases, or according to the charm’s instructions. Of course, if the this instructions ask for an other oil, use that one. Choose the day of the week, the same way as in Method 2.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your raising prosperity.

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