A Success and Road Opening Spell – Pushya Nakshatra

A Success and Road Opening Spell using the power Pushya Nakshatra

A Success and Road Opening Spell – Pushya Nakshatra

According to Vedic Astrology the Moon during its monthly circle passes through 27 or 28 houses (Nakshatra). One of those, is Pushya Nakshatra. Pushya Nakshatra happens when Moon passes through the stars γ, δ and θ of Cancri, in the constellation of Cancer. Therefore, this can happen, at most, once in every lunar month. Remember that Vedic Astrology uses the accurate astronomical sky and position of the planets. This position of the Moon is a very favourable one and can remove all obstacles, manifest all wishes, and open all roads to success. Here, we are going to see a simple way to invoke its energy in our lives to help and bless us.

Understanding the power and nature of Pushya Nakshatra:

The planetary rulers of Pushya Nakshatra are the Moon and Saturn. The deity ruling it, is Lord Brihaspati, the deity of planet Jupiter. The good luck, the nurturing, the expansion and, of course, the success are coming from the power of Lord Brihaspati, amongst other blessings he gives in this Nakshatra.

Then, Moon rises and expresses emotions, and Saturn balances, stabilises and heals them. Moon expresses the mind, and Saturn manifests the mind into the material world. It is said, that whatever the mind wills during Pushya Nakshatra, will become reality. Jupiter takes care of the positive ways all these will happen.

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Every start happening under the influence of Pushya Nakshatra will be blessed. Every task undertaken under its influence will be blessed. Meditation and creative visualisations are very much blessed by the power of Pushya Nakshatra, and the simplest-yet-powerful method to utilise its energies is to meditate on what you desire. From all auspicious and benevolent activities, the only one that one should not do under the influence of this Nakshatra is marriage.

On the other hand, malevolent, cruel, hostile and negative activities receive no blessings from the Nakshatra. Instead, Pushya Nakshatra gives them bad luck.

Sounds and colours of Pushya Nakshatra:

Hoo, He, Ho and Da are the main sounds of Pushya Nakshatra. Chant any of them, or all of them, to activate its powers. The seed mantra of the Nakshatra is “Kam” or “Om Kam”. This mantra will help activate and empower the energies of this Nakshatra and give more power and blessings to whatever one tries to manifest under the energies of the Nakshatra.

In the case that you were born under the influence of Pushya Nakshatra, chanting this mantra can make you even luckier and bless your life even more. In the rare case you were born under a negative aspect of Pushya Nakshatra, all negativity coming from it will be ineffective to you, if you chant this mantra during every time Moon transits the Nakshatra.

The colours of the Nakshatra are white, yellow, golden and orange. Wear such colours during the time Moon is in Pushya Nakshatra to promote the success of whatever you are doing even more. Use candles of these colours to honour the planets and the deities while you are working with the energies of the Nakshatra. Meditate on these rays of light to receive even more blessings. Read here more about the symbolism of colours in magic and combine the information to make them work the best way for you.

The Yantra to Open the Roads of Success:

What we are going to do here is, to invoke the energies of Pushya Nakshatra and embody them in a yantra. This will help us work with the energies of the Nakshatra, even when Moon is in a different position.

This yantra is for removing all problems and troubles and help the success of our goals. Write the magic square on a copper plate. Use an ink that can write on copper permanently. Can you use a magical such ink? That’s even better, but if you can’t, don’t worry about this. yantra success

How to bless the Yantra:

Have several incenses burning during the time you are writing the yantra. Have at least one candle of the previous mentioned colours burning while writing the yantra. After you write it, bless it in the smoke of every incense.

To even more empower it, chant 108 times each of the sounds of Pushya Nakshatra and embody the vibration in the yantra. Chant 108 times the “Om Kam” mantra visualising a light of one colour of Pushya Nakshatra and embody it in the yantra. Even better, repeat the same for each colour. Then, let the yantra rest next to the candles and incenses.

Using the Yantra of Road Opening and Success:

After the ink is completely dry you can use the yantra. It is best to use it for first time during the Pushya Nakshatra. After then, you can use it daily.

Light several incenses. Pass the yantra through the incenses’ smoke. If you want, light candles as well. You can, if you prefer, anoint the yantra with several perfumes, instead of using incenses.

Explain to the yantra what you want, and then chant the “Om Kam” mantra for 108 times. You can also trust the yantra’s wisdom, and simply ask it to help you to have happiness and success, instead of asking for a particular blessing. Do it daily and it will give you better results.

Do not let the yantra touch the ground, or the floor. If you prefer working on the floor instead of an altar, use a piece of wood, or at the very least of cloth, under the yantra. If, for any reason, the yantra touches the ground, purify it and bless it once again during the next Pushya Nakshatra.

Dates and times of Pushya Nakshatra:

As it is necessary for the Moon to transits Pushya Nakshatra for the yantra to be made, here is a list of the dates and times in UT. The times are in 24h form and the dates are from October 2017 to February 2018.

  • October 13, 02:16 – October 14, 01:23
  • November 9, 08:09 – November 10, 06:55
  • December 6, 16:27 – December 7, 14:23
  • January 3, 03:19 – January 4, 00:37
  • January 30, 14:48 – January 31, 12:05
  • February 27, 00:29 – February 27, 22:21

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your trouble free, happy and successful lives!

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