Worst Fears of Zodiac Signs – and how to fight them

Worst Fears of Zodiac Signs - and how to fight them

What do we hide inside? Have you dared to look inside your soul? It takes much courage to face your worst fears, but it takes even more courage to acknowledge them. Yet, this is the first step. To know yourself, means to hold the destiny of your life. Astrology can help us understand and tame even our worst fears, because in fact, it help us understand more our nature. After all, what we fear, might be what we secretly want…

Worst Fears of Zodiac Signs

In this article we will see and examine the nature of our deepest, our worst fears. Lets see the nature, thus the power of our enemies. Knowing this, can help us fight back and win this game. 

  • First step: Knowing our enemies
  • Second step: Embracing our nature
  • Thirst step: Learning to let go

These are the steps we should follow in order to overcome our worst enemies, our selves. Don’t take this the wrong way. Ourselves can help us but at the same time hold us back. Why? Because many times, we secretly want to stay back. Read more here – why sometimes our spells don’t work. 

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Aries’s Worst fear: losing

One word and one word only, Aries is afraid of ever hearing: Loser. The very meaning of the word terrifies them in the most horrible way. But what do they actually mean when they say ‘loser’ ?

They are certainly not afraid of losing in games – and they play hard. Although of course they don’t like it this is not what frightens them. They are scared of losing control and being manipulated. Aries want to have the last word as they find it extremely important to be the masters of themselves. Independence is vital to them along with feeling worthy and important. 

Antidote: No one can win forever. Feeling important and confident starts from the inside. Embrace your flaws and make sure you make the best for yourself and the ones you love. Love knows no rules.

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Taurus’s Worst fear: changing

We are talking about anything that could possibly change. I’m pretty sure hearing the word ‘change’ scares them more than watching ‘pennywise’ clown under their bed. What does symbolise to them? 

Taurus has usually a difficult time establishing emotional security, and this comes from some pretty difficult experiences as a child. Fear of abandonment and dissapointment seems to always find a way back to them. And this is what scares them most. They want to make sure, they don’t have to go in this trouble ever again. 

Antidote: Change will come. Get over it. Everything changes, you are changing as you read the article. But some things never change. For instance your brilliant mind and your passionate nature. Trust yourself and your powers. You will always find a way.

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Gemini’s Worst fear: being outsmarted

Mind games are loved by these smart creatures. But at some point, they might think that they can lose, or even worse, get humiliated by a smarter one. 

Gemimi depend on their capability of receiving and analysing thousand pieces of information all at the same time. Yes, they truly are bright. But the truth is that we are not always in best shape and our mind sometimes work better than others. Apparently, this means that we are cannot always give 100% of our skills. And that’s exactly what scares them. One of their worst fears is being abandonded by their own mind. 

Antidote: There always going to be someone smarter than you. This doesn’t mean that you are less worthy though. Admiring someone else’s intellectual skills is part of being smart. What you can do is try to calm down and manage your nervousness. The mistakes you make are usually due to your hasty nature. 

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Cancer’s Worst fear: being abandoned

The power of your heart is what makes you evolve, but at the same time you are usually trapped in your vast sea of emotions. Cancer knows that, and when alone, they come closer to their emotional tides.

A true Cancer has very powerful emotions. It’s what makes them special. When they are alone – or worse, abandoned, they face these rich emotions and question themselves. These emotions choke them and they try to escape by making sure they have company. The fear of isolation is really scary for them, because simply, they cannot face their own power. 

Antidote: What you see as your enemy is actually your best friend. These emotions fuel your passions and with the right channeling, you can evolve more than you ever imagined. Embrace yourself, and try to be alone for at least 1 hour/day. Make peace with your heart and learn to let go! 

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Leo’s Worst fear: being unimportant

The children of the Sun believe that anything is possible for them. There’s a catch though. They need to be fueled by admiration. Their worst fears, is to hear that they are useless. 

Leo’s pride is a very essential part of themselves. They like to be proud for their actions and this is why they are genuinely heroic and generous. Their image – at least how they visualise it – requires constant attention. Striving to make everything around them better is a never ending battle. The fear of failing the ones they love gives them chills.

Antidote: Success is a moment and it does not last forever if you are attuned only to earthly matters. What you now see as a problem is just a message of change. Do not try to impress anyone and do not even try to impress yourself. Your energy is unique and this is a cause for celebration. Let your worst fears go. Embrace your uniqueness. 

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Virgo’s Worst fear: being sick

Not dying, they actually have a very sophisticated view of the great beyond. They are afraid of getting sick, of watching their body fail. That’s what scares them, the most. 

Why is that? Because the truth is that Virgo is actually a very self-judgmental. They cannot easily forgive themselves if one of their habbits let them to a certain disease. Moreover they will feel guilty, blaming their brilliant mind because they didn’t see it coming. Their witty nature demands high levels of energy to keep on. 

Antidote: Make peace with your body. You are eternal, your body is not. Eventually something will go wrong and you will die – like the rest of us. However, you can use your brilliant mind to maintain a healthy condition in both your mind and soul. Stop being judgmental and start being creative!

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Libra’s Worst fear: unbalanced environment 

In all their lives they strive to achieve balance between anything and anyone around them. Only then, they think that they can be truly happy. Their worst fear is to watch their actions fail. 

Why do they need this balance around them? Because frankly, their are truly unbalanced in the inside and they need peace around them to deal with their soul. Their emotions scare their sensitive nature. They are very strict with themselves and this is what causes all this trouble. Libras constantly avoid embracing their human nature, and they always try reach for perfection. Guess what? It’s not easy…

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Antidote: Embrace your human nature. Don’t laugh. I mean every word. Sexual feelings, aggressive intentions, fears… all your flaws, are part of your nature. It’s what makes you human. Trying not to be human is what causes all this mess. Let yourself feel however s/he wants! 

Scorpio’s Worst fear: betrayal

They are truly control freaks – to the point they can’t control any further. That’s when they actually give up and let things happen. Letting go is a very difficult lesson for every Scorpio. 

And that’s exactly why betrayal scares them the most. They would never forgive themselves if they were betrayed by someone they trusted because 1. they did not see it coming and 2. they will never forget. Betrayal is a poison which runs in their veins. Even if they don’t have any other problem, they will still think of this terrible moment, when their mind failed to see this potential. These are their worst fears.

Antidote: Ok guys. Get over it. We do not live in a perfect world. We all make mistakes. Therefore, you should not expect humans to be perfect right? Of course they can betray your trust. Give time and maybe things will clear up. Maybe it’s not how you think it happened. 

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Sagittarius’s Worst fear: losing freedom

Even since childhood, their mind works faster than the others. Imagining other worlds, creating theories, exploring religions and metaphysical believes. 

They breathe the air of freedom and that’s what keeps them moving on. Sometimes though, their theories fail, religions might betray their strong moral code and that’s how they feel caged. This is when, issues of independence kick in. From this time, they act like children who cannot follow any simple order. 

Antidote: All theories may fail but one cannot and it goes like this. “We, humans, are not flawless, thus our theories are also not flawless”. Everything we think may or may not be true. Stop judging yourselves guys for believing. It’s actually what makes you so unique. Your true thirst for wisdom!

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Capricorn’s Worst fear: failing

They are amongst the ones who constantly aim higher and higher, ever reaching for the top. Hence their worst fears have to do with failure. A Capricorn feels whole when goals are achieved. 

Do not think only of career. Goals may apply in personal life too. For example a life goal would be to create a loving family. Feeling that they could not achieve what they have in mind drains them. Although they will try again and again until they succeed, this fear always finds a way to crawl back and haunt them. This may leave them drained and depressed. 

Antidote: No one succeeds all the time. But you can always succeed on being true to yourself. Stop being so self-judgmental and make room in your heart for failure, because guess what? It’s part of everyone’s life! Embrace your true potential. Try and error is always a cause for progress and wisdom. 

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Aquarius’s Worst fear: incapable for self-expression

That’s what Aquarius is really afraid of. To be trapped in a situation where s/he cannot express his/her true potential. Being forced to act like all the others. That is one of their worst fears.

Their uniqueness is what gives them the energy to move on and try harder. Their worst fear, is to live in a social circle where they are incapable of expressing themselves. Even though they might not actually act differently they want to breathe the air of freedom all the time. Their nature longs for differentiation as this is the base for evolution. In a strict/fascist environment, they can go crazy.  

Antidote: Feeling free is a state of mind. You can be in the worst prison and still breathe the air of freedom, because guess what? No one can control your brilliant mind. So please keep calm, as this is your best weapon. Your mind! And your mind needs peace to work! 

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Pisces’s Worst fear: feeling alone

Being alone for most people equals no humans (or even animals) around. For Pisces though, that’s a completely different thing. 

Pisces actually love some times to be all by themselves, because they rely on their magical world of their mind and emotions. But what happens when someone aggressively ground them? Their world can fall apart. Getting hurt by the ones they love make them feel truly alone. Trapped with negative emotions they can hold the grudge forever.  

Antidote: Making peace with the vulnerability of the human behaviour is the first step. We all deserve to do (and re-do) mistakes. Don’t let these flaws isolate you. It’s part of being human. Therefore, when someone hurts you, don’t blame yourself and be ready to receive the apology. 

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