Not All Exorcists are Catholics – Meet Lizzy Rose, A Witch

Not ALL Exorcists are Catholics. Meet a Real Life Witch Exorcist. Lizzy Rose.

Do you still believe that Exorcisms are performed solely by Catholics? Meet Lizzy Rose. A real-life exorcist. And no, she is not catholic! Although she first experienced a ‘creepy’ exorcism when she was only four years old, attending a catholic ceremony. Instead of typical catholic rituals she employs her magical abilities to banish Demons and negativity following magical rites. According to her, she exorcises the ones who are possessed by maleficent energies three times a week. 

What is an Exorcism? 

The even word, coming from the Greek word ‘εξορκισμός’ is in fact the abolishing of energy or entity out of something or someone. This type of rituals are considered to be very challenging for both the practitioner and the subject of exorcism. 

There has been a long debate on what conditions should Exorcism be performed. As you can understand this can get a bit messy and frankly these rituals are proof of the existense of the supernatural. 

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There is a catch!

DO NOT watch a ritual exorcism, not even recorded ones. The charms of the demons may influence you if you are not ready. I repeat. NEVER watch actual exorcisms. 

Lizzy Rose, a Witch Exorcist

Exorcism is not a Christian monopoly. These types of rituals have been performed since the ancient year, long before Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself, learns about a Witch who performs exorcism by his disciples. 

Not All Exorcists are Catholics - Meet Lizzy Rose, A Witch

Lizzy Rose, talked about her ceremonies. She casts her spells in her temple, decorated with pentacles and ritual symbols. As she confesses, sometimes, exorcisms tend to become creepier than usual, just like the movies. As a typical old-fashioned witch, she stores in her fridge frogs and non edible pork parts. You can even find some perfectly frozen human placentas, ready to be used in spells. She tells us that she gives an everyday fight with 

Lizzy Rose says that she took years of practice to be qualified as an eclectic witch and a high priestess of witchcraft as well as an ordained pagan minister, psychic and an exorcist. She confessed at “I did a spell with a 2km radius to banish everybody that was negative and almost everybody moved out except an old man across the road who is gorgeous.”

She insists that her spells and exorcisms are genuine. Only mild though exorcisms are cast inside the home-temple. The hard cases are performed outdoors. See more in her official website here.

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