7 Very Simple Magic Tricks to Cleanse Negativity

7 Very Simple Magic Tricks to Cleanse Negativity

7 Very Simple Magic Tricks to Cleanse Negativity

We’ve seen the very simple magic tricks to help our prosperity, as well as to help our love affairs. Now is the time to see the 7 very simple magic tricks to cleanse negativity. As with the other articles, the methods given here are very simple, and can be done with easy to find materials, and even, without actual spell casting.

Trick 1

Take a shower. Yes, a shower. Bath, or shower the way you would, if you actually need a shower. Finish, though, by showering yourself just with water. The trick is for the water to be as cold as you can withstand, and its pressure to be as strong as possible. Like this shower yourself from head to toe. Don’t forget your back, the soles of your feet and other easy to neglect parts of your body.

Use a clean towel and wear clean clothes after that. When I say clean, I mean that you haven’t used them since you’ve washed them.

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Trick 2

Chop an onion to little pieces. Let it in a plate overnight. If you live in a big house, then it’s better to have several such plates, in different rooms. Choose to have them in bathrooms, storages and other places you feel they need it the most. Make sure to throw away the onions the next day.

This trick is supposed to work even without your intention. This is why it is considered unwise to eat not freshly chopped onions. And yes, it works in daytime just as fine. Just leave the onions for about eight to ten hours.

Trick 3

Bay leaves have very nice cleansing and protective powers. You can use the jinx removing spell mentioned in the article of bay laurel, if you prefer, but there is a simpler way to use them, as well. Hide a bay laurel leaf in each corner of each room of your home. Have one in your pocket, purse or wallet. This method is said to protect not only against negative energy, but also from ghosts, evil spirits and illnesses.

Even more, bay brings many blessings, so it may bring you good luck, success, and encourage your prosperity. It also summons friendly people. For men, it can them to find love. So, you may want to use this method even if you don’t really need a cleansing.

Trick 4

Soak about a tablespoon of clovers in a bottle of red wine vinegar. Leave them there for three days. The strain. Use the vinegar in your home as you would use holy water. If you need to, spray yourself with some. Just keep in mind that vinegar isn’t as gentle as water. Have three of the clovers on your person, in your pocket, or under your pillow. The vinegar will cleanse, the clovers will protect. Can you find amongst the clovers some four leaf ones? Then, these will also bring good luck.

You can use the Four Thieves Vinegar instead of plain vinegar, if you prefere. If you make it yourself, make sure you’ll use red wine vinegar. If you buy the ready made product, it is, most probably from this kind of vinegar, anyway.

Trick 5

Mix dill with salt. Dill seeds will work better, but the leaves will do a decent job, too. Sprinkle this mixture to your premises. Leave it there for a day or two. Sweep it away and repeat, if you need to. This will help to undo hexes and jinxes.

Do you feel like evil witches tend to come to your place? Have some of this mixture at or on the threshold of your home, or under the entrance mat of your apartment, office, or shop. It is said that their evil spells won’t reach you, and also, they will avoid coming to your place, as well. Of course, do not invite them!

Trick 6

The other basic ingredient of the Four Thieves Vinegar is garlic. It is mostly know for its protective powers against vampires, but it works against other evils as well. Psychic vampires, psychic attacks and evil spells won’t reach the one who has some cloves of garlic on themselves.

I admit this is an inconvenient method, as even innocent humans may keep their distance from you because of the smell. But, if you sleep alone and feel you are under attack, having some garlic next to your bed may do the trick.

Trick 7

Unicorn is one of the most well known magical beasts. Its horn is said to cleanse all negative magic and energy, as well as, to protect against all evil and danger. Even from thunderbolts. If you can find this creature and have the audacity to take its horn, then you may use it. I doubt, though, it will do you any good, as the negative karma of killing this pure creature will haunt you anyway. But there is a much more innocent way to use Unicorn’s power.

Unicorn Root is the root of the medicinal plant Aletris. There are many plants of this genus, and all of them share the same magical power. I admit it needs a little search to find this root, but if you have a piece of it on your person, in your pocket, wallet, or purse it will protect you from all negative energies. Those coming from outside, and those coming from the inside, as well. It will also promote the cleansing of this kind of energies that have already affected you.

Some more ways:

So, these are the very simple magic tricks for cleansing. They will work better for avoiding harm and cleansing minor negativities, such as simple hexes, the evil eye and things like those. They will also help you in your banishing and cleansing procedures. But if you have more serious problems, you may need to employ some more powerful methods, or seek the help of an expert.

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That’s all. Have fun, and be always blessed and protected!

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