Spirits Book – Types of Ghosts and Spirits – Part 1

Spirits Book - Types of Ghosts and Spirits - Part 1

Most of the population are split when it comes to ghosts and spirits, some people believe in them and others don’t; both are okay. For those that do believe in them are split further by those who are afraid of them and do everything they can to avoid them for whatever reason. However there are just as many people who believe whole heartedly, going out in the dead of night searching for evidence of the supernatural and paranormal. It is part of human nature to search for answers as to what happens after we die.

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Some ghosts are harmless, they are helpful and kind; just plodding along as they did during life. However there are some spirits out there aren’t kind in the least they are nasty and mean you harm. It’s these kinds of spirits that pull many into the paranormal investigation field, in search of proof of the malevolent entities. Some negative spirits will “haunt” a building, having an attachment to that place and this bond is so strong they couldn’t leave even in death. There are spirits or entities that have attached themselves to people or objects and these become known as cursed objects because so many bad things have been seen and experienced when near them

All spirits have strength and weaknesses, like they did when they were alive. Some possess great strength, moving objects around, making noises and banging doors. Some haunt on a psychological level and they make their victims fear them at every turn in every moment.

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Real-life experiences of haunting are few and far between, but thanks to the internet, books and movies we have been exposed to a wide variety of spirits and entities that are evil and want nothing more than to devour your soul or to steal your body; when the truth is they don’t care. There are so many sprits that would rather skip appearing in front of humans or behave like a dancing monkey. Some spirits need a person for them to active there are some that don’t need anything and bang around, moving things and knocking here and there because that’s the only way they can make their presence known. The truth is there may be a spirit around you at this moment, you may not even know they are there because you cannot see or feel their presence. This is what can create the fear. Sometimes the unknown is far more frightening than what you actually know.

Types of Ghosts and Spirits – Part 1 – Spirit Guide

There are arrange of different types of Spirits, some of them are experienced regularly while others are rarer.


One of the most common entities to be captured on tape or in photos is the Orb. An Orb is basically a ball of light, and this is why we are able to capture them as easily and as readily as we do. The Orb may appear as a bright ball of light while at others they appear as a transparent ball but is still bright enough to see, especially digitally. The Orb is said to be the floating soul of the dead; the soul could have belonged to a human but it is just as possible for the Orb to be the soul of an animal. The Orb is captured when it is moving from one place to another but it is impossible for us to know where they come from and where they are going because our senses aren’t capable of processing that information. Some people believe that an orb is the spirit of a recently deceased person and it’s lack of form means that it hasn’t found it’s feet in a way. The shape of the Orb is said to dictate how fast it moves and how it moves.

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Rainbow Witch’s Almanac for 2018


This is another spirit that is often caught in photographs or on film. This kind of spirit usually hangs out around old buildings where people have lived in the past, but they have also been seen in graveyards. There are people who believe that this type of spirit is that of a person that lived in that building or spent a great amount of time in that place. If they lived there these spirits are probably visiting in hopes of seeing their family – even if the family have long gone, the ghost will still visit because that is where a great part of their heart lives. Funnel Ghosts got their name thanks to their shape – they look like a moving funnel that is swirling and spinning.

Some people believe that if you have lost someone recently they have come to visit their families or loved ones and when Samhain rolls round they try to make contact with their families. You may not see the exact humanoid form though.


This is one of the most common ghosts and their desire is to communicate with the living, and they do their very best  make their presence known. Generally they will try to communicate with someone who they share blood with as this makes it easier to communicate but they have been known to communicate with others they were close to. The Communicators tend to suddenly appear before you to give you the message. This is one of the spirits that you may feel their presence, you may feel their touch or even hear their voice. Sometimes they look like the person they were when they were alive. Just because something looks like someone you knew when they were alive doesn’t mean they are friendly. If it is someone you have lost you may have an emotional response which would make you vulnerable for more malicious spirits.


There are some spirits that are on a mission, and won’t rest until their mission is complete. They may want revenge for something bad that may have happened to them in life. This kind of spirit is fairy common but they can be quite dangerous because they will seek to use you to finish whatever their unfinished business is. They will just choose a person at random, and that is one of the reasons why the Mission Orientated spirits are so dangerous. They will choose a person at random to fulfil whatever they want and they choose their victim as randomly too, so anyone could be at the mercy of these spirits. They will harm anyone that crosses their path even if they aren’t even related to the wring that was done to them. Once their business is completed the spirits have been known to fade away or disappear altogether.


In China is a family dies together, or if a family disrespects their ancestors. Most sources say that this kind of spirit is created from an extremely violent death, but can also be created if the person had been very unhappy in life. Their only goal is to wreak havoc and cause as much harm and distress to humans as they can. This type of Spirit tend to target those who are alone at night. In China July is called Ghost Month, and this is said to be a time when spirits of their ancestors walk freely.


This is a ghost that loves to spread nothing but terror, malice and fear among their victims, what is cruel about the Buruburu is they terrorise, and torture their victims until they die from their hearts giving out. Have you ever seen a ghost that looks identical to the person the spirit belonged to during their life? There is a chance that you came face to face with a Buruburu, however, it is a ghost that you never really want to meet. The Buruburu are spirits that were born in a moment of severe violence, and die with nothing but hate, anger and  anguish in their hearts.


In the depths of West Bengal there is a ghost that is utterly terrifying that were born from a married who dies unfilled. This type of ghost takes on the form of an affluent married woman so she can spend time in the company of a husband, something that she was denied in life. The Shakchunni tend to stay around ponds. They will possess their targets when they go to the ponds alone. This may sound a little strange in the western world but in the Western areas of Bengal woman often go to ponds to wash clothes and clean pots and pans…..alone. The Shakchunni tend to hide their faces beneath a veil but it’s well known that these ghosts can and do change their forms.


One of the most famous and most infamous spirits is the Woman in White. Generally she looks beautiful, alluring and attractive, there are many reasons for men to fall under her spell as she has a magnetic personality. However, this beauty hides another form, and her guise only slips when she is attacking her victims. As beautiful as she appears to be, her true visage is horrific, ugly and like death. She appears to be a corpse, she skin cold, sallow cheeks, and dark eyes. Her hands aren’t dainty, they are claws. She has been known to kidnap children and grown men. There are a few different origins for the Woman in White. One is where  she committed suicide after a heartbreak. Another says that she was killed by a lover that betrayed her. Maybe there are different types of Woman in White Spirits, each spirit dying after a great heartbreak. Forever searching, forever tormented.


In the field of Paranormal Investigation a type of spirit has been identified as having no visual form and is literally a cloud of mist moving around the spaces. You can find hundreds of videos on YouTube that show a mist-like formation being captured, because they don’t have a definitive form they can be quite difficult to pin point. This type of spirit doesn’t appear to touch the floors or walls, they just float around. They can be black, grey or white in colour and regardless many Paranormal Investigators believe that even though these spirits look harmless, they can potentially be harmful to humans.


This spirit has it’s origins in Central America and has only one mission, and that is to hurt people. The Duppy can appear in a human form or an animal form, but the spirit is created by a human being cruel, evil and malicious and once dead the Duppy was forged. In Central America the Duppy is considered to the an extremely dangerous, and very capable of inflicting real harm on people.


A Revenant is a spirit that has no idea that they are actually dead, and some believe that they have actually managed to dodge death. This makes the Revenant a little different from other spirits. They look like the person as they were in life and they don’t appear to have any ghostly characteristics, they cannot disappear through walls and can even have a solid form. These Revenants are exactly as they were when alive, when they are injured, they hurt, cry and feel the pain as real as they did when they are alive. These ghosts are driven by unfinished business, and to complete this work they will do anything it takes to finish it.


This is the type of ghosts that appear in horror films, they are the ones who will seek out and take control of someone, living in their skin; controlling everything they do. These Body Snatchers are the spirits that possess people; they will take over and will go on to finish whatever business that had left undone when they died. These spirits have been known to possess multiple people until their task is complete – they move from one person to another in order for them to finish what is driving it. There are multiple theories as to how these spirits found their way to our world. The first is they come out of their graves after they have been disturbed. They may have been attached to an object that they loved when they were alive – if someone owns this object it is very likely they will be haunted by the attached spirit.


Bloody Mary is a legend that most people would have heard of as a teenager and those who were brave even called to her. The legend begins with a British Queen and her obsession with killing people with opposing views, opinions and religion. She was a Catholic and wanted England to once again be Catholic. However, the modern legend is a little different, and is very closely associated with bathroom mirrors. When a certain ritual is performed before a bathroom mirror a  ghastly woman appears in the mirror (sometimes with a baby in hand). Bloody Mary has been known to frighten the bravest  of people. The ritual is a little more involved than just saying her name three times in a mirror. I will NOT go into the ritual, so please don’t ask.


The Seekers are spirits who want to get your attention. This kind of spirit is popularly known as a Poltergeist, and the most popular spirit that is depicted in the movies. Film makers love a good Poltergeist because they are they are the spirits that will throw things around the room, they will move things, lifting people and objects. They do this because they want to get your attention, and by doing something shocking or violent; people pay attention. Technically a Seeker or Poltergeist was never a human, they are a different entity altogether, and some people believe they are actually demonic  in origin. You never see the spirit, you will only ever see their actions or the results of their rampage.


Technically this kind of spirit that was created the moment an evil person passes away. The Avenger will get vengeance because they were wronged, this Psychopathic spirit is cruel and evil for no reason, they do it because they can. When these spirits lived they were mean, cruel, sadistic and worse, this doesn’t change after their death, this evil nature is alas there. As a spirit they possess more strength and power than when they were alive. A  good example would be the recent death of Charles Manson. He did barbaric things in his life, and this will continue even after their death.

Still to come…… Shadow People, Black Eyed Children, The Rake, Human Manifestations, Nature Spirits, Slender Man

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