Witch’s House Rules – Savoir Vivre for Witches

Witch's House Rules - Savoir Vivre for Witches

Witch wars unfortunately are real and have always been since the historical years. This is not only on Harry Potter’s movies. It’s true. Probably, you are wondering why is it so common. Well, the truth is that Witches have power, and sometimes power messes with our minds. However, many have tried to establish some ground rules. Some call it Savoir Vivre for Witches. Others, called Witch’s House Rules. 

Witch’s House Rules

Now that we’ve launched Qooest.com the Free Social Network for Witches, we expect some of you to meet in person. When you do so, please bear in mind the following advice. Respect the Witch’s House Rules. Although, there could be different rules applied in every home, take into consideration the following ones. 

1. Leave your Broom at the Front Door.

  • That means host is in charge here. When you are invited in another Witch’s house or apartment it’s not classy to think that you can step over his/her dominion.
  • Please remember you are a guest here. Hence you should acknowledge that the host is in charge.

2. No Negativity Shall Pass.

  • Cleanse your aura before visiting another witch’s house. Why is this important? Because first of all many witches can read the aura. You don’t want to give a bad impression do you? 
  • Moreover, Witches prepare a lot of Potion or enchantments and most usually they charge it with energy. Negativity can mess with the final result. You don’t want to be charged with this failure, do you ?

3. Do not perform any magic without hosts permission.

  • In other words, do not try to show off in a Witch House. This is a very important advice and probably the most important in Witch’s House Rules. Why? 
  • First of all you don’t really know what type of magic is this witch practicing. Some types of magic should not be combined. 
  • Also, you don’t really wanna mess with other witches enchantments. After all, that’s his/her house. Respect its magic. 
  • A Witch can probably hide some secrets in the house. Don’t try to uncover them. Also, don’t try to “spy” on the house. This is a very common reason to start a Witch War.

4. Show respect to the Witch’s pets – familiars.

  • Compliment on them. Play with them and show your love to them. For many witches, their familiars have bonded so strongly with the Witch. 
  • If you have any allergies, you should say it as quickly as possible. Do not try to hide it by avoiding the pets. It’s just looks sloppy. 

5. All Spirits should Remain Silent. 

  • Tell your Guardians to remain calm even if they sense some kind of threat. It’s more polite to leave the house rather than fight an invisible war. 
  • To do so you might annoy the host. You don’t want to do that. You can gently propose to go for a walk. 

6. Don’t Touch the Magic Tools. 

  • This is very important. When you touch something you leave your auric imprint on it. This is very important with the Magic Tools as they act as an expression of the Witch. By even just touching it, you can make it less efficient for the Witch. 
  • Also, handling the crystals or other (probably expensive) magical tools, you risk breaking or damaging them. You don’t want to do that. 
  • However, you can ask the host to show you around. Maybe, s/he can give it to you avoiding all possible implications. 

What’s Your Witch’s House Rules?

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