Tools of the Craft: Besom, the Witch’s Broom

Witch’s Broom

I am happy to present these series discussing a list of items that are used in magic and have a significant ceremonial and magical purpose. I begin by discussing one of the most ancient tools, the broom.

The Witch’s Broom

I am sure that you all have seen the picture of a witch sitting on a broom flying over the Moon. The Besom or Broom is one of the tools used in witchcraft and both its power and use are tremendous.

How to Make your Magic Broom

The magic broom is a tool that was made either by the practitioner or for the practitioner from the branch and twigs of the tree of his/her choice. Your favorite tree or the branch and twigs of a tree that corresponds to your qualities can be used to make a besom. Please be aware to always leave an offering to the tree and ask for its permission before you proceed cutting a branch or twigs from it. If you don’t have a specific tree that you feel associated with, in ancient grimoires the description that it is given is to use the branch of the ash tree for the broomstick and birch twigs for the brush.

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After you have collected the twigs and branch the broom should be activated in a ceremony. On a Full Moon  (especially if it is on the month of  your birthday or near a Sabbat) ask the Gods to bless and consecrate the twigs and branch and honour the trees that you have taken the materials from as you will share a special bond from now on. Once this is done bind the twigs with the branch and ask the Gods to bless your magical tool to be put in good use.

Then personalize your broom, carve symbols, both magical and personal, that will reflect the bond you share with your tool, you can attach ribbons with specific colours or add little bells and feathers on it, the choice is yours. Once this is done you can further activate the tool by passing a drop of your blood (alternatively use your saliva) over the symbols on the broomstick and the brush. Then take a deep breath and blow on the brush so that your broom will always fly with you. Grasp the stick, kiss it and raise it towards the Moon, stating that your work is now done and that this is your magical broom. Ask the Gods to bless you and your tool and thank them for their love. Your magic starts weaving and your work is done, you know have created a powerful tool for you to use.

What is the use of the besom?

A besom or broom can be used for different purposes. One of its apparent uses is that it can consecrate your magical space before casting a circle or doing magic. It will instantly remove all negative energies from that place. In addition, if you feel that your home is filled with negative vibes, then grab a handful of salt, throw it on the ground and start brushing with your broom. All negative energies will be removed. In addition, if you feel that you are a target of demonic or psychic attacks when you sleep, then place it under your bed as it will create a magical barrier and protect you effectively from these attacks. If you wish to protect your house from unwanted magic, guests (physical or spiritual) or gossip then place the broomstick across the main windowsill or the front door or across the boundaries of your property. As a note of advice always speak to your broom and ask it to help you to fulfill your purpose, believe me it will maximize its power.

Folk magic says that if a besom falls down for no reason then expect an unexpected guest. In addition, the broom was used as a marriage charm and this custom has its origin many hundreds of years ago. If you have a special partner and you would like to be bonded even more then lay the broom on the floor facing each other grab both your hands with your partner’s hands forming a circle between you. Then raise slightly your left hands bonded together slightly and place it a bit above your right hands that are bonded together forming the symbol of eternity then together on the count of three jump the broomstick together. “Jumping the broomstick” was a traditional common law-marriage in Britain for many years. If it was performed in front of a witness and it was said that the couple will be married for a year and a day, enough time to find out if marriage is your cup of tea before you move on to a handfasting ritual.

Always remember that a broom can be a powerful ally and always put it in good use. In our blog I will discuss spells and magical rituals that involve the use of a broomstick so you can learn more about its use. Fellow Witches be prepared with your broom in your hand it is time for MagicJ.

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