Running could help us fight depression, anxiety and negative emotions off

Running could help us fight depression, anxiety and negative emotions off

It goes without saying that running and similar activities can essentially improve our body condition. But moreover, it can considerably contribute to the overall well-being. That means that its positive aspects could benefit our psychological and mental condition and even our very soul. After all, a Witch is more powerful when Energy flows in a healthy way! 

The way running could assist our health is quite straightforward. Even 30 minutes per day, five times per week, could help prevent obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, some cancers, and a host of other unpleasant conditions. This does not mean of course that you can ditch a visit to the doctor in case you observe health problems but, at least, running will ameliorate your life and act proactively against diseases and other unpleasant health issues. And this is backed up by science!

So, there are two points to consider:

Firstly, it is not necessary to strive for championship! You will not be asked to become a marathon runner at once and you are not supposed to start running 3 hours per day. Definitely, you should find an energetic pace while running (after all it should be something more active than just a nonchalant stroll). But your running habits should not be strenuous and exhausting. Besides, if you have extremely high expectations, you may become more halfhearted to get started with the exercise. Remember that the important thing is to make the leap from zero to motion. Waiting for the ‟right time” in order to make ‟great progress” at once is just a procrastination excuse.

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Secondly, we underscore the fact that getting yourself into moving is not merely about being in shape. It is about both our body and soul. As afore-mentioned, jogging will be beneficial for our health in numerous ways and this is something we can also predict. Yet, we neglect the benefits for our mental and emotional health, despite the fact that these domains are the most important for the balance of our body-soul system.

Running can make us happier

If you often feel sluggish or even blue, getting out and starting jogging will boost your energy. This, in turn, can enhance our mood. It is actually a reasonable effect. Running activates our reward and pleasure receptors.  And as we read in this article “when we run, our brains pump out endocannabinoids, cannabis-like molecules that keep runners happy—and hooked.”.

It can remove negativity

Fighting depression is undoubtedly a hard, traumatic task. Running can not replace medical assistance, if this is indispensable. Still, it may prevent negative thought to get a grip on us. It has been scientifically argued that running can be ‟rewarding and antidepressive”. Being in motion help us of course, since running regulates our blood pressure, improves insulin sensitivity and boosts our metabolism. What is more, making the decision to go out and run means that we cease every other activity. While going to run, negative thought will be present but cannot dominate us. Motion blocks them and gives us a break from the vicious circle of sinking into gloomy thoughts. Therefore, when you feel that negativity is about to possess your mind, just abandon everything and get out. We can assure you that it will be helpful.

It can connect us with nature

Training in gym is great and it is recommendable. But real running, out on the streets or in a park or ideally through the woods is a real cure for the soul. Yes, we are not all living close to nature. Nevertheless, everything outdoors is our environment, urban or natural. Just go out and discover it! Ideally, this will bring you close to the place you are spending your life. Even within a city, running around will reveal you corners and tiny secrets you didn’t know. Although you should concentrate on running, try to observe yourself going through a place. If it is a warm day, find a spot where you can meditate before running or just where you can go another time and read a book. Running should remain an outdoors activity. This is essential for our brain in order that it switches off away from the turmoil of the daily overflow of information and impressions that we receive. In a gym you will not stop looking at your smartphone, checking other people and listening probably to bad music. For this reason, just go out and connect with your environment. Your mind will be thankful for that.

And since we are speaking about running, here comes a song about escaping through running:


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