Acne Reveals Body Issues – Chinese Face Map

Acne Reveals Body Issues - Chinese Face Map

Can Acne be an indication for body issues and medical problems? According to Traditional Chinese Medicine a blemish might be able to tell you stories about your body. Stories that you could not even begin to imagine. 

Your Face is a Map 

According to Traditional Chinese Face Map, any skin disorder on our face might hint a medical issue which is going on for a while. It might actually be a first sign of what is coming. It goes without saying that just like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Face Mapping is also complex and requires much practice to master. Moreover, it is very important to note that this art cannot replace modern medicine. Do not miss your regular check-up then, but bear in mind these indications. 

Locating Acne is like Treasure Hunting

If you have ever had visited an acupuncturist, you may saw a map of the Ear. Exactly like that, our Face actually is a map of our body. Due to the meridians running through it, every part of your face correlates to a system of your body. Hence, is a meridian is troubled, several indications might occur – including the presence of a blemish on your face skin. 

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Where is Acne Located? 

  •  Zones 1, 2: Digestive System (element of Fire)

If acne is located on your forehead (as shown in the picture) then this might be an indication of malnutrition or digestive issues. Food is processed in your stomach which will later become Chi – vital energy. Does your diet need a change ? It is very important to re-programme your daily schedule and seek assistance regarding your 

  • Zone 3: Liver (element of Wood)

If acne is located ιν the smooth part of the forehead above and between the eyebrows then maybe these is something going with you liver. Do you need to cut off from alcohol or fatty food? Probably your diet is not helping your liver become healthier. 

  • Zone 4: Kidney (element of Water)

Although kidneys in western medicine is all about water and electrolytes according to the traditional Chinese medicine is also the part where ancestral energy is located. Hence you might be feeling exhausted or unmotivated. Is something going on with your libido – excess – or failing you lately? You should probably care more about your daily water intake and avoid things that dehydrate you. 

  • Zone 5: Heart and Cardiovascular System (element of Fire)

Again there is something more than the western cardiovascular diseases. You see, in Chinese medicine, in heart lies all the joy and satisfaction. Hence, if acne is located on your nose, there might be an indication of both cardiovascular and emotional disorder. Put more joy and satisfaction in your life! 

  • Zone 6: Lungs and Respiratory System (element of Metal)

Here is all about Lungs and Respiratory system. Moreover it is also about feeling contained, like you lack of freedom. When acne is located around your cheeks you should probably think of the possibility of having some respiratory issues. If yes, consult with your doctor. Moreover, if you are feeling contained you should find ways to express your freedom. 

  • Zone 7: Stomach (element of Fire)

Here lies an organ which according to Chinese medicine is directly associated with fire and the passion of life. Have you lost it lately? Moreover, stomach issues might be linked with the presence of acne on your chin according to Chinese face mapping. 

  • Zone 8: Hormones (element of Water)

If acne is located in this area – below your cheeks – then you may have issues related with your hormonic balance. Therefore, you might face problems with libido, swelling and more. If that’s true consult with your doctor. 

  • Zone 9: Large Intestine – Colon (element of Metal)

When acne is located by the nostrils you might have to consider the possibility of digestive and intestine issues. Are you constipated? Maybe you need a detox diet to help your colon get cleansed! 

So tell us. Where is Acne Usually Located? 

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