What Happens When We Die - Death is a Portal

What Happens When We Die – Death is a Portal

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Death is the Greatest Mystery some might say. However, occultists never agreed with this. When you voluntarily travel through the Realms, it’s not that big of a mystery. Don’t you Agree? Moreover, now that we are all connected, occult experiences become can easily become a #trend. So according to many accounts, that’s what happens when we die. 

What Happens When We Die

We were born to this World, coming out of a Womb. Death is just another birth to a different Realm. Hence, Death can be awkward, or can even sometimes become stressful (exactly like giving birth) but once you die things are simple. 

If you’ve ever had an out-of-body experience or a conscious Astral Projection, the following might not come as a surprise. Death, the whole procedure, is somehow common and it has to do with the physiology of our body and the existence of spiritual bodies. It’s a natural procedure.

How do we know what Happens When We Die?

Well, from the people who actually died of course (Reddit). Here we read numerous accounts where death is experienced in many ways. However, we picked the most common experiences. 

Let’s combine these experience with what as occultists have felt… 

Is Dying Stressful? Do you feel Pain? 

  • Well it can become stressful, exactly like astral projection but this lasts only a really brief time. To those who experience death, this moment is rarely mentioned.
  • You feel the time you come out of the Life’s Womb into the Realm of Death. However, this is a feeling, many of us experience it in a different way. 
  • Moreover, it’s very important if you are healthy and experience a violent & sudden death, or you actually die from a chronic disease. Things can go more smoothly in this case. 

“Apparently, each time they shocked me back I ‘woke up’ (how it felt) and told the staff a different knock-knock joke each time.”

Does Death Feel Like Hell? 

  • No, it certainly doesn’t. When you are out of your body then peace prevails. 

“The worst part of it all, looking back, is how peaceful it can seem.”

Do You Experience a Flashback through Your Life? 

  • This actually is an occult belief. Some school believe that we actually go to a ‘Memory Room‘ where we experience our life and try to see what we did right or wrong.
  • This procedure actually gives us time heal our wounds and prepare our next life. There is no judging, just evaluating and healing.

“I remember thinking over my life, but it wasn’t like a montage. More like I was idly flipping through a book and snippets stood out here and there.

Do we See Tunnels and Lights?

  • There certainly feels like there is a source of ‘Light’ although it’s more like a source of Love and Wisdom, rather than a actual light. 

“I wasn’t hot or cold, hungry or tired – just a peaceful neutral kind of thing. I knew there was light and love somewhere nearby but I had no urge or need to go to it right away.”

Can You Float and Travel like a Ghost?

Well… YES! It’s an amazing experience how free you feel. This is exactly why death is considered by some occultists a liberating experience although Life is a divine Gift. 

“I woke up in what looked like space”… 

So, What Happens When We Die?

  • The experience may differ as birth giving may differ. Some may be easier some not. As blurred might seem the birthing procedure for a new-born child, equally blurred is the experience for the one who just died. 
  • Those who practice regular out-of-body travels and astral projection, know what to expect. Actually, this is another reason we strongly advice you to practice astral travel. Although, the most important is that… it’s REALLY AWESOME. 

“Whatever it was, it changed my thoughts on a few things. I am still afraid to die, but I’m not worried about what happens after that.”

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