10 simple steps to transform your life from today on

10 simple steps to transform your life from today on

Life passes by and it passes by fast, if one does not take care of their own self. Many people may complain that they want to change the way they live but they always postpone any initiative in this direction.

It may sound cliché, but life is happening right now. Self-improvement is a magical process of transformation; however, it is a slow, gradual one.

Therefore, don’t lose time and let’s get started! The steps below will boost your will to completely alter your life. Ready?

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1. Learn to breathe

Most people ignore its significance. Yet, breath is an essential component of Meditation and Yoga. Learn to observe the way you inhale and exhale. This will regulate your breath and it will improve your physical but also mental health. Don’t forget that breathing is the greatest necessity of life, something we cannot do without for more that some minutes. We should not take it for granted then.

2. Enjoy the moment! Now!

You will say, this is a banality. Even if you have heard it a thousand times though, do you really live in the moment or you send your life thinking about the past and the future?  Stop regretting about what you did. Do not be possessed with your plans. Just relax, and spend some time enjoying your current situation. These moments will never come back.

3. Forgive your self

The Romans had a saying: errare humanum est. It is human to err. It is important to recognize our mistakes and sincerely regret about them. But we should not live permanently with them. Leave your bad self behind and move on.

4. Forgive the others

Quite the same way, we should learn to forgive and forget. If someone has wounded us and they have repented of their deeds, we should learn not to hold a grudge forever. If you believe that this person is going to hurt once again, just step back and go away without letting a toxic relationship to poison you.

5. Stop judging

There is a well-known phrase from New Testament: Judge not, that ye be not judged. (Matthew 7:1-3). We should not interpret this as an order to refrain from expressing an opinion. The point is here not to be malevolent when we criticize.

6. Expect good news

Murphy’s law is true, if you only think that the worst will happen to you! Thinking is energy and positive thinking is positive energy. Try to image in a concrete manner what it would be a good turn of the situation for you. Enjoy thoughts of success, love and happiness. Believe it or not, thinking of them is a precondition for their realization.

7. Invest in your relationships

Happiness is tightly bound with sound human relationships. Give love and love is what you are going to receive in your family or love life. It may not work always in a mutual direction and in the way you would like, but the love you will offer will create good vibes for you and everyone around you. Learn to hear the problems of the others and enhance your Empathy.

8. Be grateful

There is a short magic phrase, and this is “thank you”. Don’t take for granted what you have in your life. Address your gratitude to your family members for being there for you, thank your teachers or colleagues, your friends. Just think how your life would be without them. Also, be grateful to fate and the universe. Things could be much worse so what you already have is a gift.

9. Get rid of the old stuff

Throw away the whole schlock you have around you, literally and metaphorically. Keep only whatever you need and don’t be attached to objects and persons that bring nothing to your life. Clear out your room and your house and then do the same in your life. Life is too short to be spent in abusive and toxic relationships.

10. Love your own self!

Self-esteem and self-appreciation is a condition in order to offer love to other persons. It is often the case that we make ourselves dependent on others not because we really love them but due to our insecurity. Yet, nobody is going to respect us, if we do not respect ourselves. Loving ourselves is not egoism and conceitedness. these are signs of a weak spirit. A strong person is modest but decisive and this is how you are going to thrive in social and personal life. Take also care of yourself and do not waste your energy or capacities.

Do you have any further suggestions? Share them with the witchy community!

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