The Path you choose reveals your Life Philosophy


Life is a way we must walk through. There is no more pertinent simile than the one that compares life to a path.

And this path is seldom a highway. Life is full of challenges and, actually, this is how it should be in order to invoke the best out of us.

Remember the Choice of Hercules:  When the Hero stood before two paths, two female figures, the ravishing Vice and the prudent Virtue showed him two ways. Vice told him to follow a broad, easy way of pleasures. Virtue showed him a rutty road. Hercules was wise enough to foresee that the first way leads to doom while at the end of the second one he will harvest the fruits of his toil.

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“The Choice of Hercules” by the Italian Baroque painter Annibale Carracci.

What is then your choice? Select a Path from the image above and see how you fare your own way in life!

1. The Path of the Otherworld:

You have the feeling you do not belong to this world. Even since your childhood you love to watch the bright night sky wondering where your true home is. You are seeking for another reality. Science fiction, mythology and gothic romances are your favorite readings. You have the ability to create something completely new even if this will be a provocation for the others next to you.

2. The Path of the Fairy World:

Your path is the one of Sensitivity, Kindness and sincere Empathy. Your Dreams, your visions, your passions and your wishes make you feel like a fairy in our cruel world. Although you are prone to many disappointments and extremely vulnerable, you still feel that a fairy godmother will change the outcome. You believe in the power of Goodness. Romance is part of yourself. You love poetry, classical music and jazz and you enjoy beauty of every form.

3. The Path of the Awakened:

This is the path of Spirituality. The sun is setting, and the night is going to come once again. However, you know that the sun will rise again. Your dead ancestors are guiding you and you receive much help via dreams and visions. Emotion is more important than Logic to you. You read books of great Teachers who taught how we can surpass our nature and you want to face the fear of death. You like underground music and you enjoy abstract art.

4. The Path of the Mystics:

This is the Path of the old ways. The labyrinth is the path of the ones who seek true enlightenment, always searching for the truth of the world. A Symbol of alchemists and occult schools, the labyrinth shows your soul journey towards magical realms. You are interested in Witchcraft and Ancient Religions. Symbols and Rituals are important to you. You love old traditional music and you love learning spells by heart.

5. The Path of Intuitive Ones:

Life has no boundaries for you. Your intuition seems to guide you in your whole life. Just like a path in the water, you seem to defy gravity. Faith is your weapon and although many of your friends discourage you to continue your path, you know you made the right choice. Against all the odds, you always find a solution where no one seems to exist. You like traveling, reading modern novels and you have an interesting and successful career.

6. The Path of Mother Nature:

You understand more than anyone that we are part of this world. You’ve always been close to the elements of nature and you somehow feel connected with the Animal kingdom. Moreover, you were always on herbal magic and the power of the trees. You love living in the countryside, away from the turmoil of a city. Your ideas are harmonic, and your family makes you happy. You read old tales and books about history. Your music are the sounds you hear in a serene place.

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