How to Call Owls to Your Yard

How to Call Owls to Your Yard

Witches love to be accompanied by their favorite animals. Hence, there have been developed ways to invite and summon animals which may later become their familiars – animals who live together with witches connected with a sacred bond. Therefore, are spells and tips to call owls and other animals popular to witches.

Owls as Familiars

Owls are definitely one of the most favorite animals amongst Witches. It is so popular that even the Stregheria, the Italian Witchcraft took its name from Owl (latin: strix). Owls are sacred to Witches as they symbolize the Wisdom which is hidden. Here you will find more information about the Secrets and Magic Associated with Owls.

Why to Call Owls

First of all Owls have a mystical energy which helps us uncover the hidden truth. These wise animals are sacred to Goddess of Wisdom, Athena. Having owls around your house can also act like a watchdog against malicious energies. Owls are known to alert Witches when danger is approaching. They offer protection and arcane powers.

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How to Call Owls

You may think ‘that’s not gonna work’. But we’ve got news for you. It does work as long as follow some certain rules.

Rule no1. Owls are predators

Owls are hunters of the night. This is another reason why to call owls. Because by welcoming owls you actually call for help against rodents messing with your garden.

Rule no2. Owls don’t build nest

Hence you’ve got to make or just buy one like this from Amazon. Although most owls lest in the beginning of Spring, you should probably install it any time you want.

You can also use other items that look like a nest or even find and reinstall in your yard/house an abandoned nest. If the owls like what they see, they will stay there protecting you from rodents, serpents and spiritual enemies.

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Rule no3. Put the nest to the highest possible spot

As predators, Owl love to have a magnificent view over their prays. Install the box to the highest possible spot.

Rule no4. Don’t move the Nest

You don’t like to move the nest as this appears like a hostile intention. Make up your mind where you do want them. In other words, where do you NOT mind having owls, therefore birds pooping around.

Rule no5. Clean the Box once per year

Although most owl boxes have a hole on the bottom in order to empty them from trash, a box of birds may still contain unhealthy objects. However, to avoid scaring them away, most specialists advice us to clean the box once per year.

Rule no.6 Provide clean water

As Owls cannot be welcomed with birdseeds – since the like to hunt their food, make sure you keep them hydrated. Refill the water when needed.

Rule no.7 Call upon the Owl Totem Spirit

Once you’ve done the above, on the night of a Full Moon, get a picture of an owl and light a white candle. Focus on the light and call the Totem Animal of Owl. Chant 9 times:

“Wings of Might,
Owls of the Night,
I summon you here this hour!
I call upon your sacred power!”

Communicate with the collective consciousness of all Owls and invite them to your house. Tell the spirit that you’ve created a nest for them. Repeat as needed.

Most of the times, an owl appears fast.

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