Waning Moon Predictions – July 1 until July 12 2018

Waning Moon Predictions - July 1 until July 12 2018

This is no ordinary Waning moon as it bring us to the gates of the Eclipses. This power is all over the astral realm waiting to be landed on Earth. However, this landing may not go as smoothly as one could hope. As already discussed the Strawberry Full Moon brought us many realizations but also made it pretty clear that we need to focus on our tasks and work harder. So, let’s see the Waning Moon Predictions! 

Waning Moon Predictions – July 1 until July 12 2018

As the days go by leaving the tense of the Full Moon we just don’t feel that we are relaxing. On the contrary. Things are getting serious and we need to take some actions. Saturn conjuncted with the Full Moon remember? Hence, the increased responsibilities. Moreover Mars is retrograde slowing things down along with our energy. At least, Mercury, just yesterday got in Leo. This means that optimism will accompany us along our way. Sense of humor is our ally and our weapon. Never forget, being happy is not about what’s happening outside. Happiness springs from us! 

Waning Moon Predictions for Aries

Remember what we said? “Focus on Career & Let Love will heal your heart”. All this energy focused on your career may increase anxiety on the highest levels possible. However this is not always the case as Mercury will try to absorb much of this tension helping you blow some steam. You will however face more responsibilities that you are ready to. Venus is also your ally trying to mend your broken heart. More spiritual advice for you today here along a your lucky number.

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Waning Moon Predictions for Taurus

Thankfully passion has just kicked in making your nights (and days) more pleasurable. Moreover, as already discussed, you are going to have the opportunity to reach for greater social status in your life and at the same time travels and wisdom will knock your door. Don’t forget that you are a magical being thirsting for true wisdom. These days, a revelation will appear. Listen to the spirits. Click here to see what they can tell you today.

Waning Moon Predictions for Gemini

Ok. It was pretty clear that trying to manage your financial status is quite tough. However, it’s an opportunity to finally achieve balance. Although expenses may not be easily controlled a new source of income might appear. Moreover, the most important things is that you feel awakened! More powerful than yesterday!  Check here what spirits advice you do today and find Today’s Lucky number.

Waning Moon Predictions for Cancer:

This was certainly not easy for you and all this tension will accompany you at least until the next New Moon. Until then you will have the chance to make things right with your most important relationships, your partnerships and your marriage. Is this the dawn of a new era? Did you just find a very important person of your life with whom you can build your dreams? Furthermore, you can check out what the Spirits advice you to focus on today

Waning Moon Predictions for Leo:

You’ve just entered such an interesting time of your life. With Mercury in your sign you will have the chance to express yourself, your dreams and your wishes. It’s time now that you stand up and see the truth with your own eyes. Moreover, all this power makes you more charming, attracting to you interesting new people and making you dangerously flirty! For more insight why don’t you take a look at what Spirits advice you to focus on Today!

Waning Moon Predictions for Virgo:

Your governor is in the area of your life that talks about hidden powers. Something is happening all summer behind your back. Something that only Autumn can reveal. Until then however, you will have the chance to filter your feelings and intuitive stimuli. You already feel what’s coming. All you have to do is listen to your Spirit! Check here what the spirits are advising you to do Today.

Waning Moon Predictions for Libra:

This is a time for fun! Not that you’ve solved all your problems but now fun is really important. Like a medicine or something. You need to replenish your energy levels with pleasurable activities and things that make you feel magical! Meet with your friends and let yourself feel like a child again! See here what the Spirits like to advise you for Today

Waning Moon Predictions for Scorpio:

The truth is that you’ve been so much the past years and Yes you might have neglected some of your friends. But that’s ok, as long as you now try to make things right. Pick up the phone and call them. See what’s happening. Rebuild the bridges that hold you together. Heal what needs to be healed. This is also a time for traveling! See here more what the spirits tell you for Today!

Waning Moon Predictions for Sagittarius:

Thank god planets are changing and yes you are amongst the ones who deserve to be happy about it. Mercury in Leo will make your days more interesting, opening gates once considered to be sealed forever. You will be given the chance to experience something unique. Opportunities knock your door waiting for you to answer. The only question is: are you ready to move on? Check here what the spirits advise you to focus on Today

Waning Moon Predictions for Capricorn:

This Full Moon was not like the other. It affected you deeply causing anxiety you could not easily manage. As the days go by the ‘moon dust’ will not set. However, you will be able to see what was this that scared you. Heal this emotion as you will be given the opportunity to lead and break free from your problems forever. You needed this energy although you don’t quite understand it yet! If you need more insight you can check here, what do the spirits advice you to focus on, Today!

Waning Moon Predictions for Aquarius:

Now with Mercury in Leo it’s time to work harder for your personal relationships, your collaborations and everything that caused problems between you and the people closest to you. If you are married consider reviving it. Your brilliant mind will definitely find a way to heal what needs to be healed. It’s you chance to build a happier future with the ones you love and/or work with! Here, the Spirits give you another piece of advice for Today.

Waning Moon Predictions for Pisces:

Now it’s time to chance what needs to be changed in order to feel alive again. Pay attention to your every day life as there might be things you are doing which drain your energy. Are there any toxic people around you? Try to heal these situations. Replenish you energy and find For more insight why don’t you take a look at what Spirits advice you to focus on Today!

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