10 Reasons to Be a Witch

Although I personally didn’t need any convincing, some of us need to know why is it so good to be a witch. Oh well, I may write for years on this subject. However, I should state that if one has doubts, s/he should probably read this article and reignite the witchy fire within. Here are some of my favourite reasons to be a Witch. I truly believe, that if more we had more witches out there, our world would be meaningful and much more caring.

10 Reasons to Be a Witch

So let’s begin with our favorite countdown. 

1. Be Young Again

Remember when we wanted to play ‘witches and wizards’ as kids? Do you Remember when we used to ride our brooms and dreamt of flying? Or maybe when we gathered herbs and plants and tried to squeeze them until we make some magic potions?

What we didn’t understand back then, is that these were actually our first spells! Although we did not usually follow the proper instructions, it was then when we did actually performed our first magical spells.

  • Hence, every-time we cast a spell, we are reminded of what Magic makes us feel… Young Again! 

2. Lot’s of Holidays

Being a Witch is always a reason to celebrate. And trust me. We’ve got so many holidays, most of them go hand-in-hand with other religions holy days because most of them descend from the Old Religion. This is actually one of my favorite reasons to be a Witch!

We’ve got 8 annual Sabbats, marked by the Seasons of Nature. But we also have 4 celebrations – Esbats every month! Plus so much more holidays, celebrating deities, sprites and nymphs! 

  • Are you a party person? Being a Witch Suits You!

3. Love of Mother Nature

It’s no secret that witches love to hang out in the forests, during days or nights, walk or sit around lakes and springs, meditate or work their magic. Are you Lover of Mother Nature? You should definitely think of becoming a Witch. Most of our time is spent in the forest attempting to contact the spirits that dwell there. 

  • Do you like to be around trees, lakes and spirits? Being a Witch Suits You!

4. Family Legacy

From Circe of Odyssey & Olympias – mother of Alexander the Great, the unbelievably powerful Greek Witches to Priestesses of Ancient Egypt and of course, the Modern Witches, we have so much to tell you. To be the grandchild of a Witch is no that rare. Witches were everywhere. Although they have kept their identities secret, they were out there, preparing the path for the enlightened ones. And these are some pretty good reasons to be a Witch. Don’t you think? 


If you got back to your ancestors, it’s highly likely to discover a wise person who made potions and helped other with his/her knowledge of the Herbs and the Stars. The Legacy of Magic is so great that goes back to the Dawn of Human Civilization. 

  • Becoming a Witch because it runs in our bloodline. Where you know it or not, you surely descend from a Witch, no matter how many generations back!  And more importantly, you can now create your own powerful Bloodline of Witches!

5. Liberty

With Witchcraft you just have to follow simple rules like “harm none”. No protocols or dogma. You can actually create your own rituals and invite others to empower your Craft. No religious wars, not fundamentalism.

Although you can actually belong to a Religion and still be a Witch, the power of the Free Spirit is what really matters in the Craft! 

  • Don’t you want to release your Spirit? Being a Witch Suits You!

6. Kindred Animals

Witches always loved to be accompanied by kindred animals. In fact, most Witches are always seen together with dogs, cats or birds. Witches love and protect animals and this is something that animals see. Therefore many animals are attracted by them and seek their company. Lost animals go to them and seek help and love. 

  • Do you love animals and want to have them around? Being a Witch Suits You!

7. Herbs, Roots and Trees

Witches know the Green Ways, also known as Herbal Magic. Although there is a different Path of Witchcraft, named “Green Witchcraft” or falsely by others “Druidry“, the properties, the abilities and the dangers of plants, roots, herbs and trees are known to most witches. 

Witches love to nurture, cultivate and harvest them by themselves. As the Ancient Druids taught us, the magic of Earth is what we need to become powerful. We, their grandchildren, look for clues and secrets, written in the green valleys and the darkest forests. 

  • Don’t you just love the magic of Herbs and Trees? Being a Witch Suits You!

8. Stars and the Moon

Even from the ancient times, Witches, Priests and Priestesses payed attention to the night sky, asking from the Stars to be guided. And the Stars replied. This is how Star Magic began. From this time, millions of Star Witches were born, only to be guided by these distant Suns.

Witches Love the Stars and the Phases of the Moon – the Esbats. We love to interpret the skies into messages and omens for the living and/or non-living. Astrology is a Witch’s powerful ally. This is why we always keep you with the most updated info in our ‘Daily Predictions’. Astrology Designed by Witches for Witches! 

I am such a Stars & Moon person. Are you too? Being a Witch Suits You!

9. Ancient History

Witches love to read and learn about the History of human kind, our civilizations and the old religions. Moreover, they love to travel – when they have the chance – either to a local monument, an ancient temple or another place which can help them ‘go back in time’. 

Witches also invent or discover other ways to help them learn more about the past. One way is hypnosis, scrying or even prophetic dreams and astral projection. 

  • Do you want to see how our forefathers and foremothers lived? Being a Witch Suits You!

10. Uniqueness = Inspiration

Although all witches have common traits, NO WITCH does it exactly like another! This is something most witches learn when they grow older. Why does this happen? 

Well, because we are all different and being a Witch equal being a blessed inspired being who goes listens to the ever-changing vibes of mother Nature. You are changing and so does you Magic! 

  • Are you feeling unique? Being a Witch Suits You!
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