August Full Moon in Pisces – August 26 2018 – the Angel Full Moon

August Full Moon in Pisces – August 26 2018 - the Angel Full Moon
August Full Moon in Pisces – August 26 2018 - the Angel Full Moon

We’ve got so much to tell you about this August Full Moon. The day has come. A day we’ve all been waiting for. For the first time after many months, a Full Moon has come that is able to solve problems rather than cause some more. Thankfully, we are about to enjoy a beautifully harmonious and symmetrical full moon. The August Full Moon, one of the most magical full moons of the year.

This is no ordinary Full Moon, so please prepare for a Major Energy shift. For this is a Full Moon full of surprises and things we would all love to hear and see. But to go there we should probably remind you some things about this amazing time of the Year.

August Full Moon – initiation to Fairy Magic

Our Mage reminds us the Power of the Full Moon of August here in a detailed article. ‘There is a great deal of magic traditions concerning the August Full Moon, at least on the Northern Hemisphere. Amongst them, there is the belief that during the night of this Full Moon, one can initiate contact with the Kingdom of Fairies and Elves. As these believes are not connected with the holy and sacred days of the annual Solar Circle, I don’t know if for the Southern Hemisphere one should make use of the February’s Full Moon, or still use the August’s one. 

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My searches on the subject haven’t guided me to any results about the subject, so I think that it is the August Full Moon that holds the same power even in the Southern Hemisphere, and because of the natural difficulties to do what I am going to describe here, it is not very well known. But this is just a thought and not a certain fact. So, if you live on the Southern Hemisphere and know better, please inform us.’

So in few words, the August Full Moon is the perfect time to initiate your Magical communication with the Fairies! 

August Full Moon of 2018 – a Magical Opportunity

This is an extremely powerful Full Moon adding to the fact that we are talking about the most magical full moon of the year. Let me explain. From a scale one to ten, ten being the best Full Moon possible, I would say that this Full Moon gets a pure 9 – and thats only because I don’t wanna raise the expectaions too high! 

Challenging Aspects: 5 Retrograde Planets

We’ve extensively saw why this summer was no ordinary or easy summer. Thankfully, the challenging influences are beginning to change. This of course is not easy to see yet as there are still 5 retrograde planets. However, the good news come from planet Mars, who just one day after the Full Moon, on August 27th, turns direct. But still, the Astral Plane is quite heavy. 

Amazing Aspects: the Archangel’s Star

I repeat, this is no ordinary full Moon. For starters, the Moon conjuncts with a very peculiar fixed star, one that is considered by the Babylonian Magi the strongest amongst all the Stars. Fomalhaut is one of the 4 royal Stars, which is believed to be the guardian of Earth. In fact, Chinese call this star, the Northern Guardian of Earth. 

Moreover, this is the Star associated with the four Archangels. To be more precise, Fomalhaut is associated with Archangel Gabriel. The other Aldebaran associated with Archangel Michael, Regulus associated with Archangel Raphael and Antares associated with Archangel Uriel. Hence, August Full Moon is an amazing opportunity to tap into Archangel’s Magic. 

Amazing Aspects: the Great Trine of Earth

This Full Moon doesn’t cease to amaze us. Under it’s influence a Great Tine is formed, with Uranus in Taurus, Sun in Virgo and Saturn in Capricorn. Let me remind you that this is one of the most amazing and lucky signs of Astrology. This aspect is clearly a sign that All Magic of Earth is activated!

Amazing Aspects: the Divine Crossbow

Along with the pretty rare Great trine, another amazing aspect happens. You see, due to the fact that the Full Moon creates positive aspects with both Uranus and Saturn, a Divine Crossbow aka Divine Kite is formed. This gives additional magical energy to this day. This is no Ordinary Full Moon. 

August Full Moon Predictions for Aries:

For the next days you will have the chance to focus on your deepest and most secretive emotions. Energy is elevated and you feel it all over you like a thunderstorm coming. It’s a great chance to put your intuition at work and listen to your heart’s vibes. What does this inner voice tell you to do?

Pay also attention to your dream and let the spirits guide you. You might be close to a huge revelation. Today, energy is pretty tough to handle. Hence, anxiety or even depression may kick in, making you – even more nervous than usual. Moreover, something is happening behind your back that you are not quite able to see.  

August Full Moon Predictions for Taurus:

Although you’ve entered a rather creative and satisfying phase of your life you might have neglected your friends. Especially now that the Eclipses are over it’s time to make things right. Therefore, during this couple of days you will have the chance to reach for them and have some fun. Maybe, you will have the chance to attract and meet new interesting people.

It’s time to make time for fun and adventures! Also, it is very important to realize that your mind works in an amazing way and innovation can help you deal with issues that have been bothering you all this time along with the help of people you love you. You are inspired!

August Full Moon Predictions for Gemini:

Now that your governor is direct, a big change has begun. You can only hope that no more misunderstandings will occur due and that you can now express yourself in a more creative and gentle way.

However, anxiety kicked in due to the fact that responsibilities are keep increasing and you need to find a way to bring balance back in your life. Why don’t you try some meditation? This is a great chance for you to show everyone how much you can accomplish in your work. Although work schedule might seem unbearable you need to focus on your career and see how much your can accomplish.

August Full Moon Predictions for Cancer:

Thank goodness, this is a lovely Full Moon to focus on the bright side of life. Focus on things that make you smile and help you see your life in different and more optimistic perspective. Although this summer was not easy, it is certainly better that what you’ve lived as you realize more about things that can help you feel stronger and alive. 

This is the time for growth and new interesting endeavours. In the next week, new and lucky opportunities might knock your door. Be ready to move forward and become creative once again. Long distance travels, or travels over the sea are favoured along with communication with foreign countries.

August Full Moon Predictions for Leo:

Great changes are coming for you Leo. Instead of fighting the change take a look at yourself and ask why are you resisting? Although you do need to stand your ground, make peace with change as nothing lasts forever in this Realm. Therefore, embrace your instincts and unleash your true potential! Remember that this Full Moon favors you too setting the base for amazing future!

For the next week you will feel your instincts waking up. Something inside you comes  back again to remind you that life is a game. You are the player and sometimes your might have to take some risks. Play the Game!

August Full Moon Predictions for Virgo:

This August Full Moon affects you so much and so intensively. You are drawn by its power and in the next days amazing things can actually happen! Your emotions are pretty tense and you are closer to your feelings than usual. Somehow, you are vulnerable but stronger.

This tense however may affect your relationships so be careful how you interact with other people, especially the ones that matter the most to you. Make peace but don’t live by the rules of others! Make your way! 

August Full Moon Predictions for Libra:

it’s true that the Eclipses did affect you but all this belongs now in the past, although the ripple effect may still bring changes especially in your everyday life. This change has already begun and you will be asked to be more focused to deal with all the issues that may rise in your life, especially in your daily routine like transportation, work etc.

Moreover, your body may give you signs that you need to rest and escape a demanding and exhausting routine. Find a way to bring balance and spend some quality time on healthy activities! Your health comes first!

August Full Moon Predictions for Scorpio:

Thank god, an amazing Full Moon just arrived. Do allow Joy to enter your life. Love and flirting is very important too. Express yourself through love and art as it will help you feel alive and productive. You are more creative and attractive than usual.

Opportunities may come to you suddenly and get you by surprise, but believe in your guts and your instincts. Open up to infinite possiblities you’ve neglected that still exist! It is very important to put Love and Fun back in your life as lately you’ve been swamped by an overwhelming daily schedule. Life gives you signs because it seems that you’ve neglected the best part of yourself. Your inner child! (We never get tired repeating it!) 

August Full Moon Predictions for Sagittarius:

Home sweet home. Willingly or not, your focus turns to your home and your family as the stars tell you that you might have neglected your responsibilities. You have work to do there too you know. This is the chance to heal what needs to be healed and fix what needs to be fixed.

Things may seem to get out of hands in the house you live. If things are already pretty tense due to the energy of eclipses, you may now have the chance to sort things out and bring peace back to your home. Spend more time on things and activities that help you relax! 

August Full Moon Predictions for Capricorn:

This Full Moon seems to favour transportations and short-distance travels. Moreover, it gives you the chance to meet and hang out with people you love and feel close to you. Your friends may trouble your brilliant mind. They seem to need your advice and help. But at the same time, they can give you a helping hand for your problems.

However, the light of the Moon will shine through your friends and the ones you feel closest to you. From these people you will receive powerful stimuli which will wake up your powers and see what opportunities are waiting for you. Do you dare to follow your heart? 

August Full Moon Predictions for Aquarius:

Just a couple of weeks after the last eclipse and you already feel that something in you has changed forever. Now the Cosmic power of the Stars and the August Full Moon is fixed on the part of your life that has to do with your income, your expenses and your possessions. Try to bring balance there. Moreover, remember to ground yourself as the energy of the Moon is still running through you!

This is a great chance to understand a greater meaning about your work and most importantly your finances. You may need to closely monitor your expenses in order to see where the heck all this money goes! Opportunities may wait for you to make a step forward towards financial independence. Don’t forget that this is lucky full Moon. Thus, keep an eye on for unexpected opportunities!

August Full Moon Predictions for Pisces:

This Full Moon is an amazing time when strong and ancient magical powers are flowing through you. Right after the series of eclipses you are truly waking up your true magical self. You come to terms with the fact that you are the one who rules your reality and your destiny!

The Moon is now in your sign making it a perfect time to start anew what you voluntarily or unintentionally paused. Your intuition is guiding you and revealing you the truth about things that have been kept secret from you. Moreover, as all the moonlight now shines on your spirit, you may have the chance to understand more about the path you are currently walking. Now that the eclipses have passed, are you still the same person? Do your goals need to be altered?


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