August Full Moon: contact with the Fairy Kingdom

Fairy Witchcraft August Full Moon

There is a great deal of magic traditions concerning the August Full Moon, at least on the Northern Hemisphere. Amongst them, there is the belief that during the night of this Full Moon, one can initiate contact with the Kingdom of Fairies and Elves. As these believes are not connected with the holy and sacred days of the annual Solar Circle, I don’t know if for the Southern Hemisphere one should make use of the February’s Full Moon, or still use the August’s one.

Note: Especially for 2023 this will happen two times. As we have two Full Moons in August 2023 (Blue Moon). More importantly the Full Moon on August 1st coincides with the Sabbat of Witches called Lughnasadh. Very important and powerful days!

The Magic of August Full Moon

My searches on the subject haven’t guided me to any results about the subject, so I think that it is the August Full Moon that holds the same power even in the Southern Hemisphere, and because of the natural difficulties to do what I am going to describe here, it is not very well known. But this is just a thought and not a certain fact. So, if you live on the Southern Hemisphere and know better, please inform us.

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Anyway. What I am going to describe here is a simple, yet quite effective procedure that help us to initiate or better our ability to contact the Ethereal Kingdoms of the Fairies and Elves. It is not a summoning spell. We don”t actually call the elementals to come to us, but instead, we expand our consciousness in order to be able to perceive the Elves and Fairies who already are around us. Now, the procedure is quite simple in itself, and doesn”t require any rare items. But it requires some specific parameters. The first one is of course the night of the August Full Moon.

Furthermore, in order to complete the ritual in the right way, the Moon should be visible in the sky, or more correctly “the Moon should be able to see us”. During a Full Moon”s night the Moon rises when the Sun sets and sets, when the Sun rises, so it is in the sky all night long, but if there are many clouds covering the sky, this ritual won”t work.

Close to the Beach, close to the Sea Spirits

The second requirement is the place. A beach is needed. There are several magical reasons for that, and one practical. The practical reason is that a fire is required for the ritual, and the safest place to light a fire is at beach. Light a very small and easy to handle fire. Do not exaggerate. But of course, even there, do take all fire safety measures (if it”s prohibited please do not try the ritual).

As for the magical ones now. A beach has at least half of the sky visible, making more possible to have the Moon shining its light upon us. Also, at a beach, in addition to our fire, all four elements are present in their natural glory. Lastly, concerning the most important reasons, the easiest ethereal beings to come in contact with are the ones mostly affiliated with the element of water, and the water element is quite strong there.

Offerings and Libations to the Fairies

Now, what more is necessary? Some food and drink offerings. Two sets of them. For the food offerings use bread or pie based offerings. For the drink offerings, use water, milk or red wine offerings.

If you want you can use some incense to help you open your perceptive ability. Nutmeg and anise are both easy to find and cheap, and also they are quite good in achieving this goal. Also, if you want some more assistant, have a purple or lavender fluorite crystal with you to help you perceive the Fairies. But these things are not mandatory, so don”t let the lack of them stop you from trying the ritual.

Know, go to the beach, and light the fire. Remove all your clothes (take care of your clothes and be careful in general when dealing with fire – take all fire safety measures- if it”s prohibited please do not try the ritual). You can keep on amulets, jewels and the likes if you want, but just them. This is quite important, so do not avoid it. If it is truly impossible for you to stay naked, have some cassock like pieces of clothing, as light as possible, and without any ropes or whatever to hold them tight on you, but keep in mind that this way you are giving yourself quite a handicap.

Fairy Witch

We are proud fairy witches

Purify your body and soul anyway you usually do, or just wash yourself with the sea water, and meditate to cleanse your aura. Then give the first set of offerings, just saying something like …

“I am giving this food and drink to the Fairies and the Elves that residing here,  to accept me as a visitor”.

If you are using any incense light it now.

Your first Contact with the Fairies

Now sit next to the fire facing the Moon. Close your eyes and start breathing normally. Just that. After sometime you may start hearing voices or even music around you. Most probably the speech will be incomprehensible and the music will sound distant. You may also hear steps or other kind of sounds indicating that “people” move around you. Keep your eyes closed, and do not speak. Just keep breathing normally and keep listening.

If the sensation becomes strong enough and you have much experience or you feel quite confident, open your eyes and see the ethereal beings, but if you are not very experienced, then you may lose even the auditory contact. So, it is your choice.

Whenever you feel that this was enough for your first contact, open your eyes. Eat something. Not the offerings of course. You may stay there as long as you like. When you are ready to leave, give the second set of offerings saying something like

“I give this food and drink to the Fairies and Elves  to thank them for accepting me as their visitor.  Blessed be.”

Now, extinguish the fire, dress yourselves and leave.

After that you can repeat this procedure during any Full Moon to maintain the contact, but it is wise to use the August Full Moon every year to even empower it more. Depending on your natural talent, your focus and your patience, you”ll be able to produce the same effects regardless the Moon”s phase, whether you are at a beach or elsewhere, day or night and finally regardless of wearing clothes or not.

Now, some words of caution for the August Full Moon:

During the most of our sort time of existing on Earth, humans had tried to use, abuse, kill or banish from their homes the ethereal beings, so most of them are not willing to easily trust us, and do not blindly trust them either, as they might hold a grudge against humans. So, use a beach you know and you feel nice and safe at it, for the majority of the Elves and Fairies living there are kind hearted. If you feel any hostility burn some tobacco and black pepper, terminate the procedure, but still give the thanksgiving offerings.

Moreover, if while leaving you hear any voice calling your name, even if it seems familiar, ignore it and keep walking.

If the beings give you any material gift, thank them, but do not take it, do not even touch it.

Do not ask of the Fairies and the Elves of any favour. You are performing this ritual to initiate a friendship. You wouldn’t ask a human you have just met for a favour, would you?

Do not presume that beings who live for thousands of years and having a totally different elemental balance than us, think the same way a human would, or that you can easily understand them. You may find yourself insulting them, and they do hold tremendous magical powers, so you wouldn”t like to use it against you. Under any circumstances be polite in your thoughts, speech and actions. They do see your thoughts as clearly as you can see another”s humans body.

Precautions while contacting the Fairies

Lastly, most of the human like ethereal beings would seem quite good looking and charming to anyone who sees them, even for people having very different tastes. This is caused because of their aura and it is not a hallucination. But being with them for extended amount of time is dangerous for most of humans. This is because as they are mentally more stable and stronger than humans, unconsciously humans try to mimic them and especially their elemental balance, but, an Elf”s or a Fairy”s elemental balance is not healthy for a human, so this causes some problems.

So be cautious and avoid extensive contact with them, no matter how tempting and nice the idea seems. Even if you don”t actually see them with your physical eyes, the elemental imbalance may occur, so if you feel any, terminate the procedure properly but immediately and leave. Remember though, this is a problem that occurs because we are more primitive than them and not because of any effort or intention on their behalf.

With all that in mind, have fun. After all, most of the Fairies and Elves are kind hearted and very interesting beings.

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