Glamour Magic – Definition and Use

Glamour Magic - Definition and Use

I know what you are thinking. The moment the three girls in the movie ‘Craft’ practicing Witchcraft for the first time, altering the colour of their eyes and hair. Once seen cannot be easily unseen. It sticks in your head thinking if it’s possible. I’ve got good news for you my dear. Yes, Glamour Magic is real and it works! 

I’ve recently stumbled upon a very interesting approach on Glamour Magic written in ‘Llewelyn’s Witches Companion of 2019’ – a must have according to my taste. Then I decided to tell you what worked for us and what is traditionally believed about Glamour Magic in oldest grimoires and books of Shadows. 

But first things first…

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What is Glamour? 

Glamour is a form of Magic, an illusion based on a projection of one’s magical energy altering the awareness of a physical form in order to trigger certain emotion(s). In other words it makes objects and/or living things appear different from what they really are.

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History of Glamour Magic

Etymologically comes from the ancient greek word ‘γραμματεία‘ which means the scholarship and studying of ancient texts occultism included. It may also come from old norse ‘glámsýni‘ which means an illusion or enchantment.

It is not always about changing your Eye Colour – which is something we extensively saw here and worked for so many people! Glamour Magic was extremely popular as an offensive or defensive mechanism, something many kings and generals took advantage in their military campaigns. 

It is believed that Glamour was used extensively by many important and/or famous people in history, achieving great results. 

What Makes Glamour Powerful?

Well two things are believed to empower this form of magic. One is Focus, which is usually developed later in life and Personal Magnetism which is usually stronger in the younger years.

  • Focus. This form of magic is based on the power and stability of our thoughts and emotion – as most kinds of magic. However, this form of Witchcraft in particular, rarely uses other means (like sigils, herbs etc) as they are considered useless. Of course, someone may need to use some accessories in order to empower the ritual (like the Rosewater we use in ours). But still, the main ‘ingredient’ is focus, trust and devotion to the cause by repeating the procedure as many times as it takes.
  • Personal Magnetism. It is also believed, that this type of magic is extremely empowered by your personal ‘magnetism’. Although there is no certain definition of this term, we could just say that it is the power coming from your Chi and its circulation on your aura and body. Therefore, younger people can more effectively learn how to use Glamour although they have to learn to be extremely focused first. 

A Simple Glamour Spell

Let’s say that you want to cast an illusion by ‘altering’ the appearance of something or even yourself. Begin on Full Moon, when the power of Manifestation is the Greatest!

Disclaimer: Do not use Rosewater if you are allergic or have any other health conditions which forbids its use. Also, do not throw water to unsuitable targets like electric devices or other people without their consent.

  • Take a non-metallic bowl of fresh Rosewater (see here how to create some Rosewater).
  • Sit comfortably. Practice the Hatha Yoga breathing exercise to balance your chakras. 
  • Close your Eyes and put your palms on the rosewater. 
  • Now think of your ‘illusion’ – what you really want to achieve. Make these thoughts thick and powerful. See the details. Observe how other react with this change. Play with these thoughts and emotions. This is the most important part so take as much time as needed. 
  • Now when you are done, wash your face or target with the rosewater. 
  • Repeat until someone unintentionally notices or comments on the result.
  • Do not reveal the illusion to anyone. Do not brag and keep silent. Just move on to the next illusion. 

The Spell is Done! 

So what are you going to change first? 

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