7 Signs when Dark Magic affects your Body

7 Signs when Dark Magic affects your Body

We’ve already how can Dark Arts influence your judgement and can mess with your life. It’s true that sometimes, our darkest desires, our grief and the lack of spiritual guidance can turn Witchcraft from the Art of the Wise into the practice of Black Magic. Of course, this concerns only a minority of Witches worldwide. Most of us use Magic for our Spiritual Evolution, to broaden our awareness and quite often for the Common Good. But how does is feel when Dark Magic affects our body? Well, this is what is this article is all about!

Witch Wars are real!

Witches attacking other Witches, or common people is not exactly news. This happened for a very long time, probably since the dawn of Civilisation. There are numerous archeological excavations pointing out that Magic was used for both good and evil purposes. Some actually believe that some of the most famous ‘Witch hunts’ were in fact Witch Wars. These scholars believe that some Witch Clans who possessed political power attacked other Witches in order to wipe them out and claim or re-claim their artefacts and books of Shadows. Some even believe that (at least some of) the Crusades were in fact the most intense ‘Witch War‘ ever happened, as the Pope instructed to reclaim ancient relics from the Middle East. 

Unfortunately not all Witches share the same ethics. To be given a power doesn’t mean that one can make good use of it. Some believe that Witches suffered so much for so long because of this Karmic feedback. Although this is highly debatable, I would say this though. Now, I’m not exactly fan of the ‘Law of Three’ but if one misuses Magic, will certainly pay a great price. 

Black Magic is real!

Weird headaches*, accidents, quarrels, delays, weakness*, anger and the constant torturing feeling that everything is wrong. The negative energy can detonate a series of unfortunate conditions and exhaust you. Negativity is something we all face from times to times. It could create a living chaos and fill our hearts with bitterness and grudge. (These and any other physical symptoms may be related to health conditions. Consult with your medical doctor.)

If we could sum up all the effects of Black Magic on our body then we would go like this:

When Black Magic infiltrates your body, it usually influences the less guarded and functional Energy Center – Chakra

Black Magic is usually coming from Evil entities, whether a Witch acknowledges that or not. The practitioner, delusional by the thirst of power, rage and self-hatred, attracts dark spirits who embody self-pettiness. As these spirits are in fact powerless yet clever, they search for the easiest way to affect the target, by consuming less power – saving some for further future damage. That’s why the attack on the less healthy chakra, trying to make the biggest impact with less energy possible. 

Below you will see the signs when Dark Magic affects your Body

1. You feel lost – Crown Chakra affected.

When you are experiencing these negative energies it is common that you start to lose yourself. You feel like you don’t know who you are anymore and you question your path all the time. And the more you try to resist these, the worse you feel. You can not find yourself if you do not first clean up the negativity around you.

2. Your mind is filled with nightmares – Third Eye affected

When Dark Magic affects your body it may target your third eye. If this happens, negative thoughts and nightmares won’t seem to stop. You are constantly thinking that something bad will happen and everyone will turn against you. 

3. You can not make peaceful conversations – Throat Chakra affected

Always engage in quarrels, disagreements and misunderstandings with everyone. Your conversations with others are becoming more and more intense.

4. You constantly accuse others – Heart Chakra affected:

You never blame yourself which in fact means that you can’t even begin to forgive yourself. Always bear the mistakes of others for your emotional state. It is a very bad sign that you are surrounded by negativity and you must immediately do something about it


5. You feel very exhausted all the time – Solar Plexus affected

You feel that you’ve lost your creativity. This comes as a result from the fact that you cannot rest properly. Insomnia and sleep deprivation might come first. Even when you sleep for more than 8 hours, you still wake up tired.

6. You can find pleasure anymore – Sacral Chakra affected

When dark magic affects your body it can also affect the sacral chakra. Therefore you feel like you’ve lost the will to even try and have some fun. All may seem vain and you cannot enjoy good food, sex or anything that can bring you pleasure and satisfaction. 

7. You no longer care for your body – Root Chakra affected

You’ve just stopped taking care of your body and health. As a result, you do not exercise anymore. Sometimes you forget to eat – and when you do, you eat out. You no longer care to buy things that once made you happy. In other words, you feel detached from the World you live in. 

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