5 Simple things you can do to make the most out of this Solstice (Yule/Litha) and to manifest your wishes

5 Simple things you can do to make the most out of this Yule/Litha and to manifest your wishes

As we’ve seen many times before, every Solstice (both Winter and Summer) is a powerful magical three-days period. Here we’ll see some simple ways which can help us awake a strong positive spiritual force to support us for the coming months, and help us achieve whatever we wish to achieve. Of course, you can cast your spells and rituals, as you usually do, but we won’t discuss this here. Instead, we’ll talk about simple things that anyone can do and, in the same time, are able, because of the power of these days, to perform miracles.

Creating a simple amulet:

Decide up to 10 things you wish to acquire, or achieve during the coming period, until the next Solstice. On a piece of paper, write these things as if you have already accomplished them. For example, “I have found a new, fulfilling job”, rather than “I’ll find a new, fulfilling job”.

You can use any kind of paper and writing means. If you can use some magical ink, like Dragon’s Blood Ink, and some magically powerful paper, like parchment or rise-paper, even better, but don’t let this stop you. This is a very powerful period, so anything will do a good enough job.

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Re-write the wishes you’ve written in a second piece of paper, on your phone’s notes, or anywhere you can read them in a later time, for you should not re-open the talisman after it has been made. Do not take a photo of the original paper.

Now fold the original paper in half, towards yourself. Then turn it 90 degrees clockwise and fold it again in half, towards yourself. Fold the piece of parer in some silver foil. Then hold it in between your palms and visualise yourself enjoying everything you’ve written. Keep the visualisation as much as you can pleasantly do. That’s it. Keep the amulet with you all the time. Have it in your wallet, or pocket, keep it under your pillow when you are sleeping, or put it in a locker to wear all the time. Whatever is most convenient for you.

Tip: To further empower this talisman to manifest your wishes, use a perfume, magical or not. Spray the paper with this perfume before folding it. Spray your palms before taking the silver foil wrapped talisman in between them. Then, while performing the visualisation keep your hands close to your nose so that you can smell the perfume. After making the talisman, use the perfume as often as possible and visualise yourself enjoying the fulfilment of the wishes you’ve written in the talisman. That’s why you’ve re-written your wishes.

Do never unfold the talisman. When your wishes will have become a reality, surrender the talisman in to the fire, thanking it for blessing you. Do the same if the talisman is harmed, somehow. It means it has overused its energy. Also, do not take the talisman with you in burial places, or when you are attending funerals. Also, if you are wearing the talisman in a locker or anyhow, take it off when you are having a bath. It is made of paper, after all.

Creating a simple magical perfume or oil:

The important thing in this procedure is that you consciously create this magic-infused perfume or oil to support you and help you achieve your wishes. What the perfume will be, it doesn’t really matter, as long as you like its smell.

You can, if you want, create an actual magical oil, like Crown of Success, Road Opener, or anything suitable according to your wishes. You can even create a magical oil using as ingredients ready-made magical oils. Or, you can simply use essential oils you like as ingredients, or ready-made perfumes you can buy. Also you can add essential oils in perfumes you can buy.

Important note: If you are using essential oils, do not use oils you are sensitive or allergic to them. Also, if you are pregnant, intend to be so, or you are having any health issue, ask the advice of your health care practitioner before using any essential oil.

Whatever you choose, have 3, 7, 9 or 13 ingredients. The more is not necessarily the better. Find ingredients that you both like and you feel them compatible with your purposes. Whenever you have the ingredients (and an empty bottle to add them in), sit comfortably and relax. Then think whatever you want to achieve. If you have written it in a piece of paper, for you to remember, it’s even better.

While keeping in mind what you want to achieve, mix the ingredients thinking, “I’m creating this perfume/oil to fulfil my wishes”. That’s it. Use the perfume or oil as your daily perfume.

Removing Negativity from your place of living or working:

We have many spells for removing negativity from yourself, your home and your place of business in our site. Here we’ll see a simple procedure that can work quite well because of the power of this period.

At least 8 hours before the moment the Sun enters Capricorn or Cancer have some salt water somewhere on the floor of your home, or work-place. Ask from it to trap all negativity from the place. Then let it rest there for at least 8 hours. Afterwards, take it and throw it to the sea, if possible. If not, pure it down the drain and pure much clear, cold, water to help take it away. As simple as that!

Removing Negativity from yourself:

Take a shower as cold as you can manage. Have the water running from the top of your head down to your feet, while visualising it removing any negative energies that rest in your body. That’s all!

For better results, wash yourself as you usually do, afterwards, and wear a nice perfume and clean, pretty clothes, even if you don’t intend to go out, and do have some fun, alone or not. You can remain naked, of course, if that pleases you the most.

Also, if you can, instead of the shower, dive into the sea. While in the water imagine the sea water going throw your body and taking away every negativity. You don’t need to have your head in the water all the time, but make sure you submerge it at least 3 times. Then, go back to your home, take a shower as you would normally do, and wear the perfume and the clean pretty clothes, as described previously.

Have fun:

Yes, that’s just like what it sounds to be. Do whatever you enjoy doing and have fun doing it. The only difference is you should keep in your mind a simple thought: “I’m offering joy to myself, and therefore, the Universe blesses me with everlasting joy.”

Are there any forms of entertainment that can symbolise the joys you want to receive? Then give yourself this kind of joy.

That’s all. Be blessed, be happy, have fun and enjoy this Yule and the year to come!

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