Best Holiday Gifts based on Zodiac Signs

Best Holiday Gifts based on Zodiac Signs

Have you been naughty or wise? Well, we are not here to judge pretty much everyone have been both in so many many ways. This is what holidays are all about. Evaluating what we’ve done and moving on with our lives! However, to achieve that we need a friendly push. Therefore we’ve invented gifts, not matter how you call them, Yule Gifts, Saturnalia Gifts, Christmas Gifts, Hanukkah Gifts… the point is to provide the ones you love with the best holiday gifts in order to give them hope and inspiration!  

Best Holiday Gifts based on Zodiac Signs

This is why we’ve created a list of the best gifts for each Zodiac Sign, in order to give them all the inspiration and feedback they need to start a wonderful new year!

♈️Aries, the Mighty 

Frankly, I’ve never met an Aries who is not waiting for all the joyful & festive moments, only Winter holidays can provide. It’s all about the thrill not the actual gift itself. So, get your gifts in different boxes of with diverse shapes, sizes and colourful wrapping, preferably in red and gold. Anything fiery and impressive does the trick. 

Gift list for Aries the mighty:

  • Equipment related to athletic activities,
  • Anything that has to do with their car or motorcycle or bike.
  • Tickets for a sporting event or for a special athletic experience,
  • Computer Games related to sports and adventures
  • A Watch, as they tend to lose track of the time! 

♉️Taurus the Sensual

The second zodiac sign of the Zodiac Circle is actually one with so much attachment with this Realm. They are considered masters in anything related to possessions and sensuality. Therefore are born practical and down to earth. Aphrodite who rules this zodiac sign makes them pretty demanding yet it’s not always about the money. Although the do appreciate the gesture, Venus (Aphrodite) also rules the arts, music and the finest scents.

Gift list for Taurus the Sensual: 

  • Jewellery and accessories,
  • Perfumes and scented candles
  • Wallets and bags
  • Anything home related

♊️Gemini the Bright

There is a reason why this Zodiac Sign is symbolised by two twin brothers. Whenever you are around them it seems like you are dealing with not just one person as they do so many things at once. Their curiosity is one of the most important aspects of their sign. Therefore, anything unusual is destined to excite their imagination.

Gift list for Gemini the Bright:

  • Brand new products,
  • Gadgets and modern appliances,
  • Mind games, books and tableware, which are one of the most loved ones. The color of the lemon is what suits it and the agate(αχάτης) its gemstone.

♋️Cancer the Warmhearted 

They are considered the most warmhearted of all Zodiac Circle. Moreover, they are close to the ones they love and kinda ‘attached’ to their roots and family. Maybe, the Best Christmas Gift for Cancer is to organize a family gathering, thus make them feel truly happy around the ones they love. They appreciate any gift they may receive, no matter the size, the cost or the gift itself, as they appreciate the initial thought. 

Gift list for Cancer the Warmhearted:

  • Family portrait,
  • Camera to capture timeless photos,
  • Decorative Calendars and Food baskets,
  • Cooking books and anything related to the kitchen

♌️Leo the Graceful 

Their generous nature makes them want to ‘satisfy’ the ones they love first. However, they also appraciate gifts that make them feel special. Let’s face it, they love to be treated as the kings and queen they are. Oh and prepare to feel humble when you see the gifts a Leo will buy for you as they usually spend a fortune for gifts and holiday decorations.  

Gift list for Leo the Graceful:

  • Fancy jewellery and watches 
  • Travels and tickets to exotic places
  • Theater, exhibition, concert and cinema tickets 
  • Luxury items 

♍️Virgo the Practical

They are considered to be the rational and practical ones. Therefore they love to receive gifts which can help them make their lives easier. They don’t mind the price as long as the gift is personalised to them as they want to know that someone has thought of them.  Moreover, you should carefully choose the wrapping paper as they appreciates a clean and eco-package. 

Gift list for Virgo the Practical:

  • Smart phones and gadgets that help them organise their lives
  • Subscriptions to their favourite magazines,
  • Books and pens family
  • Table games, 
  • A first aid kit

♎️Libra the Enchanting

They are considered one of the most lovely and extroverted Zodiac Signs as they always tend to communicate with many people and keep in touch. However, this usually exhausts them yet they rarely cut off people because they feel guilty about it. One of the best gifts you can give to them is to make them feel loved and adored. 

Gift list for Libra the Enchanting:

  • Pieces of Art
  • Fine and handcrafted jewellery,
  • Music and Perfumes
  • Decorative items for their house 

♏️Scorpio the Powerful

They do care about what you think of them so pay attention to what gift you’ll buy for them. A Scorpio tends to think in much deeper level than one can anticipate so make sure you buy them something they won’t start thinking the reason you choose it. They love the element of surprise so an usual gift can actually do the trick. 


Gift List for Scorpio the Powerful:

  • Subscription to gym or martial arts school
  • A bottle of their favourite drink,
  • Sexy clothing and lingerie
  • Strange & occult items

♐️Sagittarius the Active

This is a sign associated with adventure and optimism. It comes as no surprise that they love animals and usually have pets around. Moreover, they are rather active hence good in sports although some may just like adventures and walking in the woods. One thing they all have in common is their interest in travelling and studying. 

Gift list for Sagittarius the Active:

  • Travel tickets
  • All accessories related to sports and adventures
  • Bikes and sport equipments
  • Camping equipment

♑️Capricorn the Ambitious 

All Capricorns tend to be swamped by their jobs and their free time is usually a little. They love to lead complicated lives. This is exactly why you need to avoid overly sophisticated and flamboyant gifts.  Make their lives simpler and organise their thoughts with your holiday gifts. Although they don’t like surprises much, an unusual gift may take them out of their battlefield they are probably living.   

Gift List for Capricorn the Ambitious:

  • Practical Gifts which promote simplicity 
  • Anything relaxing for home or useful for kitchen
  • Sexy & discreet jewellery & accessories,
  • Classy perfumes and symbols of power.

♒️Aquarius the Unique 

All are so unique it is practically impossible to predict the best gift for them. The safest road is to completely personalise it because every Aquarius has a distinct taste and very specific and rare interests. However, as the usually love to brag about their weird habits, we usually tend know the weird stuff they’re into. Well, who are we to talk right? At least Aquarius is honest with who they are, rarely trying to hide their true nature because let’s face it, they are so unique, so enchanting… and they usually know it!

Gift List for Aquarius the Unique:

  • Anything technologically advanced
  • Devices that keep them ‘connected’ to their friends and their social circles
  • Telescope
  • Anything exciting and unusual 

♓️Pisces the Beloved

They all have a soft spot for magical sceneries and fairytales. Every Pisces I’ve ever met had a great capacity to visualise and/or fantasise other worlds and imaginary parallel universes. Most of the times is so real that you start believing if they actually see that too. Christmas and holidays are great chances for them to unleash this magical capacity and ‘live’ their personal fantasy.  And their favourite one is the moment that all live in peace, loving and forgiving. So the best gift you can bring them is love. 

Gift list for Pisces the Beloved: 

  • Anything that can make them feel princes and princesses of the fairytales
  • Strange Ornaments and antiques 
  • Perfumes, bath salts, candles & essential oils,
  • A great novel

by the dreamCATcher

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