Rare White reindeer spotted in Norway - an Omen?

Rare White reindeer spotted in Norway – an Omen?

A young photographer’s shots of a rare baby White Reindeer have just gone viral. His name is Mads Nordsveen, a 24 years old man who was on a hiking trip in Norway when he came across a rare and enchanting sighting. We was accompanied by friends in a northern island of snowy Norway called Senja. Suddenly they were all stunned by seeing this amazing creature, almost camouflaged in the white scene leaving trails on the snow. 

The playful Baby Reindeer

When the rare white baby reindeer didn’t seem to be scared they were all surprised!  Furthermore, the enchanting baby hanged around Mr. Mads Nordsveen and his friends. They were all amazed to see how cool the baby reindeer was. ‘He came very close to me and we looked at each other straight in the eyes’, Mr Nordsveen stated to Ladbible.

White Reindeers are not albinos, they are considered extremely rare due to genetic mutation. ‘The local Sami people we talked to told us that these white animals are so unique that in Sami tradition they bring happiness. The calf seemed a bit scared at first, but we sat completely quiet and were very calm and eventually it came quite close’, Mr Nordsveen said to the ABC News.

The Omen of White Reindeer

Shamans believe that the White Reindeer is a very powerful Omen. Like the Native Americans, Shamans believe that the sighting of a White Animal is actually a Great Spirit’s Omen that a Major Shift is Coming.

Also they believe that White Animals appear when they are mostly needed reminding us that: 

  • Time is limitless.
  • Cleansing of Aura is needed.
  • Faith should be strengthened.
  • We need to vibrate higher.
  • Finally, we need to attune to our Ancestors and our Spirit Guides.

Moreover, the Wise ones believe that the sighting of this amazing creature is actually a message to all humanity that we should have more faith and believe in the good of mankind. Let’s all meditate on this tonight. 

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