Power Animals, Animal Spirit Guides, Animal Totems…. Oh My

animal spirit guides and totem animlas

We live side by side with a wide range of animals, be they avian, mammal, aquatic, reptilian and insects on the physical plane; and when we pass we move onto a spiritual plane. The spirit plane is inhabited of many kinds of beings, animal spirit guides and totems, angels, ascended masters, loved ones that have passed away.

In this article I am going to look at Animal Spirit Guides and how they can help to educate, protect, heal, and inspire you on your own spiritual journey. Animals play an important part in Shamanism, which is one of the oldest healing traditions; they honour the wisdom and knowledge that each animal can teach.

The Shamans (read here more how to become a Shaman) would call these beings Power Animals. In Native American traditions, the medicine men and women would work closely with spirit animals and they are more commonly known as animal totems. Animal Totems (see here how to find your totem animal) and Power Animals are both considered to reside in the Spirit Guide Umbrella.

You don’t have to be a Shaman or a Native American Medicine man or woman to be able to discover the amazing gifts that animal spirit guides can impart. These animals always come into your life for a reason, and sometimes they aren’t animals you would necessarily choose yourself.

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Animal Spirit Guides Categorized by Natural Habitats

Spirit Aminals and Animal Spirit Guides can be grouped into their natural habitats; for example, the Whale, Shark and Octopus are water animals. Elephants, Cats and Pandas are land animals. Avian animal guides include all birds, whether or not they can fly. Reptilian and insect animal spirits are self-explanatory. However, each of these groups indicate a theme to their healing, knowledge and healing.

Land Animals relate to the physical world and grounding

Birds relate to strength, freedom and desire.

Water Animas relate to your spirituality and spiritual development

Reptiles relate to the inner-self and outer-self

Insects relate to your determination and persistence.

Animal Spirit Guides Categorized by the Spiritual Role

Animal Spirit Guides come to us for many different reasons, but they usually have a reason that can be group into life-long guides, messengers, tests or journey based guides.

Life-long – The life-long guides are with you for your lifetime, and are a reflection of you, your spiritual path and what you are like as a person.

Messengers – Messenger Animal Guides come to you with a warning, message or knowledge to impart and with say with you until their job is complete.

Tests – Animal Spirit Guides can appear to test you, and these are sometimes known as “Shadow Spirits” and when they appear in your life, they are likely to scare you or make you feel nervous, anxious and apprehensive at the start, but by the time their part in your journey is over you will understand more about your limits, and the energy of that animal. Check here the List of Totem Animals and what do they mean.

How does it feel working with your Totem

When you are working with Animal Spirits you need to keep in mind the nature of that creature, are they the ultimate survivalists, are they predators, are they social creatures, or the loners? Are they physically powerful, or are they gentle creatures? Are they scavengers or hunters?

All of these things will help you understand why the animal has appeared in your life, and maybe even guide you when you are trying to determine your own spirituality and the path you are walking.

You get chosen by the Totem not the other way around

One thing you must always keep in mind when you are seeking an animal guide; you don’t get to choose what your spirit animal will be. It could be anything from a bear to the bumble bee, or from a shark to a snake. They may not stay with you for very long, or they may stay with you through certain situations and leave once they have completed their tasks.

You may find that life-long spirit animals are quietly supporting you while others spirits come and go. You may feel drawn to a certain animal more than usual, you may notice a certain animal appears in your dreams, through reading books or the media and if you are very lucky you will actually be able to see the animal on this plane with your own eyes.

Whatever form the animal takes you need to remember to be open to its message, it’s voice and its energy. While it may be awesome to have a sleek and graceful panther, it just might not turn out that way.

Imagine what it was like for the witch who first discovered that her spirit animal was the honey bee? The honey bee may not sound fantastic, special or mystical, but the symbolism of the hardworking buzzy bee made sense to her and her personality. Whatever animal you find, keep in mind that they came to you for a reason and will guide you, protect you, test you, or be a messenger from the spirit world.

You have worked on finding what you spirit animal guide is, but what does it mean? The answer varies from culture to culture and the spirit animal will display the good and bad aspects of the animal. An Otter is a very playful creature but they have a nasty bite; and for the witch who has the Otter as a Spirit Animal has a playful nature but they need to be wary because not everyone will understand their biting sense of humour; or to be aware their play can go too far.

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Coming Up…. Animal Spirit Meanings and Wisdoms

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