April Energy Calendar (2019)

April Energy Calendar (2020)

Welcome April… I don’t know about you, but March seemed to take forever to go by, and it was made even more complex with all of the energy charged events like the Equinox, Mercury in Retrograde, and thankfully that energy has abated and we are finally able to start getting back on track… at least for now. Sorry it’s later than normal for the energy calendar to be posted and shared, but I had a wicked as Hades migraine at the start of the month and then my body decided to hate me and my whole left arm was (and still is) throbbing, but I am not one to disappoint, and the energy calendar for this month won’t disappoint either. So; lets get going.

The Birthstones for April include: DIAMOND for the month of April. DIAMOND, BLOODSTONE, JASPERS and TOPAZ for for the sign of Aries. AMBER, SAPPHIRE, CORAL, EMERALD and ROSE QUARTZ for the sign of Taurus.

Names for the Moon in April include:
? Colonial American – The Trappers Moon
? Cherokee Native American – The Flower Moon
? Choctaw Native American – The Wildcat Moon
? Sioux Native American – The Moon When Geese Return in Scattered Formation.
? Celtic – The Growing Moon
? English – The Seed Moon
? Neo-Pagan – The Awakening Moon

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April Energy Calendar

* 1st April:
– The Moon enters Pisces at 15:47
– The Time of Thoth Begins (Egyptian Zodiac)

* 4th April:
– The Moon enters Aries at 03:56

* 5th April:
– The ? NEW MOON ? in Aries at 09:59

* 6th April:
– The Moon enters Taurus at14:06

* 8th April:
– The Moon enters Gemini at 22:14
– Ceres Enters Retrograde (time unknown at the moment)

* 10th April:
– Jupiter enters Retrograde at 11:17 in Sagittarius

* 11th April:
– The Moon enters Cancer at 04:31

* 12th April:
– The Moon enters it’s ? FIRST QUARTER ? at 20:05 in Cancer

* 13th April:
– The Moon enters Leo at 08:50

* 14th April:
– The Month of the Fox Ends (Celtic Animal Zodiac)
– The Month of Alder Ends (Celtic Tree Zodiac)

* 15th April:
– The Moon enters Virgo at 11:13
– The Month of the Cow Begins (Celtic Animal Zodiac)
– The Month of Willow Begins (Celtic Tree Zodiac)

* 16th April:
– Mercury Leaves the Retrograde Zone at 18:04 in Pisces

* 17th April:
– The Moon enters Libra at 12:21

* 19th April:
– The ? FULL MOON ? in Libra at 12:12
– The Moon enters Scorpio at 13:40
– The Time of Thoth Ends (Egyptian Zodiac)
– The Month of Aries Ends (Traditional Astrology)
– The Month of the Falcon Ends (Native American)

* 20th April:
– The Time of Horus Begins (Egyptian Zodiac)
– The Month of Taurus Begins (Traditional Astrology)
– The Month of the Beaver Begins (Native American)

* 21st April:
– The Moon enters Sagittarius at 16:59

* 23rd April:
– The Moon enters Capricorn at 23:49

* 24th April:
– Pluto enters Retrograde at 08:05 in Cparicorn
– Uranu enters Rx Zone at 20:56 in Taurus

* 25th April:
– The Moon enters Aquarius at 10:27

* 28th April:
-The Moon enters Pisces at 23:11

* 29th April:
– Saturn enters Retrograde at 18:58 in Capricorn

* 30th April:
? BELTANE BEGINS ? at Sundown in the Northern Hemisphere
? SAMHAIN BEGINS ? at Sundown in the Southern Hemisphere.

Thank you for taking time to read this post, and I hope you find something useful within it. If you are looking for conversions for the time, check out www.timeanddate.com

)O( Rainbow Love, Light and Blessings )O(

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