Common Sense Witchcraft

Common Sense Witchcraft

?️‍? Common Sense Witchcraft ?️‍?

It may sound a little redundant to say you need to use common sense when it comes to your practice, but get her you have been practicing 1 month or 100 years it’s always wise to keep in mind that you need to take care with certain aspects

? Crystals ?

Crystals can be sensitive beings and need to be cared for and respected.
? Some crystals can be broken easily
? Some crystals can have sharp points and edges
? Some Crystals can be heavy
? Some Crystals can be damaged by water or heat.
? Some Crystals contain toxic minerals
? Handling some crystals will mean you need to wash your hands

? Herbs, Plants and Flowers ?

The natural world has many dangers and it’s always important to keep that in mind.
? Don’t eat anything that you’re unsure of.
? Keep herbs away from children and pets.
? If you don’t know the source, be careful with it.
? Label all of your herbs clearly with any warning
? Keep detailed notes about the herb, Plant or flower.
? Herbs have medicinal and magic properties.
? Always seek professional medical advice before using herbs or plants for medicinal use.

? Medical vs Medicinal ?

It’s very important to remember that you can’t rely only on magic to heal physical injury or mental illness. Don’t abandon the years of medical training and experience in favour of magical or witchy methods. Some things need to be investigated by a professional whether it a dentist or an endocrinologist.

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? Candle Safety ?

Fire and flames are dangerous, so here are some tips to stay safe.
? Never leave a candle unattended
? Always put a candle on a heat or fire proof surface
? Always keep candles away from flammable things
? Don’t leave a candle burning of you are tired as you may fall asleep.
? Always keep candles away fromchi;dren and pets
? Always use a candle holder or plate to protect your furniature
? Use a snuffer to put out the candle so that flame cannot catch anything while being blown out.

?? Information Collection ??

We havea wealth of information literally at our finger tips, and we can take it anywhere. What do you need to remember when it comes to research. When you are researching a topic it is important to read a few different sources; this allow you to compare the information which will help to identify anything in common. Many authors write from their own perspective and as such they tend to write from their own experiences. What one author says, another may disagree with. You have to find your own truth. Not everything you read will “fit” your style.

⚠️ Ouija Board Safety ⚠️

I know that some people use this tool with success, and I am not saying it is bad, or good, but should you wish to explore a Ouija board. Here are some tips to stay safe. For more information about Ouija board, please click here! 
⚠️ Cleanse the space that you are going to be using for the session
⚠️ Cast or raise a protectivecircle around you and all those in attendance
⚠️ It’s not advisable to use a Ouija board while on your own
⚠️ It’s advisable to have an even number of people while using a Ouija Board.
⚠️ Lighting white candles will help to keep a high vibration to the space
⚠️ It’s advisable to have a protective amulet with you – you can never be too safe
⚠️ It’s advisable not ask for physical signs
⚠️ Take the Ouija Board seriously; avoiding provocation, taunting or making jokes
⚠️ Always close the session and say goodbye.

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