Science Confirms: Plants ‘Scream’ out for help when in Stress

Science Confirms: Plants 'Scream' out for help when in Stress

Remember the scream of the Mandrake Root? You thought it was a myth? Well… think again! How little do we know about nature. Day by day, year by year we are shocked by truths which are finally confirmed by science. Although, many Witches knew that already, now science can confirm it. Not only do plants have feelings, but they also communicate. Plants scream out for help when they feel stressed! 

Science Confirms: Plants ‘Scream’ out for help when in Stress

New evidence points out the plants make ultrasonic squeals when they are hurt or in danger. We cannot ‘hear’ them but actually plants do try to ‘talk’ to us through sounds not easily understandable by humans. Plants make ultrasonic sounds alerting other about their danger. Posted only few days ago in bioRxiv database, this research is groundbreaking! 

Scientists from Israel in Tel Aviv’s University, decided to put extra sensitive microphones near tomato and tobacco plants stressed by drought or physical damage. Only after a while, they were literally amazed, when their instruments caught ‘green’ ultrasonic squeals coming 4 inches away. According to them, their frequency was measured about 20 to 100 kilohertz. They believe that this noise could “be detected by some organisms from up to several meters away”. It is believed that plants try to communicate with insects and tiny organisms to favour them somehow.

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Green Witchcraft

However, as told before, this is something witches knew centuries before. Trees and Plants talk. As with Animals, Witches have always been trying to establish a channel through which they can exchange knowledge. After all, which loved to have their ‘familiars’. What only few people know, is that Witches didn’t only have animal familiars but also plants. 

And yes, you’ve guessed correctly. Soon, we will show you how to ‘Raise a Plant Familiar’. 

Blessed All Be

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