5 Pumpkin Spells

5 Pumpkin Spells

Probably there is no fruit or vegetable more associated with Witchcraft than Pumpkin. It’s magic of course is linked with a very important day for all witches. The Samhain aka Halloween, one of the most important Sabbats. So, as Pumpkins are extremely available out there, let’s make some real magic out of them right? Here are 5 Pumpkin Spells!

So here we go! Ready Witches?

1. Jack o’lantern is Magical Protection ward!

Well, it goes without saying that we could not exclude the Halloween from our Pumpkin Spells. As we learn from the article on Samhain & magic of Halloween, the Irish (and Scottish) carved grotesque faces on potatoes and other vegetables and left them outside of their house. They did it to scare Jack and other malevolent entities. The Irish immigrants found pumpkins much more suitable for carving and so the tradition was established. Of course, another interpretation of the story is that lanterns are being lit to assist wondering souls reach  their destination and that forgiveness is always there for those that seek it.

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This year, your Jack o’lantern will act as a magical security ward, driving away malevolent spirits and other tricksters. To do that you just need to keep this in mind while you carve your pumpkin and light the candle in it!

2. Jack o’lantern Love Attraction

The same way you create halloween’s Jack o’lantern, hollow the inside of a pumpkin. Use the inside of the pumpkin as an offering to the Spirits of Love. Place it on plate and let the bird eat it!

Carve a heart on the bottom of the pumpkin to symbolise what you want to attract. Place a red candle (if you want more passionate love) or a pink one (if you want more romance/marriage). Light the candle and visualise the kind of man or woman you want to attract.

3. Pumpkin Wish Spell

On November 1st, right before the Sun is rising, write what you wish to manifest until Springtime on a piece of paper. Make it simple! Once you’ve done with it, fold it thrice and put it in your Jack o’lantern pumpkin. Right before the Sun rises, bury it in your backyard or somewhere where you feel safe.

4. Seeds of Prosperity

Dry the seeds of a pumpkin and add them in a green mojo bag. Of course halloween pumpkin seeds are extra powerful! So don’t wait up. Get a green cloth a put those 7 dried seeds in it. You can put extra charms in it, like lucky coins. Hold it with you for 7 days.

5. Magical Portals

You can use the magic of Pumpkins to open portals and invite powerful spirits to guide you! To do that you can use a pumpkin as an offering to those spirits. How to do that?

On ANY Sabbat (this of course includes October 31), leave a healthy pumpkin in the woods or any other place where animals naturally dwell. Birds and deers for example love them! While you leave it, tell the spirits that you intentionally like to leave this yummy pumpkin for them. Moreover, you can ask for guidance, or tell them what bothers you and ask for help. Leave the place without looking back.

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