Save the Date: December 21 2020 - the Great Portal

Save the Date: December 21 2020 – the Great Portal

This years has brought many things. We collectively learned the same lessons (over and over again). Moreover, our everyday life changed. Many people lost their jobs. Furthermore, many companies bankrupted – governments changed.  However, 2020 is not over yet and has prepared a very interesting finale. Save the Date: December 21 2020. A Great Portal of Power will open.

Save the Date!

Whats has happened? Well, on the darkest night of the year, when the Solar King dies – only to be reborn again, the Great Conjunction will occur. But let’s take this from the beginning.

First of all: the Longest night of Solstice

This is one of the most magical night of the Year. When everything resets – only to be resumed three days after. It’s the Night when the Phoenix sacrifices himself and will rise again – anew – three days after. This is the night we plant the seeds for all year. Furthermore, we warm these seeds of our wishes with our passion, which bloom all year long. You can read more about the power of Solstice here!

And most importantly: the Great Conjunction

Astrologers and Astronomers use the word conjunction to describe the meetings of stars, planets and the moon in the sky. However, we use the term Great Conjunction to describe only one thing. The meeting of the two biggest planets of our Planetary System: Jupiter the king of Gods and Saturn his father.

The Great Conjunction will occur in Aquarius, as on December 17th Saturn will enter his beloved sign and Jupiter will follow him there – just 2 days after. Another two days after, on December 21st, Jupiter will perfectly align with Saturn  – an event that is extremely rare and happens only after many generations. To be exact, the last time, Saturn and Jupiter were that close was in 1600!!

Hence, this great change of power will shake the foundation of our reality – as we’ve already predicted for 2020. You can understand that this night, will be a night to remember!

The Great Portal

This magical planetary energy means only one thing. Witches are already dusting off their magical wands. Get ready for magical & adventurous time. The Great Portal of Energy will open on December 21st 2020. Are you ready for all this Power?

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