Magic Wands based on your Zodiac Sign

Magic Wands based on your Zodiac Sign

Loved ones, lore of Magic Wands is a great and abundant topic and in my effort to try and help you I provide the correspondence between Zodiac Signs and trees magical properties. Each Sign has its own strengths and weaknesses and the selection of each wand was made based on the best results you can achieve by aligning those two aspects. For more insight, you may want to look at your moon zodiac sign which can be found here:

Magic Wands based on your Zodiac Sign

I want you to feel creative but if you need assistance on selecting the tree to create your magic wand I hope this article serves you well. Read here how to create your Magic Wand!

Aries: Birch

Power and the forces of growth are very well known to our beloved Aries. Birch has the exquisite properties of making those powers manifest and create a strong barrier in order to experience with these qualities safely. Aries wielding wands made of Birch will be formidable and there will be nothing that they cannot achieve.

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Taurus: Hazel

Taurus witches are to be admired for their passion for wisdom and their creative minds. Match them with a hazel wand and presto! Their divination power is enhanced, they can gain better sight to situations and truly work miracles. A match made in heaven.

Gemini: Aspen

Airy Geminis, masters of communication, potentials and knowledge will meet their match in an Aspen wand if they want to be carried by the wind and also have roots deep in the earth. Intuition, abundance and relationship spells will be especially productive.

Cancer: Willow

Cancers are destined to meet true power when wielding a wand made of the magnificent willow. Growing near water, touching the earth, constantly providing blessings to those under her branches like a big hug. Willow wands will help you harvest all the power that comes from your emotions, enhance your already activated psychic powers and help you stay calm during your spell casting. A true match!

Leo: Rowan

Leos alluring and majestic nature will well be combined with the magical properties of a rowan wand. It will assist you in gaining better foresight, promote healing of all sorts to you and others as well as balance your fiery magical energies. Matching with a Rowan wand Leos will truly start blossoming.

Virgo: Hawthorn

Virgos are very well balanced when choosing a hawthorn wand. It will enhance their cleansing magical properties, make them more sensual and help them remember that true pleasure only comes from within. Wielding a hawthorn wand will bring renewed strength and potential to your spell casting.

Libra: Apple

Libras ever seeking balance will have an ally by choosing an apple wand. Apple trees are considered exalted in all magical practices. Libras true nature will come forth when they wield apple wands. Magic, pleasure, regeneration and potentials will come forth. Truly blessed match!

Scorpio: Elder

Scorpios are known for their mystical and magical personalities. The mysterious Elder will make the best aspects of this sign come forth. Closely related to the Crone aspect of the Goddess, an Elder wand will help Scorpios to harness their true potential and become powerful and glorious.

Sagittarius: Oak

Sagittariuses are great truth seekers from the beginning of their lives and are well known to go into ‘wild adventures’ to find the experiences they seek. In order to accomplish that and even more, Oak wands will bring the necessary protection, guidance and expansion. Oak wands will broaden your magical horizons and will become your great allies in that journey.

Capricorn: Fir

Capricorns are well known for their strategic view and well planned attitude. They are discrete, serene and hardworking. For all the above reasons a wand made of Fir will enhance those qualities, revitalize their energies and bring long lasting magical results that everybody will admire.

Aquarius: Holly

The beautiful Holly will make an Aquarius become the true warrior they hide within their souls. Known for their ability to promote peace and balance, holly wands will bring forth the positive aspects of this sign by supercharging their intellect and assisting them in their journey to feel the connection with all the Cosmos.

Pisces: Ash

Wondrous Pisces will feel a true surge of power and awakening when wielding an Ash Wand. Ash will bring forth the blessing of enchantment to everything they will do, match that with the great imagination and fantasy of Pisces and that will make true magic come forth.

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