New Year’s Eve Mojos & Superstitions

New Year's Eve Mojos & Superstitions

So it’s true. This challenging year is nearly over. And yes we want a change. A good kind of change. Well, that’s what witches are for right? Thankfully we’ve got a great ritual for New Year’s eve – loved for years by thousands. However, if for any reasons your don’t have much time to prepare rituals and you’re searching for a quick fix, look no further. New Year’s Eve Mojos & Superstitions that Witches love to follow.

New Year’s Eve Mojos & Superstitions

There are many reasons why superstitions are so powerful. Because as we’ve already explained in our all-time-classic article on popular and powerful Witchy Superstitions, these are actually arcane knowledge in disguise. Hence, not all superstitions are accurate because their knowledge faded from the priests and priestesses of the old religions. Thankfully, there are still some alive which both make sense and are cool to follow.

Let’s begin with one of my favorite New Year Mojo.

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1. Switch off and on the Lights

The last minutes of 2020, switch off the lights. This symbolizes that the last year won’t still affect you and your are free to start anew. When the clock goes 12 ‘o clock and the new year it here, switch back on the lights. This symbolizes that a new, fresh light, hope and blessings will light your way through the whole new year.

  • Symbolism and Witchcraft: Hence, switching off and then on the lights frees you from last year’s limitations and welcomes the light of blessings and new potentials.

2. Break a pomegranate

When the new Year comes and of course you raise your glass, go on your doorstep holding a pomegranate. Throw it down with force till it breaks and its red seeds spread all around. Of course remember to be careful as this red juice may damage what you wear. Leave it there and swipe it off when your ‘party’ is over on in the morning.

  • Symbolism and Witchcraft: pomegranate is sacred to Demeter goddess of Earth. The seeds symbolize all the blessings of the Earth. Abundance, Love, Peace and Happiness. Hence, you invite the Blessings of the Goddess of Earth.

3. Wear a piece of red underwear

In general, Red is considered to be the color which invited good luck. It’s no wonder why you’ll find it in ‘avant-garde’ places like palaces, great theaters etc. Moreover, Red is considered the color which channels power to overcome our obstacles. Hence, remember to wear at least one piece of red underwear in New Year’s eve (shocks, undergarment, bra, boxers etc)

4. Open the Doors and Windows when time goes 00.00

This means that the new year is here. Welcome the new potentials. But how do we do that? We open our doors and windows to welcome these energies. In fact, what we actually do is let the air throw away the psychic debris and welcome the blessings of the new Year.

  • Symbolism and Witchcraft: At the same time everyone is celebrating. By opening Windows and Doors you let the air which is actually charged by everyone’s celebrations. We actually participate in a global ritual for good luck. All you have to do is open your doors and windows and breathe the air of Happiness and Celebration.

5. Put three silver coins & keep your wallet full

This actually works in 2 major ways. First of all, the Silver Coins use as a charm to triple your wealth and abundance. Also, silver is the color of the Moon which blessings you channel into your life. Furthermore, by keeping your wallet full you remind yourself that abundance is already here – empowering your 3-coins charm.

  • Symbolism and Witchcraft: You use sympathetic Magic (like attracts alike) and you also use the power of Hypnotism (gentle suggestions) by reminding yourself that you are already enough!
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