How To Summon Angels with Colored Candles

How To Summon Angels with Colored Candles

Color Magic is one of the most fundamental powers we use everyday as Witches. Each color radiates on a distinctive frequency. Therefore, each color is in fact a Transmitter or Magical Energy. Every time we wear a colored shirt or accessory, we, in fact summon special Magical energy. In this article, we will see a very easy example to summon Angels in a quick and practical way.

Summon Angels – Change Your Life

Is it easy to summon Angels? They are agents of light, messengers of the divine source who are always ready to help. Your Guardian Angel is here – all the time. Listening. Waiting. All you have to do is ask his help! We’ve already seen Here how to communicate with your Guardian Angel. Now we are going to make a step forward based on this.

How To Summon Angels with Colors

Phase 1. Before starting

To do so, we need to follow some steps.
1. Create a Small Altar where you will practice your Craft. Altars are poweful focal points. See more here about Altars.

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2. Meditate for few minutes to clear your mind.

3. Finally, make up your Mind for what you want to ask.

Phase 2. Preparation

As seen above, Angels are already all around. There transcend time and space. Hence, nothing can stop them from helping you as long as you Really Want to. Trust me, sometimes, it’s only you who raise Walls to prevent you from helping. See here – Why sometimes Spells don’t work!

All We Need to do is ‘use a universal language’ or a ‘magical code’ to summon Angels. What better language to use than the one of Colors?

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You Will Need:

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Phase 3. Picking the Right Angel & Color

Now it’s time to pick the Right Color and Angel based on what we want.

Colors and Orders of Angels:

Black Candle &the Angels of Road Opening & Trapping Black Arts

The Black Candles are not tools of Dark Witches. Black is a sacred color exactly like the all the other ones. This misunderstanding has to stop. Angels who are associated with Black color are the ones who absorb and trap the negative influences.

TIP: It is advised that once you’ve finished with the black candle you immediately light up a White One to signify that time for absorbing has ending. Now it’s time to shine anew!

  • Summon Angels with a Black Candle to change your bad luck and free you from negative influences:

Angels of Defence, Sacred forces of Light,
I call upon your Might,
free me from all Evil Magic,
free me in this Night!

White Candle & the Angels of Protection

The White candle is a chameleon candle used for all purposes. When you don’t know what Angels you want to summon, you pick the White Candle to call upon their purity and enlightenment. White is also use to call upon the Angels of Protection.

  • Summon Angels with a White Candle to call upon their Protection and Light:

Angels of Protection, Sacred forces of Light,
I call upon your Might,
defend me with your Wings,
love and light always wins!

Yellow Candle & the Angels of Air and Inspiration

The Yellow color corresponds to the Angels of Air. These are the ones who help our intellectual affairs. Call upon the forces of the Angels of Air using only a Yellow Candle. Angels of Air can help you feel free and bright again.

  • Summon the Angels of Air with a Yellow candle for Inspiration and Optimism:

Angels of Air, Sacred forces of Light,
I call upon your Might,
bless my Brain, Bless my Soul,
shower me with Blessings from Above !

Red Candle & the Angels of Fire and Vitality

The Red color corresponds to the Angels of Fire. Do you feel that you energy levels are dangerously low? Maybe you need some fiery passion to light up your life, again! Angels of Fire are here to liberate you from a void which sucks your energy. Fire angels will cut the parasitic strings and free you from vampires.

  • Summon the Angels of Fire with a Red candle for Vitality and Enthusiasm:

Angels of Fire, Sacred forces of Light,
I call upon your Might,
fill me with your Divine Power,
I rise stronger in this Night and in hour!

Pink Candle & the Angels of Love, Peace and Beauty

The Pink candle corresponds to the angels of peace. These amazing angels will help you find balance within. Love is the Key to universal power. This is an amazing first step to make peace with the forces in you.

  • Summon the Angels of Peace to make embrace all the Magic in You. This first step is more powerful than you think!

Angels of Love, Sacred forces of Light,
I call upon your Might,
help me embrace the Power I have inside,
Love will show me the Way this night!

Blue Color & the Angels of Water and Magic

Blue is associated with Water and the Magic of the Sea and all Oceans. Angels of Water will wash away your sorrow and cleanse your spirit from all impurities. Moreover, Blue will help you find emotional peace. They are known for their healing abilities. Angels of Water are great guides for Empaths.

  • Summon the Angels of Water to cleanse your soul and balance your emotions.

Angels of Water, Sacred forces of Light,
I call upon your Might,
let the tides wash away my sorrow,
help me wake up stronger tomorrow!

Brown Color and the Angels of Earth and Stability

The Angels of Earth are associated with protection, stability and financial growth. Summon the Angels of Earth when you need to build your life anew. You can also call upon their help when you feel that your life and health needs a pilar of strength and stability.

  • Summon Angels of Earth for Stability and Growth:

Angels of Earth, Sacred forces of Light,
I call upon your Might,
support my roots and help me grow,
help my true colors flourish and glow!

Green Color and the Angels of Fertility

Green is the color of abundance but it is also a ‘slow’ energy. Angels of Fertility need time to show their results. They actually correspond to the powers of Venus and Saturn. However, the ‘Green’ Angels can help us warm the ‘seed’ of our desire – whatever this may be. It gives us patience and push us to grow.

Summon the Angels of Fertility to help you achieve your goals.

Angels of Love, Sacred forces of Light,
I call upon your Might,
warm the seed of my Desire,
help me what I wish to acquire!

Phase 3. The Procedure to Summon Angels.

What you need to do is simple. Just like the spell to summon your Guardian Angel, pick a place where no one will disturb you. Most Witches prefer the time when everyone is asleep. This time is extremely clever because it can affect you in many ways. Especially the ‘Witching Hour‘.

  • Now, let’s say you need love.
  • You take a pink candle and a pink piece of paper.
  • On this piece of paper write clearly your desire like a letter. You practically send this letter to the Heavens. Start “Dear Angels of Love, …. “
  • Sign the letter with your name or your magical name.
  • Chant the ‘associated spell’ 9 times.
  • Let the candle burn for 10-20 minutes while you guide your thoughts towards your desire. Talk to the angels. Tell them why you ask what you ask. Explain them your desire. Entrust your wish.
  • Leave the ‘letter’ on your altar overnight.
  • First thing in the morning, read the letter once you wake up one more time.
  • Now hide the letter and read it before you sleep the following 6 more nights.

The Spell is Done!

  • Disclaimer: Never ask something that messes with other people’s free Will.
  • Disclaimer 2: Be responsible when burning candles. Fire safety comes first.
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