Ritual baths: Harvesting the Power of Water

Ritual baths: Harvesting the Power of Water

Beloved ones, today I will talk about one of my favorite topics in Witchcraft, one that is often not well understood and often overlooked, the power of Ritual baths. Imagine that you are planning a big day out on a Saturday night, long before lockdowns and the unseen threat that we face today, what would have been your first steps in order to prepare for the night? Do your nails, choose an outfit, have a relaxing bath or a hot shower and do your hair and possibly put some make up on along with your favorite perfume and presto the everyday woman/man is transformed into the Goddess/God that s/he is, full of confidence at all their glory with a happy smile on the face and the excitement of a pirate seeking hidden treasure in uncharted waters.

This magical power of transformation is greatly associated with the power of Water with its ability to cleanse, relax, rejuvenate and finally transform the person to their true self. I would like to give you some guidance on how to harness this power in your everyday life and go through two major ways, closely related, on how to do so.

Magical Baths: Preparation for Spellcasting

In many books and lore, you will find that the witch is instructed to cleanse and mentally prepare for the ritual work and spell crafting s/he has ahead. The best and most practical way to do so is by taking a hot bath and use a magical blend in the water to achieve her goal. During the bath s/he will gather her thoughts, clear body, mind and soul and relax. Once complete she can move on to her spell casting. There are great benefits in having a ritual bath before magical work without a doubt and I encourage you to perform it and attest to its effects but the disadvantage is that taking a hot bath before any ritual or spellwork may actually increase the time you can dedicate and if you do not have that luxury (lot of extra time) the process becomes so complicated that it may defy the purpose.

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Magical Baths: the Ritual itself

A magical bath can be the ritual itself, something that my Grandmother taught me and I have not seen it being discussed in any other practice, book or lore. Old Witches were busy women usually with only one third of the time that we have today. Outside of a walk in the woods, the kitchen and the bathroom were essentially the only two places that may have to be left alone and clever they were they used that to their advantage. Modern women and men with families or not may actually experience the same thing. Our time alone in the bath is actually one of the few places that we can be alone to cast our magic. The bathroom becomes our magical cauldron that we can use to transform ourselves and our lives.

Having understood the two ways we can use a ritual bath I am going to provide you with recipes and ways on how to harness that power and use it to its full potential. Starting from today I am going to give you the ways to do that and today we will start with the basics, a Purification bath ritual.

A Purification Bath ritual

This ritual is the basic tool that you should use before any magical work to purify body, mind and soul or simply if you want to wash the negativity away.


  • A candle
  • Purification Bath Mix

Purification Bath Mix Recipe

This recipe can be prepared in advance during the Waning moon (if you do not know what I am talking about please read The Moon is a Boon) for maximum potential. The intention is to remove all negativity away and prepare the Great Vessel, yourself, for miracles. This is to prepare approx. 500 gr (or 1 pound) of product – please apply conversions as necessary.

Purification Bath mix Ingredients:

  • Sweet almond oil
  • Yarrow essential oil
  • Frankincense essential oil
  • Myrrh essential oil
  • approx. 400gr of Sea Salt Crystals or if you prefer Epsom salts
  • 25gr of fennel seeds
  • 25gr of dried vervain
  • 25gr of dried rosemary
  • 25gr of dried mallow
  • A pinch of rue
  • A pinch of valerian root

Originally mix in 15ml of sweet almond oil, 11 drops of essential oil of yarrow, 7 drops of frankincense essential oil and 7 drops of myrrh essential oil and ensure that they mix well.

In a mortar mix the fennel seeds, vervain, rosemary, mallow, rue and valerian root and with the pestle grind them to the best of your ability. Add the Sea Salt or Epsom salts in a vessel of your choice, add the herbal mix and mix them. Once complete add the essential oil mix and again try to mix as much as you can by giving them a good shake. The final product should smell clean and medicinal.

The Work:

When you want to take the purification bath start filling the water in your tub and at the same time invoke the element and its purifying and cleansing properties. A simple chant can be:

“Element of Water, hear my call
Purify and cleanse body, mind and soul.”

Get naked and light a candle stating your intention. A simple chant can be:

‘Holy flame, Guardian of light,
Bless my ritual tonight’

Close the water when you feel that the amount is great and before you do anything else, put both your hands in the water. Call the power of Water again and any other spiritual ally you want. Add 7 spoons of the purification bath mix in the Water or more if needed. Then mix the water with your hands and dive in. Take a moment to relax and feel the water surrounding you. When ready say:

“Water Sacred and Bold,
Blessed to connect All,
I call your Power, your Might,
All negativity is washed away tonight.”

Perform a visualization imagining all negativity in your body, your aura and your mind melting away in the hot water. Let it draw all that is not needed, let it heal all that needs healing, let it surround you, heal you and rejuvenate you. When completed, take a few moments to visualize yourself radiant, surrounded by light carrying a gold halo of light expanding to your whole body.

When you are ready, release the water from the tub saying:

‘All this negativity returns to Earth, to be renewed and become something Good for me and this World. All that is needed is here, Blessed be the Gods that hold me dear.’

Blow away the candle. The Magic is complete.

May the Water sends its blessings like rain to you and your loved ones!

Blessed be!

*Please be careful with essential oils and herbs during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The above mix is intended for external use and if not sure always consult with your doctor. Avoid if you have any known allergies that correspond to the above.

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