How to Replenish your Magical Energy

How to Replenish your Magical Energy

Magic is energy. It’s the breath of life. What make the world move and change is the core of all witches belief. Hence, what we call magic can be seen and felt because is the harbinger of change and manifestation. But as beautiful it is to see magic happen all over, it is also very frustrating to feel your magical energy getting drained. Therefore, you regularly need to replenish your Magical Energy. Because let’s face, it often runs out!

3 Witchy Ways to Replenish your Magical Energy

There are many ways for you to do so. Especially if you are an empath (see here if this is you) you will more often feel the need to isolate yourself because hanging out with others make your mind fuzzy and your body ache. In this article you will learn how to regularly protect and replenish your magical energy. This is not luxury. It’s self-defense.

Befriending a tree: to heal your Aura

Witches loved forests and the wilds for many many reasons. One of the patronesses Goddesses of Witchcraft is Artemis (Diana in Latin). She is the Goddess running free in the Woods accompanied by animals and friendly spirits. Her followers, the witches who were later got prosecuted by fanatics, loved the woods and acknowledged the power which springs from these places.

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Trees have power. The talk, the breathe, they communicate with witches. And it’s now scientifically proven. Trees are also witches best friends. They create an energy matrix around them which connect the heavenly powers with the deepest secrets of the Earth. The Witch who befriend the trees, can channel both powers. These are the true mystics.

  • Find a big healthy tree whose roots reach deep down in earth. Now before you begin, befriend with the tree. Water it and speak to it gently. Tell it what’s on your mind. Ask its help.
  • Clap your hands twice vividly. Feel the energy in the centre of your palms.
  • Now embrace the tree, stand still or sit down and hug the tree. Breathe slowly, gently. Inhale with nose, exhale with mouth. Let the energy flow over and over again.

Water Power: to wash away darkness

You’ve probably already know that we love Water Magic. It’s probably one of the most natural things for humans as we descend from the Sea. Did you know what our blood has salt in it like we constantly carry the Sea with us? Well, this also needs reminding from times to times.

Water is a cleansing catalyst, a powerful force of nature, a conduit of energy. By taping into this power you actually remind yourself that you are water, and nothing can stop a river. Nothing. You will still flow as long as you remember you carry the Sea in you.

  • When you are sad, when you are hurt, when you feel your magical energy depleated go to to the sink. Open the tap so that the water can flow generously.
  • Remind yourself that water constantly flows in you. You carry the Seas in you.
  • Clap your hands twice, vividly. Feel the energy in the centre of your palms.
  • Now put your hands wet your hands in the flow of water and let it wash away your troubles, your sadness and emptiness. Let the water become one with you. Let it run through you. Not just on you.

Amethyst Light: Embrace the Magic flow

These amazing crystal will assist your intuition and will help you open up to the unlimited love of the Divine. From years of experience with the stone, I can guarantee you that amethysts seldom need cleansing as they never cage negative energy. Instead, the stone has this magnificent quality to always send positive, loving energy to the environment.

If you ever feel unloved or neglected always take an amethyst to keep you company. It will help you heal your emotional scars and will send you all the love you need (infinite amounts of love!). Be careful when exposing amethysts to direct sunlight for extended periods of time as it will wear off its deep purple colouration.

use crystals to recharge your energy

So it’s time to recharge yourself. When you feel your energy dangerously low do the following.

  • Clap your hands twice, vividly. Feel the energy flow from the centre of your palms.
  • Take two amethyst crystals as pictured. One pointing outwards while the other pointing inwards. This will create an magical energy circuit.
  • Breathe from your nose. Exhale from your mouth. Let the energy flow. Visualize the energy of the amethyst as a bright violet color running through you. This is true magic.
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