Scorpio Pink Super Moon – Time for a Deep Dive. April 27th 2021 By Davina Mackail

Scorpio Pink Super Moon – Time for a Deep Dive. April 27th 2021 By Davina Mackail

Monday/Tuesdays (depending on time zone) full moon is a pink supermoon. Pink suggests rainbows and unicorns. The reality will be thunderstorms and dragons. Supermoons increase the magnetic lunar potency. This one in penetrating Scorpio is primed to bring stuff up, reveal what’s hidden, forcing us to remove the blinkers and face the truth.

Scorpio Pink Super Moon By Davina Mackail

The message is crystal – time to clear lurking skeletons from the closet. No escape. Scorpio’s watery, mysterious intensity is coupled with its ruling planet, Pluto, planet of metamorphosis retrograding the very next day. Meaning the closet door will burst like a spring-loaded hydro dam spraying those skeletons every which way. Intense? Yes. Emotional? You bet. Necessary? Absolutely. More insanity and lies will be revealed on the global stage as our inner secrets gasp for air on the personal one.

Take a deep, cleansing breath. Our shadows are simply our unconscious programs. They run deep, polluting our radiance and our potential. We have imbibed deep from the collective cup of twisted meanings. Forgotten the pure simplicity of love. Buried it in our insecure needs and fears. Complicated our relating and our relationships with power struggles and judgment. Forgiveness, self-love, compassion is key – we’re all works in progress. But so too is authenticity, integrity and truth.

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Letting our be(lie)fs rise into the light of this moons inspection can reveal those aspects of our story that need re-scripting. This IS the great awakening – waking up to our power, our potential, our liberation and our creative essence. In truth and allowing. Without judgment or demonising other. Water never disappears from our planet it simply changes form. Each individual drop births the ocean. Each of us plays a role in the collective dream. Let us awaken to the essence of this as we seek the truth of who we are. What we’re here for? Why we chose this particular moment in humanities timeline? What’s the story our Soul is begging us to tell?

The old has to die for the new to be birthed.

With rebellious Uranus, planet of the unexpected currently active there’s no easy ride through this full moon. The energy is erratic, volatile, restless. Side swipes, unpleasant surprises and life-changing events are on the cards. A lot depends on what you’ve been trying to hide – from yourself as much as others. Surrender to the process. Feel it All, however, uncomfortable and let the tsunami pass before reacting with irreversible decisions.

The old has to die for the new to be birthed. This moon is adding to the corpse count; outdated dreams; habits, thoughts, beliefs; views, perspectives are all piling up. But so too is the twinkling potential of magical transformation – higher guidance, increased sensitivity, inspired intuition and the possibility of the miraculous. Or to paraphrase Einstein we can’t solve a problem with the thinking we used to create it. Look around – we need this. There’s more than the odd issue to solve there’s some monsters out there. So, let the skeletons out, shake off the baggage, sage your space, get zen and meditate on the solutions you dream of. Let the transformation begin! Wishing you all infinite full moon love.

Pink Supermoon Ritual April 27th 2021

Use the power of this full moon in Scorpio to embark on some dream inspired life hacks. Both the moon and Scorpios water element enhance our dreaming power whilst Pluto retrograde focusses us on our hidden shadows. Stay ahead of the transformational curve with this dream ritual for finding answers to your most pressing needs.

How to have a Solution dream:

This exercise gives you context for your dreams and anything received will relate back to the question. For best results work with the same issue over several nights then collate your responses.

The first few times you do this allow 15-30 minutes. Once you get good at it you can cut corners.

Choose an issue that engages your heart and mind. Remember dreams respond to desire.

You need to be ready to act on the answer you seek. If you only want one answer don’t ask! EG if you ask about a relationship but are not prepared to leave if that is the answer you get don’t ask about it.

Start with asking a question you feel it is possible to solve. Eg don’t begin with how to bring about world peace!

Consciously work on the problem for 10 mins. On paper brainstorm the issue. How have you tried to solve this problem? Why is this issue important to you etc?

Reduce problem to a single sentence/statement/question. Be careful with this. Your dream will answer exactly what you ask not necessarily what you want answered. So be as clear and unambiguous as possible.

Go to sleep with minimal distractions and review your process feeling what it would be like to get the answer.

Finally repeat the sentence/statement/question as a mantra as you fall asleep.

If you wake during the night write down any dreams or even fragments, thoughts or feelings. Go back to sleep repeating the mantra. In the morning spend your first five minutes journaling your dreams, it might just be an image or a word or a feeling.

After doing this for a few nights look back at your results and see how they answer your problem. Remember dreams often work in metaphor – a picture tells a thousand stories.

If you need help interpretating your results check out my book The Dream Whisperer on Amazon for tips.

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