How to Send a Dream

How to Send a Dream

Dream Magic is considered one of the truest and most powerful forms of Magic. Why? Because this type of Magic uses the most profound and essential power. Our Higher Self. Do not be mistaken. Being a Dream Witch is a very promising and powerful Magical Profession. And this is why, after our Initiation to Dream Magic, we now proceed on how to Send a Dream! But let’s see again what is all about!

The Old Ways recognised the Power of the Dream Witches which was As we saw in previous post about God Oniros (Dream = οniro / όνειρο –  in Greek), the Realm of the Dreams is actually really close to the Realm of Death. Having access to the Realm of Dream is a powerful magic and healing process. 

Why Send a Dream

Dreams have a profound impact on our behaviour and our consciousness. Psychologically and para-psychologically speaking, during the night-time a healing progress is taking place. As our consciousness rests, we are detached from our ‘reality’ – thus all the problems related to it – and we slowly drift away to other Realms, where we are not confined by the ‘rules’ of material world. 

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Dreams are carriers of spiritual and magical information one – already does but can take further – use of them, in order to bring balance and magical awareness. In other words, by ‘send a dream‘ we actually mean ‘bring healing and magical awareness‘ because that’s what dreams do!

Dreams Can: 

  • Improve Awareness
  • Wake up our Magical Powers
  • Develop our Mind’s skills
  • Bring Balance and Healing in Mind and Body
  • Help us transcend the Worlds and the Realms

Before you Try to Send a Dream

Remember: Dreams are not toys, they are magical tools of the Soul!

Please know that sending a Dream is not a funny game. As already said, Dreams can have profound impact on our behaviour. Thus, before you send a dream, please make sure that the ‘target’ agrees on the procedure. Otherwise, it’s just black magic, and we would always advise you against. 

Also, before you do send a dream, make sure you have made up your mind on what to send. Maybe a healing dream? Or you maybe wanna send a magical dream to promote awareness? 

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How to Send a Dream:


  • Make up your mind about who is the ‘Target’ of your dream. 
  • Ask this ‘target’ is it’s ok to send a dream. If yes, proceed. Otherwise, ask another.
  • Once the ‘target’ agrees, propose him/her to keep a ‘Dream Journal’ and note down all the dreams s/he sees. This will expand the awareness of the Dream World. 
  • Now, make up your mind on what dream you are going to send. 


  • Set the alarm on 03.00am as by that time magical things happen. This is the Witching Hour, and during this time, more powerful magical phenomena happen. Read about the Witching Hour here!
  • Now, once you’ve just woke up, do not rise from bed. Just slowly turn your focus towards your Third Eye. This is the Gateway of your Magical & Psychic Powers
  • Visualise, that your consciousness is a bright light shining through your Third Eye. From that, a beam of light comes out, moving towards your ‘target’. 
  • Try to visualise all the way, as if you are walking towards your ‘target’. Make this sensation as ‘real’ as possible. 
  • Once you’ve got to the ‘target’, visualise him/her sleeping. 
  • Now see his/her ‘third eye’. This is where you engage contact. 
  • Move towards the ‘third eye’ activating it. Visualise his/her third eye shining. 
  • Now you’ve established contact. You are ready to send the dream. 
  • Once you’ve finished ‘broadcasting’ the dream, withdraw the beam of light and now turn backwards and slowly get back to You.

The Day After

  • First thing in the morning, ask the ‘target’ what dream s/he saw.  
  • Repeat as needed. 

Final Notes on How to Send a Dream

  • This procedure works even in the first time. However, the ‘target’ may not remember all the dreams s/he saw. This is why you tell them to keep a dream journal. 
  • Use Symbols and Colours in the dream sending procedure because they are more recognisable and easily remembered!
  • You can even send a Dream to yourself ( in the Past, Present or the Future) to promote healing and awareness!
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