Full Moon in Aquarius, August 22nd – Once in a Blue Moon Davina Mackail

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Full Moon in Aquarius, August 22nd. Debate exists as to what actually constitutes a blue moon.  Some say when two full moons occur within the same month. Others that the original rarity is when there are four full moons in a season as there is now.  To confuse matters further it is the third full moon that is gifted the accolade of ‘blue moon’.  Sunday’s, one coincides with another rare occurrence, a second consecutive full moon in the airy sign of Aquarius.  The first was the wild child at 1 degree. Now we’re approaching mastery with the eccentric genius at 29 degrees.  Whatever you began on the first Aquarius full moon is nearing a completion or breaking point.

Full Moon in Aquarius, August 22nd

The water bearer is contradictory.  On one hand supporting freedom, rebellion, humanity, philanthropic collaboration. On the other coldly harnessing innovative technology under a stubborn righteousness of knowing ‘what’s best’ for us.  Under this rare cosmic influence this translates as steroid fuelled intensity.

With the sun still in Leo, on the cusp of transiting into Virgo, events are unstable, unpredictable and highly disruptive.  Drama queens will be on the prowl.   Once we land fully in Virgo season some deep rooted earth healing can begin.  But for now, the temperature’s rising.

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Uranus breaks the order

Uranus, the water bearer’s influencer, breaks us down in order to break through.  Despite knowing it is the essence of evolution, we humans resist change. We need this wild Uranian energy to pattern interrupt.  Our gestalts are breaking.  Links in the chain are being wrenched apart.  Deeply connected to all things technological this cosmic chain reaction could result in power outages and cyber-attacks.

Dark corners continue to be illuminated on the 3D level and the glare of this blue moon is blinding.  Secrets have nowhere to hide in the Aquarian age of telepathy. Freedom and truth are the hallmarks of the water bearer.  Yet what is truth in the post truth age? Our values are shifting. As they do our existing reality will also shift.  The speed of the domino effect could be overwhelming.

We are expanding our possibilities.  The old earth is dying.  We know this.  Human values need to change. Our exploitative ways are not sustainable on a closed system.  Pluto in Capricorn demands nothing less than the death and re-birth of outmoded structures.  We’re birthing a rebalancing, an equal footing, a restoration of homeostasis.    

We are birthing the Age of Aquarius.

We are birthing the Age of Aquarius. The labour is protracted and painful. Mother Earth’s contractions and expansions illuminate our own waves. Great change is upon us, resistance is futile.  Don’t fight the flow. Open into the closed places.  We’re expanding not contracting. Birthing space, freedom, full self-expression. The warp factor Uranian energy of shock, surprises, eruptions are all designed to wake us up.  The veil is thinning. It’s becoming easier to access interplanetary energies.

These are strong times.  To navigate – remain stirred not shaken.  Stay in fear and we will fall.  Raise yourself, raise your neighbour, raise your friends.  Remember life is from the inside out.  THIS is the shift. How do you want to feel inside?  What is your internal ecology, your personal biosphere? Out of chaos comes creation and order.  Consciousness will expand whether we like it or not.  The way through? Ride the cosmic roller coaster of radical transformation all the way to bliss.  The outage could include relationships, homes, countries, jobs etc anything that no longer serves.

Expansive, wise, abundant, grand master Jupiter softens the insanity.  Hanging out in Aquarius, gifting us with more opportunities to connect and collaborate with like-minded people and communities.  Inspiring innovation can create extraordinary, as yet unimagined solutions to problems.

He fosters action against injustices.  Yet that action needs to be innovative and solution driven. Keep focussed on what you DO want not what you don’t.  Believing is Seeing. Whatever happens, we can CHOOSE our response.  Our way through is to focus the arrow of our attention on inner peace and calm rather than igniting indignant fury.  Think about it: We’re overwhelmed and fearful and we’re experiencing unprecedented global flooding.  We’re angry and fuming at injustices and restrictions and we’re experiencing extreme temperatures and raging wildfires.

Welcome to the age of Aquarius

Welcome to the age of Aquarius –telepathy, increased psychic intuitive knowing and with it the requirement to purge and purify the unjust.

The old days of stability are over.  There is no permanence, there never was.  Can you choose to enjoy the shifting sands?  Can you get curious about this great journey of exploration into new possibilities? Can you find the sense of excitement and mystery in the inevitable drama and discomfort?

The collective dream of blindness has passed its sell by date.  Uranus says we can wake ourselves up or be rudely awoken.

Navigate the chaos by choosing to live at a higher frequency.  Anchor yourself in the heart and dream from there. Spend time contemplating the joyful expectation of a light filled world of beauty, connection, nature and laughter.  Practise compassion and kindness.  If you’re yet to know what your dream is practice the feeling – the FREQUENCY. What do you want to feel? Joy? Freedom? Ecstasy? Love?  There IS enough.  The Universe IS abundant.  Safety lies within, not without.

Stay out of the fear porn. Dance, BREATHE, laugh, sing, pray, meditate, connect. Take it lightly. We will overcome.  We are eternal.  We are Love. We’ve got this!  Wishing you all infinite full moon love.

Full Moon Ritual

This simple ritual is deceptively powerful, and I invite you to embrace it a part of your spiritual hygiene practise.

Through our daily interactions with people and places we are constantly exchanging energy.  Sometimes we can feed off that energy and feel energised and sometimes we can feel our mood shift and feel deflated or exhausted for no apparent reason.

To bring your energy and frequency back to neutral within yourself and reclaim your power take the following steps.

Before bed.  Sit in a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed and take a few deep, calming breaths.  Visualise yourself in white bubble of light, ensure this bubble goes over your head and under your feet.  Then repeat the following out loud whilst seeing the flow of energy:

“I call back to myself, through my purification filter of white light, all power and energy that I have inadvertently left with other people and places. (feel this energy return to you through your filter of white light).

I return to other people and places, through my purification filter of white light any energy or power that I have inadvertently absorbed that is not mine”

As you practise this you will feel the energy rebalancing itself through this two-way channel, in and out.  When you feel complete you can simply say ‘thank you’ and go to bed.

It is important that when you do this exercise you ALWAYS pass the energy through your purification filter of white light.

So mote it be…..

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