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Is the Super Blue Blood Moon a sign of the wrath of God?
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Is the Super Blue Blood Moon a sign of the wrath of God?

Eschatology is a fancy English word. It roughly means something like “the study of beliefs concerning the final events in the history of the world or of humankind”. According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word appeared in “1834, from Latinized form of Greek eskhatos “last, furthest, uttermost, extreme, most remote” in time, space, degree”.… Keep Reading

Easy Money Blue Moon Spell
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Easy Money Blue Moon Spell

You must be wondering. What is the Blue Moon? Why is a Blue Moon Spell so powerful?  Well, dear readers, Nixie Vale explained you in ‘Trifecta Concurrence‘. It is a rare phenomenon where there are 2 Blue Moons in January (2nd and 31st) and in March (2nd and 31st). This occurs because there is no Full… Keep Reading

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Trifecta Concurrence – What is it?

A few days ago I read on article that described the Blue Moon, Super moon and Lunar Eclipse as the “Trifecta Concurrence“, the name has stuck with me, so I have decided to use this name here in this article. If I either remember the name of the site, or the article itself I will… Keep Reading

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