September Equinox Release Ritual by Davina Mackail

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Astrology - Daily Predictions

September Equinox Release Ritual: We are entering into one of two potent liminal spaces in the annual Cosmic calendar, the September equinox. Check the sunset time in your area and plan to undertake this ritual at sunset on the day of the Equinox. September 22nd (a master number day).

September Equinox Release Ritual

You will need bay leaves, a packet of seeds, a fireproof dish, a pen and some matches or a lighter.

Be outside with a clear view of the sunset if possible.  If not work in your sacred space at home.  Turn your phone off and give yourself at least 30 minutes to an hour of undisturbed me time.  Get comfortable and centre yourself with deep calming breaths.  Meditate on the past year since last September.  Ask yourself the following questions and let the deeper part of your consciousness provide the knowing or inner answers.  What has worked for you? What has completed? What has yet to come to fruition? What is still in progress and What do you need to let go of?  What bad habits would you like to release? What old beliefs are holding you back?  What old programmes are still running the show? Are there any relationships that have passed their sell by date that you need to let go of now?

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The only way out, is in

When you feel ready, staying in that contemplative, meditative state.  Write each thing you would like to let go of, whether a relationship a habit, a belief or something else on a bay leaf.  Keep going until you feel complete and have accumulated a small pile of bay leaves.

Collect the bay leaves in your fireproof pot and with the following invocation (or use your own words if you prefer) set fire to them one at a time.  With the sizzle and pop of the bay leaf catching light visualise the item you are letting go of softly wafting out of your field for good.

“Release me, release me, release me with grace and ease from all that no longer serves my highest evolution across all time and space”

When you are complete make sure there is only ash left in your bowl i.e. no hot embers, and scatter the ash to the wind.

To complete the ritual when you return home light an orange candle on your altar and take out your seed packet. Spend some time envisioning all the things you would like to call in for yourself.  With each new thing take a seed blow the intention into the seed and place in a small bowl on your altar.  Come Springtime plant these seeds somewhere.

So mote it be

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