8 Signs when Angels are With You

Angels are entities from the World of Spirit that have been travelling with making for a long time. They have a completely different frequency...

What to do When things get too spooky

Let's be honest. When we practice magic, we sometimes experience weird or scary stuff. Well, maybe at first some are scary. The more we...

9 Characteristics of Spirit Warriors – Are you the Chosen one?

Spirit Warriors are the ones who have been chosen to walk on this Earth in order to help the awakening. Not all are awakened...

Shapeshift Quiz

This Shapeshift Quiz is different than the others. It show us what forces are lurking inside our psyche and drive our choices. Do this...

Corn Dollies

One activity for Lughnasadh that is thousands of years old is the making of the "Corn Dollies". This is a custom that originates with...

7 Things People Regret when they Die

We have seen and learned so many things during in our Magical Path. We've learned what happens in the afterlife and we try also...

Power Animals, Animal Spirit Guides, Animal Totems…. Oh My

We live side by side with a wide range of animals, be they avian, mammal, aquatic, reptilian and insects on the physical plane; and...

How to Exorcise Ghosts Gently

How to gently exorcise ghosts. A simple ritual you can perform to send away ghosts that haunt a place, an object or a human.

How to become a Shaman

In our previous article we saw 7 Omens and Signs when you are destined to become a Shaman. (CLICK HERE TO READ THE OMENS)...

7 Symptoms Of Living In A Haunted House

Do you live in a haunted house? If so, some things would most probably keep happening. Find out what are these common symptoms of a haunted home.

A Mantra for Pleasure and Happiness

A simple Mantra which helps us heal our lives and previous experiences and also, help us become eternally blissful and happy.

TEST: Are you a Vampire’s Victim ?

This is a Test to see if you are a Vampire's Victim! Answering your requests one by one! We have received plenty of emails from our...

The Magic of the Phoenix Animal Guide

For as long as I can remember I have had a Phoenix with me, she isn't always visible but I can always feel that...

10 Animals as Omens when they cross your path

If any of these animals accidentally cross your path, powerful omens are presented to you according to ancient cultures and their Old Ways. Omens and...

Automatic Writing and how to Do it

All you need to know about this form of mediumship and how to practise it    

Litha Deities

Gods, Goddesses and Spirits to Celebrate and Tap into their power for the Summer Solstice. By Nixie Vale

Lemures and Lemuria. Days of Evil Ghosts

What are Lemures? What is Lemuria? How to banish Lemures! May 9, 11 and 13, the Days of the Lemures.

Mediumship types and how to recognise them

Introduction to the different types of Mediumship and how to recognise them

The Tooth Fairy

Who is the Tooth Fairy? How to bless your new born Child? 

How to Attract Fairies in your Home

Invite Fairies in your Lives. Enchant your Home and your Garden.




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