Jupiter in Pisces 2021 – 2022 – Global Shift

Jupiter in Pisces 2021 - 2022 - Global Shift

Tonight, on the night of December 28-29, Jupiter changes his Zodiac Sign. But that’s not just another zodiac sign. It’s a Zodiac Sign he – traditionally – rules! So there’s so much to expect. But let’s make something clear. Jupiter in Pisces will stay until May the 10th. Then he will pass in Aries only to return in late October till ten days before the end of 2022. Learn more about the annual predictions in our detailed article for 2022!

Jupiter’s Power unleashed!

Jupiter’s power in Aquarius was suppressed. As the energies of Aquarius are not familiar with the expansive urges of Jupiter, he was waiting for this moment. Today, Jupiter’s power is unleashed! And with this, a magical time begins! The King of Gods will shine his divine light in the Realm bringing healing and hope to all who’ve been waiting for it. Also, something magical is being born. We are about to observe a global shift of consciousness! A new era begins… TONIGHT!

Jupiter in Pisces

Take a blue candle and carve the alchemical symbol of Jupiter. Underneath the candle leave a piece of paper with your greatest wish on. Call upon the divine powers and light the Candle! (Always use fire-proof containers and never leave a candle unattended!)

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Predictions for Aries: A lucky Change of Heart!

The Energies of Jupiter are gathering in your psyche making now everything possible. Truth is that Good Luck might not be that obvious, but you feel power in you – like never before! Past depression and mood-swings have now the chance to be resolved. Moreover, healing is conjured from the divine realm to fix what needs to be fixed. Also, this is the “Guardian Angel” effect. Even if you don’t see it, magic is here to save you – even in the last moment. But don’t challenge your fate!

Predictions for Taurus: Social Growth

This is the time you’ve been waiting for, dear Taurus. The past years may have been lonely, as you urged to achieve something great in your career and your professional life. And you know what they say. The peak is a lonely place. Now, the energies change and you attract more and new (and old) friends to you, as your social circle broadens unexpectedly. Welcome new energies and embrace your popularity!

Predictions for Gemini: Career & Success

You’ve been waiting for this moment, god knows for how long. Truth is that the past one and half years many upheavals and fallouts occurred, messing with your professional status as well. Now, Jupiter, from your tenth solar house, shines his divine blessings in your career and anything related to your professional life. That being said, Jupiter may help you in many ways through your job – even to find someone special at work (if you are single… or not).

Predictions for Cancer: Good times!

Oh yeah. This is an extremely lucky influence for you, dear Cancer. First of all, Jupiter is exalted in your zodiac sign, but, also, he rules Pisces. Therefore, this influence will help you in as many ways as possible. As a shift in your consciousness occurs tonight, you will start feeling more optimistic. Good luck feels closer than ever, and long-distance travelling will help you achieve new states of bliss and awareness.

Predictions for Leo: Transformation

A lucky transformation is on its way to you, dear Leo. Jupiter’s help will be felt in many parts of your life – especially in shaping your new and shiny identity. Starting from your instincts you will realize an awakening. Your libido is stronger than ever, as your power is magnified. Also, money flow will come from the most unusual ways!

Predictions for Virgo: Light in your Heart

Jupiter right across your Zodiac Sign is an extremely lucky influence, shining light in almost all parts of your life. Especially in relationships, Jupiter may work miracles, helping you to attract your special someone. Moreover, he can help you achieve auspicious collaborations and resolve legal issues in the most helpful way for you. However, you need to remember that Jupiter may bring intense daydreaming, and, although good luck is with you, do not exaggerate.

Predictions for Libra: A Magical Everyday life

This is a very auspicious influence for your everyday life and your professional life as well. Jupiter will help you make your daily routine more interesting and beneficial. At the same time he will attract for you good luck at your job. You may even meet someone, during the boring routine, who will change you life. Also, healing is conjured in almost everywhere needed!

Predictions for Scorpio: Happiness has arrived!

This is probably one of the most auspicious influences, Jupiter can give. From your 5th Solar House, the King of Gods helps you attract happiness and satisfaction. Also, Jupiter will help you learn what it is that can bring you joy and find a way to make your life happy, again. If you are married you can expect a child too! In general, good news are attracted by the power of this influence!

Predictions for Sagittarius: Home, sweet and blessed home!

Your home is not just the place we go to sleep. It’s an expression of yourselves. Hence, by means of this influence from your fourth solar house, which corresponds to your home and all the things you keep inside it and yourself, all these receive the blessings of Jupiter. In other words, in the next 5 months you will understand how magical your home can be and find more ways to have fun indoors. Your home will attract good vibes and magic!

Predictions for Capricorn: Happy news and friends!

This influence is indeed very lucky for you, dear Capricorn. Jupiter, from your third solar house, will attract new and powerful friends, who can help you in many possible ways. Also, he blesses your transportation. You may change your car, or find a new and lucky way to commute. Furthermore, you attract good news and powerful information!

Predictions for Aquarius: You attract prosperity!

After 10 months in your Zodiac Sign, you realise how many opportunities Jupiter has brought to you. They may not have been all successful, but, definitely, this was a time for expansion – at least in your mind. After all, this is where everything begins. Right? Now, your finances receive the beneficial influence of Jupiter. You may find new ways to attract abundance. Somehow, money flows in an easier way. Just remember to manage your expenses!

Predictions for Pisces: Magical News. A new life begins!

Yes, this is all about you. Not just because the most auspicious planet is now in your Zodiac Sign, but also because, this Planet traditionally rules your Zodiac Sign too! What does it mean for you? It means that in almost all parts of your life you should expect successful advances and good luck. Hence, in the next months, keep an eye on opportunities! Your life expands.

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