New Moon Feb 1st in Aquarius – Breaking the inner Deadlock, by Davina Mackail

New Moon in Gemini June 6

February packs an astrological punch.  The extended deep dive into the underbelly of Mercury and Venus retrograde ends abruptly with a new moon at 12 degrees Aquarius on February 1st.  The festival of Imbolc on the same day celebrates the beginning of Spring and the Chinese lunar new year ushers in the year of the Water Tiger.  The rising sap of this Uranian powered new moon is seeding new intentions and directions.  Futuristic visionary elements of truth will accompany cosmic power surges as something fated or destined is born.  

New Moon Feb 1st in Aquarius

The Sabian symbol for this moon is “a barometer” an instrument used for gauging atmospheric pressure.  A useful reminder to tune into the unseen realms and check in with our inner knowing before rushing full steam ahead.  Despite February’s astrological push to get the year begun patience is key.  What’s being birthed is life changing and it will serve us to pause and assess first.

With the moon conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, we are being strengthened and fortified.  What are we prepared to commit to, take responsibility for as we move our lives forward?  An inner maturing has taken place during the dark underbelly exploration of recent weeks.  As we emerge blinking into the dawning reality of 2022, we can feel our Soul mission crystalising.  This is the gift of Pluto trining the north node at 27 degrees Taurus – the node of fate.  Deep permanent changes on the earth and in our lives are taking place.  Saturn says the time for action is approaching.  But, and it’s a big but, whatever you commit to this new moon be prepared for the long haul.  Saturn in Aquarius will root your promises in quick drying cement. 

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Breaking the inner Deadlock

With Uranus square the Sun and Moon there is a disruptive inner gremlin ensuring that you shake off what no longer serves you.  This moon breaks open what has been stuck in deadlock for the last few months as we embody the new, earthy and strong. We have to make hard choices for our soul’s growth despite our ego’s resistance.  Ask yourself: “what’s the one thing I need to do, that I don’t want to do which will move my life forward the quickest?’ Whatever it is, use the discipline of Saturn to unstick yourself.  Honour the new, the innovative and allow the power of 2022’s wild tiger to get you back in courageous flow.

Big cosmic cycles are propelling us forward in February helping co-create the new earth consciousness.  We will ride this wave of momentum through to the end of April. It’s no surprise that we have been plagued by a virus as we have collectively acted like a virus exploiting the Earth for far too long. We are not separate from life around us.  We need to re-member our integral connection to the whole. Becoming more aware of our environment and our interaction with it once more.  Tap into gratitude for life.  Re-awaken your love for the soil, growing food, planting trees.  Discover wild foraging, research natural remedies and herbs.  The common stinging nettle, for example, is a powerful adaptogen for super charging your immunity.

Mercury is still retrograde

Mercury is still retrograde conjunct Pluto until February 4th providing a few days grace to deal with the deep mental shifts occurring within.  Old conditioning is surfacing.  We are not our thoughts.  We haven’t been taught to trust our bodies and instinct as evidenced by the last two years with no trusting of our natural immunity.

Deep shadow fears are coming to an end as our mojo for life returns and we find ourselves communicating in new ways.  Mental conditioning and the linear, logical ego mind is being stripped of its insanity of 3D separation. Mars in Capricorn fires up a heavy dose of reality as we’re stretched beyond our boxes and rebel against stultifying authority.  All the old structures are being re-moulded – religion, gender definitions, status, jobs, governments etc – there’s nothing to hold onto anymore.  Maintaining our inner core in the face of such immense pressure and opposition is a wild ride.  Our only choice is to open our wings and realise we can fly. 

a new harmony

Mars and Venus, our astrological lovers, form an exact conjunction mid-February and continue to amble side by side along the cosmic highway for some time to come.  This offers a new harmony and alignment of life’s dualities within us.  Occurring in Capricorn it will bring to conscious awareness the question of what is real for you now?  What has the last two years birthed within your deepest self? What new possibilities exist for you that weren’t there before?

On the Global level we’re still playing with issues of power and control versus freedom.  Many new galactic energies are pouring onto the planet propelling the evolutionary tsunami of humanity.  At times it can feel like being plugged into the mains and for the sensitive amongst us can give rise to a whole host of weird and wonderful physical symptoms.  

More truths

More truths will come to light as the cosmos digs up the dirt.  We will see Governments scrutinised under the spotlight of truth about how they’ve handled the pandemic.  Power is shifting to the people in a bigger way as evidenced by Canada’s Freedom Convoy.  Extreme events and explosive situations will continue.  Expect cyber-attacks, food supply chain issues and financial melt downs.  Mars is activating the awakening of many people right now and collaboration and community is the superpower that will help us through the dark days ahead.

This is a period of initiation for humanity. The Aquarian consciousness coming into being demands equitable opportunities for all.  Are we strong enough, deep enough, resilient enough to withstand the shift? Can we fully individuate whilst also fully integrate into the whole?  Our potential is infinite.  But our eons of Wetiko conditioning has to be eradicated to allow that capacity to bloom. America’s Pluto return begins February 20th. Keep a close eye on events Stateside to gauge the 3D pulse.

How are you holding these new energies within your own physical self?  As you awaken in February notice how you are seeing, thinking and feeling differently.  Know your own energy.  How are you different and unique? Let go of any lingering incompleteness as bigger life purpose thoughts rise up and take centre stage.  Reality is becoming more fluid and malleable than we have been previously aware of.  The slippage between reality and dream can help us mould a better truth for all.  

Our Soul

The seed of our Soul is being born this Spring.  As the acorn contains the oak tree so we too hold our full unmanifest potential within.  We are being initiated into truly understanding how we are Masters of co-creation.  That’s nothing new. The difference is we’re awakening into conscious awareness of how our inner magic works.  

Step bravely into your future.  Let the power of the sap beneath your feet and the courageousness of the fierce tiger birth your golden vision for 2022.  If not now, when? If not you, who?  As Goethe said ‘Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Wishing you all infinite new moon love.

New Moon ritual – Welcoming in the year of the Water Tiger

This ritual is not for the faint hearted!  2022 will favour the resilient, the committed, the courageous.  To build those superpowers and in honour of the Water element of our courageous Tiger I recommend daily cold showers.

Try it for one moon cycle, 28 days, and I promise you the benefits will so outweigh the minor, temporary horror you will want to continue.

Benefits include reduced inflammation in the body, powered up immune system, clear head, increased energy, positive mood, increased metabolism, more will power, deeper restorative sleep.  

For the ultimate benefit make this your go to daily practise, best undertaken first thing in the morning. This takes commitment and dedication so start slow!  Build up intensity and duration slowly.  If you have no experience of this then start with your normal hot shower and turn the taps cold for the last 20-30 seconds.  You can increase the time of coldness by a few seconds each day. You will notice your tolerance to the cold increases pretty fast.  This is a practise you will grow to love as the benefits are fast and awesome.

Power up your practise even more with a magical mantra …’thank you beautiful water for cleansing, strengthening and purifying me day by day….”

So mote it be…..

For more information and health benefits check out the awesome work of Wim Hoff, iceman extraordinaire. 

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